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Chapter  5   Risen


There is no return? Hey ... What a funny disciple! unfortunately, he is destined to die here. "


Lin Zhi does not care a snap. In the face of a factotum disciple, he really not in the mood at fighting with him.


Ye Feng sneered, Lin Zhi has a swollen opinion of himself, now it is the best time for him to shoot!


He did not hesitate to raise the speed to the ultimate.


The magnitude of the increase brought to him by the initial Eucharist is very powerful, not only physical power, but also the speed is faster than others.


He turned into an aurora like a tiger. The upper tiger punch bursted out without any hesitate, and the tiger whistled.Lin Zhi were hit to fly out, and coughed in his mouth bloody.


"How could it's possible!"


Lin Chi shouted incredibly.


However, the pain felt from all parts of the body made him have to believe that.


"Down to hell!"


Lin Zhi's face was full of the sinister, and he was beaten by a factotum student whom he never gave a shit on. This was really a shame for him!


He sprang up the anger in both eyes, and the strength of the quadruple condensation realm broke out without hesitation.


The quadruple condensation realm has already cultivated some divine power and could control it. Compared to ordinary people who have no divine power, it is definitely an invincible existence!




There was a divine whip in his hands, and there was a bit of brilliance springing up in his body. which was caused by the divine power of his inner body.


Ye Feng looks serious, this is the first time he saw a weapon condensed by divine power. His is very solemn.


"Haha, are you scared? But even you are giving me mercy now, and I will not let you off!"


Lin Zhi laughed wildly, with his whip shook in his hands.


"The same words to you!"


Ye Feng smiled disdainfully , in the past, condensing the weapons with the power, perhaps for him, is a wishful thinking.


But now, he has the strongest system, not to mention that condensing weapons by divine power, even if he uses divine power to condense a small world, it's not impossible!




He moved, and the speed was approaching the limit. He was like a heavenly tiger descending from the sky and violently rushed toward Lin Zhi.


Tiger shocked.Behind Ye Feng, there is a shape of white tiger god emerged.


That is terrible!


Ye Feng actually displayed a white tiger vision!


Lin Zhi flashed surprises in his eyes and he also had cultivated Dragon Style, but he was far less likely to do so, Ye Feng even had manifested the white tiger!


"Take the lower level Dragon Style to against me. You are definitly looking for death!"


Lin Zhi smiled disdainfully. Tiger Boxing is the lowest level of Dragon Style. It does not have much power.


In his hands, the whip is like an extremely vicious serpent, madly rushing toward Ye Feng.


Divine light shining, a whip made by divine power possesses superior power.


With a bang, a giant tree that can be held together by several people is directly stricken by a whip!


Ye Feng's eyebrows are frowned and Lin Zhi's whip has too much threat to him. If he was touched by this whip, he's afraid that he'll be lashed by this whip into piecest!




He didn't hesitate, nor did he relax the vigilance, he pushed the speed to the most extreme, like the same spiritual apes, extremely agile to avoid Lin Zhi's divine whip.


"You are tooo weak!"


Lin Zhi's eyes got fierce, the whip in his hand was even more powerful.


He was only quadruple condensation realm and he was not able to cultivate much divine power to keep the whip.Thus, he must kill the Ye Feng quickly.


All the trees surrounding around were broken off, Lin Zhi's whip is indestructible. Anything lashed by it will collapse at the first time.




Lin Zhi looked angry, Ye Feng's reaction is too fast so that his whip could not touch him.


"Dare you to not escape?!"


Lin Zhi shouted that he could not figure out that why a factotum disciple actually possessed such terrible speed.


Even for him, this kind of astonishing speed also can not match.


The divine light of whip began to dim, Lin Zhi's divine power was going to run down.


"Now! I will fight with you!"


Ye Feng's eyes lighted up, he saw Lin Zhi's divine power was not enough, his state is not at its peak.


He did not hesitate, played the fierce Dragon Style. A white tiger appeared and banged on the divine whip made by divine power.


The whip was repulsed. The entire whip was twisted. And the divine light became more unstable.


Ye Feng gazed his eyes, he shot decisively, Tiger fist punched and punched, which reversaled the whip eternally!


"Thank you for letting me know that if i kill you here, nobody will know!"


Ye Feng's eyes got cold, Lin Zhi want to kill him, he will definitely not be merciless to kill him here!




Ye Feng's fist blasted and punched the whip.


"This...this is impossible!"


Lin Zhi's eyes are demented. The scene before him is really too hard for him to believe.


A small factotum disciple finally detonated the whip that he condensed by the divine power of the quadruple condensation realm...


"Everything in the world is not absolute! This time,I, Ye Feng is going to rise up!"


In Ye Feng's eyes, there is divine light shining, he did not hesitate,urged the Dragon Style to the most extreme, and punched on Lin Zhi's chest.




Lin Zhi spouted a large mouthful of blood, and opened his eyes widely. The organs in the body were all shattered by the fist of Ye Feng.




Lin Zhi fell down and his eyes were full of the unwilling.


A outer disciple of the quadruple condensation realm actually died in the hands of a factotum disciple.


No one will believe it!




"Congratulations on the success of the host killing the first cultivator of quadruple condensation realm and you have gained an experience values of 1,000. And also a novice big bag, will the host open the novice big bag now?"


The voice of the system came, Ye Feng is kind of slightly sluggish.


Does killing actually offer the experience values?


This is too awesome.


According to this development, no one could compete with him in the future?


Haha, it really is the strongest system!


"Yes, open it!"


Ye Feng has a smile on his face and the strongest system has really changed his life dramatically!


This is, with the strongest system in hand, the whole world will be mine!




"Congratulations on the host opening the novice big bag and gaining an experience values of 10,000."


"Congratulations to the host for the immortal method of the Immortals sutra," (Note: This can only be cultivated to the Quanquan realm.)


"Congratulations on the host to get the Immortal incomplete Magic Tools , Shennong Tripod."


"Congratulations to the host for the inheritance of the immortal skill, Divine Roc.


"Congratulations to the host for a spiritual core, Zi Ling core,which can help the host to improve to the next realm."




Light flashes, Ye Feng felt that in his mind, there are many things appeared suddenly.


"This time i really got many things!"


Ye Feng's eyes shining, the joy of the heart was in the extreme.

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