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Chapter  65  Dark Horse, Xiao Teng  



"Thank you for your care.I'm okay now and I can continue the test!"


Ye Feng stood up quickly. he had completely resolved the spiritual power of Da Dandan by running his divine power ,so all the injuries he got had been healed.


This was also because of his physique was different from ordinary people with Saint Physique. For other people, even if there was a great return to Da Huan Core, it was impossible to be healed in such a short time.




Fu Elder looked at Ye Feng while his eyes flashed amazement.


Ye Feng was filled with spiritual energy.As he expected, his body was not seriously hurt, and still in the peak state.


But it was also what he surprised .


Da Huan Core's effect was very powerful as a panacea.But even if it was so powerful, it was impossible to cure all the injuries in Ye Feng in such a short time.


It was for sure that  Ye Feng's constitution was different from ordinary people and had a strong self-healing function!


"If it is what you want, then keep trying!"said Fu Elder.


"Thank you!"


Ye Feng said with grateful.


At this moment, the battle of the first batch of 100 people ended.


However, almost everyone did not pay attention to the battle of these people, and their eyes were completely attracted by Ye Feng.


The second batch of 100 people started fighting, and the outer disciples who watched the battle did not have much enthusiasm. They were still discussing the battle of Ye Feng just now.


Until  there was a black horse showed up,then the discussion of Ye Feng of the outer disciple was ended.


This was a very ordinary outer disciple with no ranking among the outer disciples, but it was very surprised that he actually defeated a ninth ranked outer disciple!


Which was more clean and fast than the battle of Ye Feng just now.


With just one hit, the ninth ranked outer disciple was eliminated .


"He... is so powerful, why haven't  seen him before?"


All the outer disciples were very astonished. For him, they did not have any impression as if he emerged out of the void.


"Who is that?"


Fu Elder looked at the other five Elders.


They looked at each other and were very confused. They also had no impression of this disciple.


"After the test finished, you must check the identity of this disciple and focus on his training!"


Fu Elder said with a dignified expression.


In the stands, a girl who was 20th ranked in Qing Yun Ranking was surging almost cried out after she saw the disciple, and she looked at the disciple with excitement.


"Senior Brother Xiao Teng has finally recovered the amazing talent..."


Ye Feng looked at the outer disciple and  flashed a damp in his eyes.


This outer disciple gave him a special feeling that he could not express it.


Even in his heart, he suddenly gave birth to an idea that this outer disciple might be more difficult to deal with than Mu Chen...


The second batch of 100 people ended the battle, and the third batch of 100 people also started the battle.


The battle was very fierce, and the strength of the two sides was basically the same. It lasted for a long time before it was ended.


More than a thousand outer disciples now just had only less than 300 people left at this time.


"The third round of combat begins!"


The middle-aged man shouted and the fierce battle started again!


This time,since the remaining people was not so much as before, the middle-aged men directly arranged these people to conduct the test at the same time.


"Ye Feng... I don't think I have the ability to be opponent of you,so I  give up !"


Ye Feng's opponent was very decisive. He didn't fight against Ye Feng and just  turned his head and went down the test site.


"Is this OK?"


The outer disciple was stunned, but they didn't say anything.It was understandable that he gave up directly.


Ye Feng's strength was too strong.Facing him, there was no chance of winning for the general outer disciples and just only asked for their own suffering. It was better to give up directly.


"It's so boring."


Ye Feng calmly walked off the site and watched the battle between other outer disciples.


Among them, he was most concerned about the black horse!


This time, his opponent was a tough one named Tian Yi who ranked 7th in the outer disciples!


"What is your name!"


Tian Yi looked at the outer disciple with a dignified face .


From the previous round of the test, he already knew the horror power of him, because even if he who ranked seventh, he could not defeat the ninth-ranked outer disciple just by one hit.


"Xiao Teng."


Xiao Teng's voice was low.


"Well, Xiao Teng, I admit that you are strong, but I am definitely not weak!"


Tian Yi's eyes brightened, and the whole body shrouded the horror light. He punched out a fist, and a strange light beast appeared which rushed to Xiao Teng directly.


"Beast Seal! The middle grade immortal skill of Earth Level!"


There was a scream came out from the outer disciple after recognizing the Immortal skill that Tian Yi had released.


"I didn't think that Tian Yi had became so strong. Looking at the power of this beast, it seems that he have already mastered the Beast Seal!"


An outer disciple said with emotion.


Beast Seal was extremely difficult to cultivate. There had been many outer disciples who had cultivated it, but in the end there was no great achievement for them!




The light beast roared and the radiance of the whole body was like a flame with powerful imposing,which could not be ignored absolutely.


But the expression on Xiao Teng's face was very calm without any changes which caused by imposing of the light beast.




In the hands of Xiao Teng, there was a group of red flames lingered, and he stretched a palm with red flame directly hit the body of the light beast. In an instant, the light beast burned fiercely and disappeared from the ground in just a moment!


Tian Yi's face changed greatly, and the red flame showed by Tian Yi really shocked him.


"Heaven Fire!"


In the stands, After seeing the red flame, Fu Elder's face also chanfed a lot.He suddenly stood up from the chair.


"Being tinder by body. He finally make it!"


Ling Ran who was 20th ranked in Qing Yun Ranking was so excited that she was even  trembling by excitement.


"What is this ?"


Ye Feng's eyes were dignified.He could feel the power force of the red flame.Even he couldn't resist the power when facing it.


"Xiao Teng is definitely not ordinary. Mu Chen,you should be careful!"


Hong Ling was worried. This was the firsr time that she worried about Mu Chen.In the past,he would never failed in her heart.


But this time was different. Xiao Teng's flame was too strange and it was so powerful.


"In any case, the first place will always be mine!"


Looking at the Xiao Teng on the test site, Mu Chen said coldly.


He and Hong Ling were the first people who had ended the battle.He didn't expected that he would see such a amazing scene.

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