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Chapter  58  Arouse Public Anger


Luoyun Sect, on a desolate and remote mountain where the vegetation was messy and stood a broken hall.


"You had chosen the Yu-xu inheritance?"


Qu Linyin looked at Ye Feng with amazement. She didn't think that someone would actually choose this inheritance.


The inheritance of Yu-xu was very legendary in the Luoyun Sect. Its Yu-xu Immortal Skill, absolutely deserved the first method of the Luoyun Sect.


However, it had been broken, and it was incomplete now. There was no one had chosen this inheritance for many hundred years.




Ye Feng calmly responded, and then he saw the weeds in the ground. He frowned and said: "It is really desolate here, so it is necessary to clean up. Since I have chosen this inheritance, I should be responsible to carry it forward."


"The first step is to clean up these weeds ."


Ye Feng smiled and looked at Qu Linyin.


"You won't let me to clean up these weeds,right?" Qu Linyin had a bad feeling in her heart.


"Sure, you are my maid.It's your duty"


"Ye Feng...!"


Qu Linyin was angry.


"Call me the young master." Ye Feng smiled lightly.


"Fine, I will bear for a month!"


Qu Linyin compromised and cleaned up the weeds by her power.


Ye Feng looked at the dilapidated temple on the mountain and wanted to go to have a talk with his inheritance master.


But in the end, he shook his head and dismissed the idea.


His inheritance master, at first glance, was a temperamental person. He did not want to make trouble for himself.


"You stay here. I am going to cultivating now."


After Ye Feng said that, he left Qu Linyi who was filled with complaints alone.


He walked around the mountain and wanted to find an aurrich area to cultivate, but unfortunately, he turned around and found that there was no place with a rich aura, just wild grasses and dead trees everywhere.


In the end, he had to use divine power to remove the dead grass and dry trees and sorted out a clean place to cultivate.


He ran out the Immortal Sutra. Even though the Spiritual energy of this area was very thin, it could also sense that a large amount of Spiritual energy was flowing toward Ye Feng.


"These Spiritual Cores and Spiritual Stones are not very useful for my cultivation, maybe I can change them into experience values."


Ye Feng took them out, and exchanged them into experience values without any hesitate .




"Congratulations to the success of the exchange, the current experience values of the host is 6500."


Ye Feng nodded his head.It was beyond his expectations that he could get more than 6,000 experience values .


His experience values was very difficult to get now, and the grade of these Spiritual Stones and Spiritual Cores were the lowest, and did not have much energy.


"There is also the Fire Cloud and a low grade Magic Tool."


Ye Feng took the cultivation Jade Jane of the Fire Cloud and the Magic Tool out .


"This Magic Tool is useless to me.How about directly converting it into experience values. And the Fire Cloud,I will temporarily cultivate it."


Ye Feng quickly made a decision, and he also had a middle grade Magic Tool.


With a bang, the light flashed.The Magic Tool disappeared and converted into the experience values for Qingling Sword.


Ye Feng stood up and cultivated the Fire Cloud with his divine power.


His palm glowed and then a small cluster of flames appeared,which looked very weak as if it could be extinguished by the wind at any time.


"It is the beginning!"


Ye Feng's eyes glowed, and ran out the method of Fire Cloud, and the flame in his palm began to grow slowly, and soon became a huge fireball.




He shook his hand, and the fireball slammed out in an instant, directly blasting a huge piece of bluestone in front of him into powder.


Ye Feng did not stop.With repeatedly cultivating the fire cloud, he strived to realize the true meaning of the Fire Cloud as soon as possible.


Just as he was cultivating, it was totally a mess on the outer gate of the mountain.


"Have you heard that? Qu Linyin, one of the five beauty in the outer disciples, was accepted as a maid by others!"


"What? Who is it?!"


"The man who called Ye Feng. It is said that Qu Linyin was forced to be a maid by him!"


"He is too bold and dare to force Qu Linyin to be his main! We must help her!"


"Kill the evil Ye Feng, save Qu Linyin!"


A group of outer disciples were filled with indignation and angered Qu Linyin.


"Who knows which inheritance that Ye Feng is?" Someone asked.


"Yu -xu inheritance!"


A outer disciple who participated in the assessment of a outer disciple with Ye Feng said.


"Then it's okay, there is no one in this inheritance. The elder always retreat all day. Let's go and give him a lesson !"


There was hundreds of outer disciples who went to the mountain of Yu-xu inheritance.


These outer disciples came from the other five major inheritances, and most of them came from the one in which Qu Linyin was .


After cultivated for a while and returned to the mountain gate, Qu Linyin was still clearing the weeds.


"The damn Ye Feng, let a young lady do such a chores.After a month, I will definitely let you double pay back!"


Qu Linyin's body was graceful with a white luster which made her like a dreamy beauty that could touch everyone's heart.


However, at this time she was doing something that was very different from her temperament.


She was clearing the weeds, turning her power into a sickle to cut off the weeds.


"Well done."


Ye Feng squinted and found a clean bluestone to lie down, enjoying the warm and comfortable sunshine .


"It is true! Damn Ye Feng, actually let Qu Senior Sister to cut the grass! Let's go and rescue her!"


Just then, there was a roar of noise came from the bottom of the mountain gate.


All the outer disciples stared at Ye Feng with a look of anger.They all regarded Qu Linyin as fairy in their minds, so that they absolutely could not tolerant anyone to hurt her!


Now, the fairy was being shackled as a maid and even did chores!


Which really made them endure, and they wanted to go forward for help.


"I don't know that you are so charming, and so many people are willing to fight for you."


Ye Feng floated up from the bluestone and came to the front of the mountain gate. His face looked calmly at the excited outer disciples.


"She is volunteering to be my maid.Why are you so angry?"


"Damn Ye Feng, stop talking nonsense over there, and quickly let her go, or don't blame us for disregarding brotherhood of the same Sect!"


A disciple with a look of excitement roared.


"This is the mountain of Yu-xu inheritance. You are so bold to come here at random."


Ye Feng said coldly.

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