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Chapter  57  Robbing


"I will be your maid for a month.But remember, you'd better not too much, or I will beat you disabled."


Qu Linyin said in the back.


"My God... I got it! You have said it over hundreds of times."


Ye Feng looked helpless.After they came out from Spiritual Tower, Qu Linyin had been repeating this sentence.


Now that they had reached the foot of the mountain, Qu Linyin was still saying that.


"Ye Feng, I have been waiting for you for a long time!"


Just then, a voice came out, and then several outer disciples appeared.


"Qian Shan?"


Ye Feng's eyes were squinting, and noticed that it was Qian Shan here with a group of people waiting for him.


"A waste disciple dare to make waves in the mountain of outer gate. I think you are looking for death!"


There was fierce light exposed in Qian Shan's eyes. He had a grudge with Ye Feng and would never let go of Ye Feng easily.


When Ye Feng went to the Spiritual Tower, he went to the contact others,preparing to wait for Ye Feng to come back from the Spiritual Tower to give a good lesson to Ye Feng.


"Qian Shan, to deal with such a waste, I don't think it need to bring so many younger brothers?"


A bald young man came out with a smirk.


"Who are you talking about is a waste!"


Behind Ye Feng, Qu Linyin came out with a cold face.


He said Ye Feng was a waste?


So how about her?  The maid of waste?


"Senior Sister Qu... why are you here!"


The expression on the face of the bald youth immediately changed into compliment .


Qu Linyin, the eighth-ranked disciple of the outer disciple.She was not someone he could provoke.


"I just heard someone was talking about the waste. Who is it?" Qu Linyin asked with a bad look.


"It's him." Qian Shan fingered at Ye Feng with disdain.




The crisp voice of slap sounded, and a red handprint appeared on Qian Shan's face.


"Say it again!"


Qu Linyin looked at Qian Shan with her eyes gazed.


Qian Shan was confused.What's the relationship between Ye Feng with Qu Linyin.




Another crisp voice of slap sounded, and a red handprint appeared on the another side of Qian Shan's face.


However, this time it did not slap by Qu Linyin.


It slapped by the bald young man who was next to Qian Shan.


"Do you wanna die? How dare you to provoke the friend of the Senior Sister Qu."


The bald youth was cursing at Qian Shan in his heart. Not to say that Qu Linyin's cultivation was higher than him. Even those fanatics who were pursuing on Qu Linyin, none of them could be provoked.


It was said that Lu Qianyu who wsa the fifth ranked disciple of the outer disciplines, was one of them.


Qian Shan's face was swollen like a pig's head.At this time,he really wanted to die.


If he knew that Ye Feng had a relationship with Qu Linyin, he would not go to provoke Ye Feng!


"Feng brother, you are a great man and great man is broad-minded. We have been a factotum disciple and worked together, do you remember?"


Qian Shan cried for mercy.He was really frightened now.


"I just remember that when someone was working with me as a factotum disciple, he always bullies me."


Ye Feng looked indifferently at Qianshan.


Qian Shan collapsed to the ground,and he really wanted to give himself the slap. He really touched the tender spot!


"Feng brother, big brother, Feng sister (Qu Linyin,means that she was Ye Feng's wife), please give me a break."


Qian Shan was frightened and incoherent, and even called Qu Linyin Feng sister.


Qu Linyin's face suddenly changed, and she said, "Who is your Feng sister!"


She was pissed off.Although she was now forced to be the maid of Ye Feng, she still looked Ye Feng down in the bottom of her heart.


"Well. There is no Feng sister yet. She is just my maid."


"What?! The maid?" The bald youth's eyes were widened.


One of the five beauty in outer disciples, who was the eighth ranked, actually became the maid of Ye Feng? !


No one could believe it.


Now, he totally admired Ye Feng in his heart.


"Ye Feng...!"


The voice of Qu linyin increased several times suddenly, which made the birds and beasts nearby all flying away.


"To be a good maid, the first thing you should learn is to call me the master, not to call my name directly." Ye Feng looked at Qu Linyin indifferently.


"Well, Ye Feng... Ye master, after a month, let's wait and see!" Qu Linyin said with hate.


Next to it, Qian Shan and the bald youth were completely dumbfounded.


Qu Linyin really became the maid of Ye Feng, and even called him young master.


Ye Feng glanced at Qian Shan and said faintly: "Being a good person in the future and don't think that you can bully others with small ability."


"I know......I know.!" Qianshan nodded.


"Well, I can't let you waiting for nothing.Now give me your spiritual resources." Ye Feng's eyes glowed.




Qian Shan and the bald youth's eyes were opened widely.Was Ye Feng robbing them right now?


"Or you want my maid to take it?Look,my maid's temper is not good. If she come to you and get the Spiritual resources, I'm worried that you guys will hurt by her." Ye Feng said.


Qian Shan and the bald youth suddenly became upset like the eggplant was suffered the frost, and had to hand over the resources for cultivation.


"And you, hurry up." Ye Feng glanced at the few outer disciples who followed the bald youth.


The few outer disciples who followed the bald youth were mad at Qian Shan but they had no way but also gave the resources to him.


"The harvest is quite rich."


Ye Feng left with satisfy with Qu Linyin.


This time he had harvested more than 200 pieces of Spiritual Stones and more than 100 pieces of Spiritual Cores, and suddenly he became a small rich man.


"Hope that there are more people come."


Ye Feng walked on the road in a good mood.


Qu Linyin followed and looked at Ye Feng with a look of disdain.


She had never met such a shameless person as Ye Feng who even robbed his brothers.


"Xiao Qu... Xiao Lin... Xiao Yin, which one do you prefer?."

Ye Feng turned back and smiled at Qu Linyin.


"None of them, just call me Qu Linyin!"


Qu Linyin got a goosebump by being called like that, and she felt very uncomfortable.


"Xiao Yin, alright,I will call you Xiao Yin.It's cute."


Ye Feng said directly, ignoring the feelings of Qu Linyin.


"I... I kill you!"


Qu Linyin gnashed her teeth and there was a fire burning in her eyes.She screamed loudly.

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