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Chapter  63   An Shocking Battle


After the drawing of lots, Ye Feng looked at the bamboo stick on his hand. The top of the bamboo stick said the number of '194" while the lower end said the number of "821".


"It seems that the person who got the number 821 is my opponent."


Ye Feng looked around and wanted to see who it was, but there were so many outer disciples here so that he could not find it out.


"Now,let's get ready to the test!"


A middle-aged man came out. He looked around and shouted: "Each time ,there could be 100 people fight with their opponent together at the same time. Now, the disciples who got the number before 100 wait to begin please!"


The site for the test was very spacious so that it was more than enough to accommodate two hundred people to fight.


Soon, the first hundred outer disciples stepped on the site with the bamboo stick raised in their hands.


"Now, their opponents, please!"


The middle-aged people shouted and then he read the numbers of the opponents in turn.


Soon, another hundreds people walked into the site and stood with their opponents.


"Now, the test begins!"


With a bang, the melodious bell rang, and the fierce inheritance test began.


Standing in the distance, Ye Feng quietly watched the battle. Among the hundred battles, he noticed Qu Linyin and Yurou.


Qu Linyin's strength was very strong. Her opponents was an ordinary outer disciple.So it didn't take much long before she won the victory!


The strength of Yurou was not weak. She easily defeated her opponent and completed the promotion without using the Qing Xuan which was chosen by Ye Feng for her .


"There are a lot of good seedlings in outer disciple..."


In the stands, an elder smiled and said.


"Yes, every year, there will be many talented outer disciples showed up during the test."


The six elders felt relieved. These outer disciples represented the hopes of the Luoyun Sect.Thus,their power was also the power of Luoyun Sect!


Soon, the first 100 people ended the battle, and the second 100 people started.


"It's time to fight."


Ye Feng held a bamboo stick and walked slowly to the test site.


The site soon heated up once the group of this 100 people walked onto the field.


"It's Senior brothe,Mu Chen!"


A female outer disciple called the name of Mu Chen with excitement.


Then, a wave of voices sounded, including not only the name of Mu Chen, but also the names of others.


"Mu Fan is handsome! This time he will definitely win the first!"


"Chen Zhong's imposing is strong and terrifying. Obviously he has a big breakthrough,so he definitely can win!"


"Hong Ling is so beautiful.Although she can't get the first, but definitely she will be in the top five!"




It was like an explosion here, and the shouts were deafening, which cheered people up unconsciously.


"This time is really a strong battle, most of the top outer disciples are concentrated in this battle!"


An elder opened his mouth and said.He was also infected by the cheerful scream that stirred his blood .


"Even we hadn't like this before..."


An inner disciple got goose bumps.He was scared by the enthusiasm of the disciples.


This battle was definitely the fastest one to end. It had just been started for a while, and then it soon ended and finished the promotion.


Ye Feng's opponent was very ordinary.Without any suspense, he punched out and directly eliminated him!


The situation in other battlefields was similar. There were too many gaps between others and their opponents,so they directly ended the battle.


"Is that a disciple of Weng Elder?"


Bai Elder stared at Ye Feng and asked.


"This is the only disciple of Weng Elde and also the first disciple who had chosen the Yu-xu inheritance in the Luoyun Sect for the past three hundred years."


An Elder respectfully responded to the question of the Bai Elder.


The third 100 people started the battle, but none of them had the enthusiasm of the second 100 people fighting. It just had lasted for a while and then finished.


There were totally six batches of 100 people fought.It did not take much time before they all ended the battle and completed the promotion.


"The second round begins!"


The middle-aged people directly ordered the disciples of the promotion to draw lots for the second round of fighting.


Ye Feng was the first batch. When he saw his opponent, he smiled.


His opponent was not someone else, it was the fifteenth ranked outer disciple,Senior brother Li,who had had conflicts with him in the Spiritual Tower.


"Smile? Mind your legs later!"


Senior Brother Li said with a ferocious face . Last time in the Spiritual Tower, he was defeated by Ye Feng and this time he would wipe out a humiliation!


"The same words for you."


Ye Feng answered gently with a calm face .


"Finally,there was someone can teach this shameless person one lesson!"


Qu Linyin looked at Ye Feng with a gloating smile.

"I don't think so." Yurou smiled softly.


Both of them did not have to fight now, cause they belonged to the second batch.


"Humph,a waste who can only talks big!"


On the battlefield, Li yelled, and the thick and strong divine power overflowed from his body.His imposing was increased to the extreme, making the outer disciples around frightened.


"It seems that Ye Feng will be stopped here."


In the stands, Wang He sneered and looked at Ye Feng .


"Hong Ling, you don't need to be angry.There is someone will help us to give Ye Feng a lesson."


Mu Chen turned to Hong Ling and said indifferently.


"No matter what kind of dirty trick he had used to Qu Linyin so that he could accept her as a maid.He is abhorrent that he deserve that!"砰!


Hong Ling looked disdainfully at Ye Feng.


"Wang Elder is a good blessing. His disciples are more and more superior. It is a pity for Weng Elder that his disciple will not get good results and get out."


An elder said to Wang Elder flatteringly.


Senior Brother Li was one of the disciples of Wang Elder.


Almost everyone was not optimistic about Ye Feng.


It's not that Ye Feng was too weak, but because his opponent was too strong as the fifteenth ranked person in the outer disciples!




On the battlefield, there was chilling light shot out from Li's eyes. He tiptoed and flied out from the spot and then he stretched his leg, sweeping directly to Ye Feng fiercely.


"Dragon Style!"


Ye Feng's eyes were shining. At the moment when Li was about to attack, his power burst out and displayed the Dragon Style that directly punched Li to the ground.


"I will kill you!"


Li's face was horrible and he climbed up from the ground. There was a thunderstorm between his palms, and he directly pushed it to Ye Feng.


This was a powerful Immoral Skill of Earth level.He really got mad and wanted to kill Ye Feng here!



Among the surging thunder , a large black lightning appeared and directly fiercely shot to tYe Feng.


Without any fear, the power of the first-order Saint Physique was running.Ye Feng punched this black lightning into pieces by a fist.


At the same time, he strode forward and appeared in front of Li. He waved his punches.Li was hit to the sky and then fell down heavily.


"You can't." Ye Feng said.


Before he had promoted to the level of Immortal Skill, Li was not his opponent. After the promotion, he absolutely could defeated Li easily!


Although the battle between Ye Feng and Li was not the most exciting, it was definitely the most shocking one. Almost everyone's eyes were focused on Ye Feng!

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