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Chapter  8  Admiring


Ye Feng' eyes lighted, and his confidence instantly increased.


He took decisive action, urging the speed to the extreme with Shennong tripod in the hand, continued to violently kill the leader of moire wolf.


The leader of moire wolf roared,it never thought that this young man could has such terrible power.


Just now, it was actually overturned by him, which really made it unexpected.


However, it was just beginning!





It bleeds a lot out of its mouth, and Ye Feng holds the Shennong tripod and hit it. The leader of moire wolf can only parry Ye Feng's blows without being able to hit back.

"Go to the hell, then i will have the wolf meat to eat instead of the deer meat!"


Ye Feng laughed, and his body got bright because of the exciting, and he shoot it with Shennong tripod. The moire king was busted wide open.


At this moment, the moire on the surface of the moire king suddenly lighted up, meanwhile its momentum was suddenly fierce.




It opened the bloody mouth, and tried to bite directly into Ye Feng.

"It's not working!"


Ye Feng's eyes glowed, the divine power in his body flowed out, which made Shennong Ding Zhen around the glorious, then he fend off the bite by that and interrupted all the teeth of the wolf king!


At the same time, he punched his fists with the Divine Roc blessed, he had put the head of the Moire king into the dents.


The moire king was completely gone, covered in blood, and his breath went sour.


"Ah... help! these wolf are about to eat me."


Jiang Shui shouted and ran away with chaos. Although she has the realm of 4th Layer QI condensation,but she has no fighting experience so that she couldn't help herself.


Ye Feng looked resignedly. He knew that Jiang Shui also has the realm of 4th Layer QI condensation. So he thought even if she couldn't kill these Moire wolf, it should definitely not be such a wolverine either.


"I have no idea how can you reached to the realm of 4th Layer QI condensation."


Solve the moire king, Ye Feng did not stop, directly to save Jiang Shui.


After the Moire king died, the wolves became panicked. Ye Feng killed them without using much power.


"It's really scared !"


Jiang Shui looked at Ye Feng with playfully sticking out her tongue, and said: "You are so amazing!Well, now i allowed you to be my lackey!"


Ye Feng has nothing to say.Who the hell does This girl thinks she is, just a factotum disciple, and she wants to accept him as a lackey,that's so ridiculous!


"You'd better to talk after considering,or I will steer your colored deer god!"


Ye Feng fiercely said, and looked at the deer god viciously.


The deer god is very spiritual, especially it has seen the terrible power of Ye Feng, after heard that it directly shrinked his head and hidden behind the Jiang Shui, afraid to have a eye contact with Ye Feng.


"It's not scared. He doesn't dare to eat you."


Jiang Shui soothed the Deer God and then turned her head, and said in a savage expression: "You couldn't do that!"


"Then don't try to piss me off, or i will really eat it!"


"Humph, you know how many people want are willing to be my lackey, but I don't want them!It should be your honor!"


Jiang Shui's face puckered with dissatisfaction.




Ye Feng raises his hands and hit her head, said: "You are just a little factotum disciple, it's not necessary to find a lackey. Maybe you could have one when you become the chief disciple of the founder!"

"What's that?All i said is truth, they want to be my lackey but I don't want them."


Jiang Shui keeps a straight face with a round beautiful eyes trembling, looks very cute.


Ye Feng raised hand and hit her head again, laughed, "You are sooo naughty!"


He really did not believe her.


As we all know, only the most superlative child of the heavenly talents be able to become the chief disciples of the founder in the Luoyun Sect.


How can such a person like that will rush to become a lackey of a little girl!


"Do not hit my head anymore. How dare you keep doing that to a beautiful girl like me!That's so rude!"


Jiang Shui said with anger.


"Well,it's also kind of destiny to meet you today.I will shout you a wolf meet ."


Ye Feng laughed. This time, the harvest was also very rich.After killed the moire king,he received 1,500values of experience.


Moreover, just now he also killed a lot of moire,so he finally got a total of two thousand experience values.


"What is your name?" Jiang Shui turned her eyes and no one knows what's in her mind now.


"Ye Feng."


Ye Feng answered without any thinking, he lighted a fire, and wrinkled the skin of the moire king, then put it on the fire for a barbecue.


"Ye Feng... Ye Feng..."


Jiang Shui fluttered her eyes and murmured.


The fire was so prosperous that it did not take much time to baked the moire king, the golden oil flowed, looked very tasty.


"eating meat will make me fat......."

Jiang Shui frowned, it's so cute that her eyes were staring at the roast meat while she said that she won't eat it.


However, she did not insist so long, because the roast meat is really too tempting.


"Soooo tasty......"


Jiang Shui's mouth full of the meat, and no care about her eating manner at all.


At this moment, There are footsteps and loud voices not far away, It is a man and a woman.


"Senior brother,It smells delicious, which made me hungry now."


A female voice came out,even it's a beautiful voice,when you heard it, you knew that the owner is not a kind person.


"All right, I will take you to finger out what cause the attractive smell!"


A male voice with flattery, apparently he is cheering on that woman.


"I know you are the best!" The female said, obviously she is very happy.


As they talked, they went to the area where Ye Feng was.


After seeing the Moire wolf roast meat on the fire rack,the woman's eyes lit up. Grilled golden oil and the rich scent completely smashed the ghosts in her stomach.


"Senior brother, I want to eat it..."


The woman is beautiful and young, her body is very hot with the white smooth skin.

"Okay, let me ask them if they will share it with us."


The man walked straight to Ye Feng. He was very polite, but after seeing the clothes worn by Ye Feng, his face changed into a disdainful expression.


"Fuck off!seeing the outer disciple outside,as a factotum disciple should have rolled over and prostrated. But you haven't,are you looking for death?"


He looked impatient. From Ye Feng's clothes, he recognized Ye Feng is the bottom-most disciple of Luoyun Sect.


"So he is just a factotum disciple, then we don't need to ask them, just throw them out!"


The woman said, she thought it was an outer disciple barbecued here, and never thought that it was actually two factotum disciples.

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