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Chapter  7  Jiang Shui


The girl was angry, her hands clasped her arms and said, "This is clearly my deer. Today I rode it out to make some fun. Who knows what happened to it, it suddenly went crazy and run away, so that I couldn't catch up with it. ."


Ye Feng looked at the girl up and down, feels that there is no divine power fluctuations in her body, and the cultivation realm should not be much higher than him.


So, he was relieved, his hands fondling the fur of multicolored Deer God, indifferently laughed: "I think that you just want to grab food with me."




The girl's voice suddenly raised several times up and said: "You want to eat my deer?!"




Ye Feng immediately caught his own ears, and the girl's voice was too big. The birds and beasts around all flied away.


The multicolored Deer God looked poorly at the girl. It was pressed by Ye Feng to the ground and could not move all over.


"You bad!You actually wanted to eat my deer! That's so ruthless!"


The girl pouted, the multicolored deer has lived with her for a long time.No matter what she would not let Ye Feng eat it.


"Nope, I had spent so much energy to grab it. You said that it is yours without any evidence, only the fool will believe you!"


Ye Feng looked at the girl and said, "I saw that there is no divine power on your body. I'm afraid you are just a factotum disciple. As the factotum disciple,nobody can has a spiritual beast!"


"I'm not a factotum disciple...!"


The girl opened her mouth and wanted to say something to refute, but before she says, and a terrifying wolf squeal came up.


Her body trembled. It was too terrible.


Moreover, wolves are creatures of group activities. As long as there is a wolf, it is certain that there are more wolves around it.


Ye Feng stood up dignified, he knew the seriousness of the matter.


"Go away."


He shouted, urging the young girl in a trance to fled from here quickly .




The girl earthed to herself and went to the side of the multicolored deer god, saied: "No wonder you ran away with fear and desperation. It turned out that you sensed the existence of wolves!"


She jumped and rode multicolored Deer God,said with anxious: "run!"




But they are still too slow.Before they got ready to flee here, the terrible wolves have come to and surrounded them by layers.


"They're moire wolves!"


The young girl rides on a multicolored Deer God looks pale.


Moire wolves are covered with moire patterns, grimace in pain, crimson eyes are staring at  them.


There were more than 20 Moire wolves here, among which there is a wolf king who is obviously bigger that others.


"This wolf King is comparable to a cultivator of five condensation realm. And also there are so many wolves here. We are dying!"


The girl was scared and looked pale,she was only in quadruple condensation realm. Didn't say that the Moire king, even the ordinary moire wolve, it was impossible for her to deal with.


"I really shouldn't listen to my father..."


A young girl rode on a multicolored deer god with tears overflowed from her eyes.


Jiang Shui, her name, she was the youngest daughter of the founder in Luoyun Sect. This time, she did not listen to her father and came out of the Sect with the multicolored deer god into the mountains.


"Do not worry."


Ye Feng stood next to the girl and comforted her.


The eyes of more than twenty moire wolves were staring at them with exposing their sharp shiny fangs , which was very scary.


" Kill the wolf king first, without the king, the rest of the moire wolves is no longer a threat."


Ye Feng's eyes were lighting, even if the situation was very crisis now, he didn't have any slightest panic, on the contrary,he was still very calm.




Jiang Shui jumped from the multicolored deer god and looked at the back of the Ye Feng, he was flashing a strange brilliance.


She really did not expect that Ye Feng could have performed so calmly, but it made her feel calm by the infection of Ye Feng.


"Protect yourself, I'm going to kill the king!"


Ye Feng looked serious, a powerful imposing has broke out. With a bang, he moved, and urged the power of one star Eucharist to the most extreme.


His whole body was glowing, the sound of tigers slammed, and the fierce tiger fists unfolded. He punched and hit the king of the moire.


The moire wolf king was very spiritual. Its eyes looked to Ye Feng, and even has shown a disdain.


It didn't move, but the wolves surrounded by were culling directly toward the Ye Feng.


The wolf squeaked continuously,they divided into two roads, one to deal with Ye Feng, the another to deal with Jiang Shui!


"fuck off!"


Ye Feng shouted and shot without any mercy, just blasted fierce Dragon Style to punch the wolves flying.


He was caught in a melee, and surrounded by wolves. So that he couldn't move forward to kill the king.


Jiang Shui's situation on the other side was also not optimistic. She did not seem to have experienced any fighting. She has been passively defended.


If this continues, it would be soon that Jiang Shui was torn to pieces by them.




Ye Feng's eyes were cold and he has seen Jiang Shui's situation there. If he could not solved the Moire King as soon as possible, he and Jiang Shui would probably die here.


"Divine Roc!"


Without any hesitate,Ye Feng showed the Divine Roc.


It seemed like he turned into a rogue roc, and shook the wolves back!


With a thud, he broke out the wolf's encirclement and stared at the moire king.




The moire king yelled loudly, its body was as large as a house, muscles was scary strong .


It gritted its teeth with huge eyes stared at Ye Feng, big claws probed out and shot directly toward the him!


"Shennong Tripod!"


Ye Feng gazed his eyes, Moire wolf king's strength was terrible, he did not dare to have any carelessness, not only used the Divine Roc, but also took the immortal level magic tool out,Shennong Tripod.




He held the tripod to against with the attack of the wolf king.


Shennong tripod was light up when it collided with the claws of the wolf king, then overturned the wolf king to plant to the side heavily !


"It's awesome"


There was an incredible light shining in Ye Feng's eyes.


He never thought that his strength now has such terrible power, which even could fight with the wolf king of five condensation realm,and flied it out just by one tripod.



In fact,it's normal that Ye Feng has such a strength.


After all, he now possesses one star Eucharist,the immortal skill, Divine Roc and the fairy level Magic Tools, Shennong tripod.


Even if his current cultivation was still relatively low, he could only used one-tenth of the power of these supernatural powers and magic tool, but it was also very scary.


Moire wolf king was not Ye Feng's opponent!

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