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Chapter  6    Novice Big Bag


Qi Condensation

He Quan

Hua Shen

Chu Chen...


This is the level of cultivation in this world, and there is the further progress. But at the current level of Ye Feng , it's too far to reach.


"First, upgrade the realm!"


Ye Feng thought, and took out the Zi Ling core, and then ate it.




A light shines, Ye Feng feels that the whole body suddenly has some extra strength. It is powerful. Compared to the past, power has doubled.


Triple condensation realm!


Ye Feng feels kind of dreamy.It just has been a short time. He has cultivated from the first condensation realm to triple condensation realm.


If it was before, he would not dare to think about it.


Depressing the excitement in his heart, Ye Feng hurried to see what he had just acquired, the Immortal Sutra and Divine Roc.




In his mind's head, a cryptic and inexplicable sutra appeared.


The sutra is magnificent, Ye Feng were deeply shocked by it.


Ye Feng did not hesitate. He sat tight and sat in Lotus Position and cultivated Immortal Sutra.


The Immortal Sutra is the immorta method, and it is much stronger than the Qi Condensation he had cultivated before.


Just cultivated it once, he felt that there was the divine power in the body!


It is only when you cultivate divine power that you will embark on the way of cultivation!


Ye Feng did not hesitate and kept cultivating.


After a long time, Ye Feng opened his eyes with a light curtain emerged in. The whole person had a detached temperament .


"Quadruple condensation realm!"


Ye Feng is very excited. That was just a beginning, but he has raised to the next realm again.


"Don't be in a hurry, don't worry, there's another immortal skill!"


Ye Feng's eyes were smiled like a meniscus. What he has now is the immortal level method. No one in this world can as same as him, cultivating so many immortal level method!


"Divine Roc!"


A giant Roc appeared in his mind, and the posture was really shocking.


It was wild and arrogant. Even one paw will tear up a true dragon!




The scene made Ye Feng's blood boil, this is the profound meaning that Immortal Roc showed in his mind. After he cultivates the Immortal Roc to the extreme, he can also even kill a real dragon by one punch!


He stood up and unconsciously followed the roc in the mind, and the power of Immortal Roc was layered out.




He punched, and the sound of explosion came from the void. A towering tree was directly punched by him, and turned it into pieces!


"It's so powerful. Compared with the Dragon Style,It just like the heaven above the ground!"


Ye Feng laughted with satisfy. He is really going to rise to the top in this world now!


"There is also a fairy level magic tool. Unfortunately, it is incomplete."


As Ye Fengxin thought about, Shennong Tripod instantly appeared, and the whole tripod is lighted by the power , but it was a pity that there is one piece on the tripod was missing.



"It doesn't matter. After all, it is a fairy level magic tool. It's certainly stronger than the magic tool they use!"


Ye Feng feels satisfied. This Novice Big Bag is really good!


"Let me check the current data."


A faint light curtain data appeared before Ye Feng.


Host Name: Ye Feng.


Realm: Quadruple gas environment.


Constitution: The initial Eucharist (0/10000).


Experience values: 11350.


Cultivation Method:


Qi Condensation(high-level)


Dragon Style (Early-stage).


Immortal Sutra  0/10000  (immortal method)

Divine Roc  0/10000  (immortal skill)



Magic Tools: Shennong Tripod (immorta&incomplete).



"Ten thousand experience values, Which one should i upgrade first."


Ye Feng thought silently.


The immortal sutra and Divine Roc, as well as the Eucharist, can all be upgraded with experience values.


But now, he only has 10,000 experience values.


this is a question……


Upgrading the immortal sutra could speed up the cultivation and improve the realm better.


To upgrade the Divine Roc, can enhance the power of Divine Roc for stronger power to attack.


Upgrading the Eucharist can have a better constitution and strengthen the power of physical.


"The body is the foundation of everything..."


Ye Feng half-squinted, he decided to upgrade the Eucharist first, after all, only the body is strong enough to do other things.


Moreover, he now has so many immortal level cultivation method,which could help him to gain more experience values.




"Congratulations on the host's success in upgrading the Eucharist and constitutional transformation into one star Eucharist. This upgrade consumes 10,000 values of experience. The current experience values of the host is 1350."



With a loud bang, the rays of light flashed. Ye Feng's skin was shining brightly. The physical power became stronger.


Qi Condensation is completely useless, and the experience values used to upgrade it previously is wasted."


Ye Feng sighed slightly, and now he has cultivated the immortal method of Immortal Sutra. Qi Condensation is really useless to him.




"The system senses that the host has cultivated the immoral method,immortal sutra, and Qi Condensation has no function of ascending to the host. Will the host agree to fuse the Qi Condensation and refine it with Immortal Sutra?"




This system is really too hummization, it do is the strongest system!




Ye Feng nodded without any hesitation.


This is really great, otherwise the Qi Condensation will be completely wasted.




"Congratulations to the host fusing Qi Condensation and refining it with Immortal Sutra succeeded, and gained 100 points of the Immortal Sutra experience values."


Ye Feng is ecstatic and he has more sources of experience values.




At this time, a colorful light, with a bang, jumped from his eyes!


"Multicolored Deer God!"


Ye Feng's eyes bright, this is a spiritual beast, if he kill the beast, it will increase a lot of experience values!


All he could think about is experience now!




He strode forward, like an arrow from the string, quickly chasing the multicolored Deer God.


"Hey, would you like to run over me? It's impossible!"


Ye Feng laughed. Now that his physical body has been upgraded, he has become one star Eucharist. Both the strength and speed have been greatly enhanced!


Only in the blink of an eye, he caught up with the multicolored Deer God.


With the Dragon Style, he got it easily.


"It seems like i have the deer meat to eat today."


Ye Feng smiled. The multicolored Deer God only has a faster speed. its power was very general.


He was riding on the multicolored Deer God and looked very happy.


"You get me down, that's my deer!"


At this moment, a lovely young girl went here angry.


"Yours?If you call it, will it answer to you?"


Ye Feng rolled his eyes at the girl.

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