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Chapter  64  Violation




Senior Brothe Li grimaced in pain, and the ribs of him were interrupted by Ye Feng. The blood of the mouth continued to overflow out.His  body was weak to the extreme, and the combat power dropped down to a very low level.


"Give up or not!"


Ye Feng said lightly with a calm face.


"I must kill you!"


Li's face was horrible and he was completely irritated by Ye Feng's indifferent expression!


He was a fifteenth ranked in the outer disciples and had a high degree of dignity in the disciples of Luoyun Sect.


Now being beaten by Ye Feng, which was really a shame on him!


He gritted his teeth and took a medicinal Core from the storage treasures and ate it, then the state of the whole person was restored to its peak again!


With a bang, he suddenly flew up from the original place like a meteor with his fists was surrounding by thunder, fiercely shoting towards Ye Feng!


All of this was happened in a sudden, and everyone did not have time to react. After everyone realized, Li had already arrived in front of Ye Feng!


"Damn! He dare to break the rules and use the recovery spiritual core!"


The middle-aged man was full of anger, and then his body lit up by the power and flew to cautch Li!


However, he was still late, and Li's fist that lingered around thunder had already slammed into Ye Feng's head.


The audience burst into a fierce exclamation and squeezed a sweat for Ye Feng!


No one thought that the Li dared to use the spiritual core ignoring the rule after he had lost his combat power, and quickly attacked to Ye Feng!


With a bang, Ye Feng was kicked by Li. He couldn't help but stepped back a few steps.




Ye Feng's eyes were shining, and the power of the whole body was released without reservation.There was a powerful energy fluctuation was rippling out from him!


"Dragon Style!"


Without any hesitate, Ye Feng displayed the fierce Dragon Style instantly. With the thundering sound of the tiger screamed, his heavy punched were hit on the chest of Li.


Moment, Li's chest was sunken. He flew out like a scarecrow while his mouth spurted out with blood.


At the same time, Ye Feng did not hesitate and urged his speed to the extreme. He immediately caught up with Li like a flash!


His fists were lighted up with the power of the Dragon Style, constantly hitting on Li's chest.




 Li flew out again and the bones of the whole body were discounted by Ye Feng.His mouth continued to spurt out blood.


After a long time flying, Li fell heavily on the ground and fainted.




A wave of exclamations sounded.


All the outer disciples looked strangely at Ye Feng.


Ye Feng was really strong. Under such a despicable sneak attack by  Li, it was really shocking that he still could win the victory.


"It's an unusual teenager!"


The middle-aged man look at Ye Feng. He just wanted to stop Li,but before he had  reached the front of Li. Li had already been solved by Ye Feng!


"Fancy that this guy really have power." Qu Linyin looked complicated.


In the stands, the expressions on the faces of the six elders were also very surprised.


"Wang Elder, you should take your disciples a lesson after going back."


The elder with strongest power said with a gloomy looking.


Ye Feng's potential was enormous, but he was almost killed by a rule breaker!


If Ye Feng really had an accident just now, then they would lost a promising disciple.


In particular, how could they face to Weng Elder...


Wang Elder's face was cold without saying a word.


"This time, the outer disciple has more potential than before..."


The 15th ranked on the Qing Yun Ranking said.


Beside him, Du Chong who was ranked 17th in the Qing Yun Ranking nodded with dignity.


"Did not solve him.This fool is really too useless!"


The Hong Ling looked mad.


This fool that she mentioned was the Senior Brother Li who fighted against Ye Feng.


Next to her, Mu Chen hadn't speak one word, just looking at Ye Feng with deep eyes!


After this war, all the people looked at Ye Feng with quite different eyes, and no one dared to looked him down!


At this moment, a blood was suddenly burst out from Ye Feng's mouth and his whole body swayed violently.


Just now, Li's attack caused him a very heavy injury, but he had always resisted and did nothing.


Now after he solved him. The serious injury he had just suppressed was suddenly burst out since he suddenly relaxed .

The middle-aged responded quickly, and rushed to Ye Feng for the first time, taking Ye Feng to leave the battlefield.


"Take care!"


The strongest Bai Elder suddenly flew out of the stands and took Ye Feng over from the middle-aged man, putting him on the ground.


The Bai Elder did not hesitate to take out a medicinal herb from the storage space and then put it into the mouth of Ye Feng.


"This is Da Huan Core(which could heal the injurts)!"


The Bai Elder said, and the divine power in his body was surged through his palm to Ye Feng for helping him to absord the power of Da Huan Core.


Just for a moment, Ye Feng's face became ruddy, and the whole person's state was recovered with spiritual power.


"Thank you !" Ye Feng gratefully said.


After seeing that Ye Feng had been recovered, Bai Elder stopped the transmission of divine power, and then said: "It's good that you are okay now!"


Around, all the people who saw this scene were stunned and looked at  Bai Elder.


Was Ye Feng... too much valued?


Da Huan Core!


That was Da Huan Core! The spiritual core of 3rd Level with immeasurable value.Even in the entire Luoyun Sect,there was only a few.Now  it was used in an outer disciple, was it too wasteful? !


"Fu Elder, is this a bit too wasteful?!"


Wang Elder said .


Da Huan Core was too precious, even if he, an elder of an inheritance, had not.


Seeing that Bai elder used it to heal the wounds of Ye Feng, he really felt pityful!




The Bai Elder looked at the old man coldly and said: "Don't say using one Da Huan Core, even using ten Da Huan Cores, it's not a waste!"


He stood up and looked at Wang Elder, saying: "Just for potential,even ten of you can't compare with him!"


Ten of him couldn't compare with him? !


Wang Elder was full of dissatisfaction.Although the potential displayed by Ye Feng was very strong, it was not too exaggerated as Fu Elder had said.


He opened his mouth and wanted to express his dissatisfaction.


But when he saw the cold eyes of  Fu Elder, he would swallow the words that came to his lips.


"In the following test , you don't have to participate anymore, and just adjust your body here."


Facing the Ye Feng,Fu Elder said.

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