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Chapter  56   Being a Maid for A Mouth



"Ye Feng... That's enough. I trust you."


Yurou walked to Ye Feng, and said in a low voice in his ear.


It was for sure that she was very convinced of Ye Feng in her heart, but Ye Feng's words was too exaggerated, which was hard to believe for her.


The top grade Magic Tool with perfect quality!


Even some elders of high status might not have such a Magic Tool like this.


"I can prove its value just by moving my fingers."


Ye Feng was calm and confidence.


" You are really a good Bobadil!" Qu Linyin laughed.


"What If I said the truth?"


Looking at Qu Linyin,Ye Feng said with the sharp eyes.


"Then, I will at your service!"


Qu Linyin sneered. She would never believe that Ye Feng could make it. Even in the entire Luoyun Sect,there was not necessarily to have a Magic Tool of top grade with perfect quality!


"Don't break your words." Ye Feng said.


"My word is my bond!"


After a sneer, she looked at Ye Feng and said: "If what you had said is a lie, please keep away from Yurou, and you can't go to her anymore!"


"No problem!" Ye Feng's face was calm.


"Master Uncle,please testify concerning us!" Qu Linyin said to the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man nodded, and he also got mad at the words of Ye Feng.


"Well. Master Uncle,could you please help me to test the power of Qingxuan Jade Hairpin."


Holding the Qingxuan Jade Hairpin with a calm expression,Ye Feng's eyes were glowed.




The middle-aged man looked at Ye Feng with a faint look.


As the elder of the Spiritual Tower,his cultivation of the realm has already entered the level of Ru Wei(The 1st Level.To reach a very fine degree of subtlety). He was not very interested in Ye Feng, who has just been promoted to a outer disciple.


"Master Uncle!Take care!"


Ye Feng shouted while his imposing changed suddenly.


In the hands of Ye Feng, Qingxuan was trembling, and a silvery moon suddenly appeared that was covered with white and clear light. Suddenly Qingxuan it turned and slammed into the middle-aged man.


With an amazing speed,the silvery moon was so fast that the middle-aged man could not react when silvery moon had already arrived in frond of him.


"So fast!"


The middle-aged man exclaimed.Then his whole body lit up the luster, and avoided silvery moon's attack with great flexibility.


But there was a long hair of him was cut off and fell.


"How is it possible that A piece of waste Magic Tool can make such a big power!"


Qu Linyin's eyes were opened widely with an unbelievable looking.


She knew very clearly about the strength of middle-aged man. It was really inconceivable that  he was suppressed by that Magic Tool with his powerful cultivation!


"Ye Feng is right!"


Yurou was surprised, but then there was an excitement that couldn't stop!


The top grade Magic Tool with perfect quality!


Which had never been owned by the leader of Luoyun Sect!But now it had became her Magic Tool!


"You are right! This is not a waste, but an power top grade Magic Tool!"


Staring at Ye Feng with the shining eyes,the middle-aged man sighed.He was barking at the wrong tree before.


Just now, he knew that Ye Feng did not use all his strength.


If he had used all his strength, it was not just his hair that had been cut off....


"There was definitely something wrong!"


Qu Linyin still could not believe that.She kept looking Ye Feng up and down to find out the evidence of his fraud.


"Qu Linyin!Even Master uncle believe him now.Why do you still say that?" said Yurou.


The brilliance in Qu Linyin's beauty eyes retreated, and she lowered her head and knew that she had lost.


"What do you want ? I never goes back on my word. ..."


She said in a faint voice.


"I won't make you feel embarrassed. How about being my maid for a month." Ye Feng laughed.


"What? Being a maid?!"


Qu Linyin was directly pissed off. Gnashing her teeth tightly, there was the flame almost shoot out from her beautiful eyes.


She was the eighth-ranked master of the outer disciples. It was so shameless for her to be a maid of a waste. If it was known by others, It was embarrassing!


"Only a month,not your whole lifetime. Why are you so angry..."said Ye Feng.


Qu Linyin looked at Ye Feng in a rage , saying: "Don't say one month, even if one day I don't want either!"


"Qu Linyin,you should keep your word."


Yurou said with a smile. Qu Linyin's temper was too irritable.If she could serve Ye Feng as a maid for a mouth, it was not a bad thing for her to change her temper..


"And I'm the witness..." The middle-aged man said helplessly.


Just now, Qu Linyin asked him to be their witness.As a result, she lifted a rock only to drop it on her own feet(Hoist with your own petard).


"Fine! I will be your maid for a mouth!"


With the firmness of her face,Qu Linyin raised her head and finally decided to be the maid of Ye Feng, serving Ye Feng for a month.


"Don't be proud! After a mouth, I will definitely defeat you!"


Qu Linyin raised her fist and shook it a few times in front of Ye Feng.


"I'm waiting for you." Ye Feng said indifferently.


The middle-aged man suddenly frowned his eyebrows. He remembered that Ye Feng had picked the best Immortal Skill and Magic Tool for Yurou.


"Is it possible that the Immortal Skill is also a powerful method...?"


"Umm,not so bad! Just an incomplete Immortal Skill of King level." Ye Feng casually said.


"What?" The middle-aged man yelled and almost jumped up from the ground.


King level...? !


This was too hard to believe.


In more than a thousand years history of Luoyun Sect, there was only one King level Immortal Skill which was only saved by the Sect Leader.


Now, it was turned out the Immortal Skill that chose by Ye Feng for Yurou was a method of King level!


Even if it was incomplete, it was still a precious existence!


"Ye Feng... Is that true?" Yurou was trembling, and her voice was filled with uncertainty.


Ye Feng nodded and said: "This is Void swordsmanship, a real King level Immortal Skill. But it is already broken so that it can only be cultivated to the first layer."


"Void swordsmanship!"


The middle-aged man frowned: "I remember that. It was about six hundred years ago, an invincible elder got it after a narrow escape. How could it appear on the first floor! "

He turned his head to Yurou and solemnly said: "This swordsmanship is very powerful and extraordinary. Even if it can only be cultivated to the first layer, it will definitely benefit you a lot."


Yurou was also excited after heard that. She also knew the value of the king level Immortal Skill clearly.It was too precious.


Qu Linyin curled her lips.Although she was shocked, she did not want to admire it. It was too shameful for her.


Previously she had been regarded Ye Feng as a waste so that she believed that the things he picked were definitely the most garbage.


As a result, she was wrong. Both the Magic Tool and Immortal Skill that Ye Feng picked out were precious and powerful.


After Ye Feng said goodbye to the middle-aged man and Yurou, he looked at Qu Linyin and said: "Let's go, my maid."


Qu Linyin gnawed her teeth. Glaring at Ye Feng, she did not say a word and then she followed Ye Feng in the back.


"Wish you good luck!"


Yurou smiled softly.

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