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Chapter 71  Ye Feng VS Hong Ling


"The fifth round is over!"


The middle-aged man shouted loudly with excitement.


The contest had definitely entered white -hot stage. At present, only 12 people remained on the battle field.


They were basically from the top 20 as before. Of course, there were also many newcomers.


For example, Ye Feng, Xiao Teng.


Another one who was unexpectedly entered the top 12 was Yurou.


Almost no one was optimistic about Yurou because she was an outer disciple who had just been promoted.


However, she had entered the top 12 with her strong strength now.


Of course, she needed to thank to Ye Feng.


The reason why she could have such a strong strength all because of Ye Feng helped her on choosing Qing Xuan Jade hairpin and the Swordsmanship!


"The naxt contest we will compete the top six. Everyone must work hard!"


The middle-aged man looked at them with a look of relief and encouraged.


"It's really a great performance this year.We came here right!"


An inner disciple said with a exciting voice.


Facing with Ye Feng, Xiao Teng, Mu Chen, Chen Zhong and others, he really felt ashamed of his inferiority even if he was an inner disciple.


This was not the matter of cultivation, but the matter of personal talent!


"All their name will appear on the Qing Yun Ranking in the future!"


Many inner disciples sighed with emotion.


"Ye Feng, thank you."


Yurou walked to Ye Feng, sincerely appreciating him.


She had made a right decision!!


She knew that Ye Feng was very extraordinary and certainly had extraordinary qualifications.


And it was true that Ye Feng had chosen the best Immoral Skill and Magic Tool by for her.And all their power was stronger that others in the first floor of Spiritual Tower.



She also entered the top 12 with the help of the Immoral Skill and Magic Tool.


What's more,she even could get in the top six if she was lucky enough and would not fight with the stronger of the top 12!


"Mainly because of your own talent."


Ye Feng smiled.


"Hey, when can you choose some immoral skill or Magic Tool for me in the Spiritual Tower? "


Qu Linyin asked.She was very envious of the Jade Hairpin and the Swordsmanship that Yurou got!


"Call me young master."


Ye Feng said.


Gnashing her teeth,Qu Linyin was unwilling"Young master!"


"Great! I will help you the next time you go to the Spiritual Tower."


Ye Feng laughed.


At this moment, Xiao Teng came to Ye Feng with calm eyes.


He had a very ordinary public face in the crowd.


But no one looked down on him for his ordinary appearance now.


Qu Linyin and Yu Ruo immediately backed up and kept a certain distance from Xiao Teng.


"In the contest this time, only you are qualified to be my opponent."


Looking at Ye Feng with the shining eyes,Xiao Teng said faintly.


"The same!"


Ye Feng looked at Xiao Teng, and his face was very calm.


"Humph, Don't be so proud! In front of Mu Chen, both of you will eventually be defe!"


Hong Ling walked over with dissatisfaction after hearing Xiao Teng's conversation with Ye Feng.


This was the most unhappy contest for her because of Mu Chen brother's limelight was completely covered by them!


"He is not my opponent!"


Xiao Teng gave a glance at Mu Chen then turned and left.




Hong Ling directly got mad.He dared to ignore Mu Chen in front of her.


"Since I have cultivated, I have never been defeat by anyone. I hope that you guy can give me a 'surprise'." Mu Chen said gently.


"The draw lots of the sixth round begins!"


The middle-aged man shouted loudly, indicating that they came to him to draw lots.


They stepped forward, and soon they finished and determined who their opponents were!


"Okay, this time I will give you a good lesson for Mu Chen!"


Hong Ling sneered,and her opponent was Ye Feng.


"It's so boring, my opponent is a little girl. Who is Mu Chen's opponent this time? Please Change with me!, I want to fight with Mu Chen."


Ye Feng was kind of losing interesting.


The opponent with Mu Chen was the fourth ranked in the outer disciple.


Now, he looked upset.


"So unfortunate, My opponent is Mu Chen. It seems that I have no chance to get in the top ten this year!"


He shook his head again and again and had no confidence in himself.


"Hey,bro, change with me?"


Ye Feng went to him with a smile.


With a wry smile,the fourth ranked disciple was wondering: Everyone did not want to be then opponent with Mu Chen, but Ye Feng actually rushed to fight with Mu Chen.


"I also want to change with you, but it is not allowed by rules..."


He was helpless.It would be so great if they could exchange their opponent.He could definitely get into the top five again.


"Humph. I will give you a great 'lesson' later in the battle field!"


Hong Ling said.


"Fine,I can only fight with you."


Ye Feng was unhappy.


He wanted to fight with Mu Chen, but he can't exchange opponents, so he had to wait for the next round.


"The contest begins!"


After all of them got ready, the middle-aged people announced the start of the contest loudly !


"Since you are woman, I will let you shoot first."


Ye Feng said gently.


"Hey, don't look me down because that I have no ranking during the outer disciples!"


Hong Ling looked disdainful and continued: "Let me tell you! The reason why I didn't have ranking is because I was unlucky and was the opponent of Mu Chen at the beginning in the previous year."


"But my strength is even stronger than the second ranked disciple, Chen Zhong!"


With a arrogant look,Hong Ling said. She once had defeated Chen Zhong.


"Well,Well, let's fight!"


Ye Feng was impatient.


He didn't care about her 'story' at all. Anyway, he believed that no matter how strong that Hong Ling was, she could not be his opponent.


"Do you wanna die?!"


Hong Ling was completely angry by Ye Feng's ignoring and impatient tone!


With a bang, she stood up in the air, and pushed her white palms.Then a powerful energy wave rushed toward Ye Feng.


Ye Feng was no fear, and his body exuded a crystal luster. He punched out with the white tiger appeared, and hit the energy fluctuations of Hong Ling.


" Please don't blame me if I hurt your pretty face."


Ye Feng said in frivolous and relaxed voice.He did not put Hong Ling in his eyes.




Hong Ling sneered and looked down at Ye Feng.Standing in the air,her beautiful face was filled with disdain.

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