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Chapter  4  Lin Zhi


The mountains are vast and magnificent.


The buzzing of beasts continues, and there are a variety of beasts in this mountain range!


Ye Feng entered the mountains, and killed many beasts, and sure enough that just as he thought, he could obtain some experience values for each beast he killed.


Up to now, he has accumulated more than 500 values of experience.


He moved his mind and opened the system data screen.


Host Name: Ye Feng.


Realm: Double condensation.


Constitution: The initial Eucharist (0/10000).


Experience value: 500.


Cultivation Method:Qi Condensation(high-level)


Dragon Style (Early-stage).




"My dragon style is only on the early stage, but Lin Dong had already been practiced it to the fifth floor. However mine is much more fierce than Lin Dong. It should because the strength of the Eucharist."


Ye Feng's mind moved and he thought of the battle with Lin Dong.


"I still need more experience values to upper the Eucharist, ah, i should upgrade the level of Drangon Style, so as to get experience better and easier!"


Ye Feng's eyes lighted and he added his experience to the promotion of Dragon Style without any hesitate.








"Congratulations on the success of the promotion of the dragon style. Now the dragon style is high-level. This experience consumes two hundred experience values and the current experience values of the host is 300."


The dragon style has upgraded successful. Ye Feng can't wait to play it, and see how much stronger it is than before!




Like the sound of a tiger howling,after Ye Fenghu played, the void was distorted and made the roar of bursts .


"sooooo strong...!"


After a set of dragon style, Ye Feng was totally surprised.



The power of Dragon Style is definitely several times stronger than before!


At this moment, he gazed and found that a savage beast staring at him coldly not far ahead.


This is a rhinoceros beast, similar in shape to a rhinoceros, with a sharp single-horned on the head and a powerful body, which is terrifying.


" This savage beas is comparable to the triple condensation cultivator. Okay,i would like to take you to practice!"


Ye Feng's eyes were shining, facing the mighty rhinoceros beast, he was eager to play with it without any worried.


Bending, bowing.


With a bang, Ye Feng lased away, and slammed out the upgraded Dragon Style, even the void was stressed to oppression!




Dragon Style has just swooped, even if the flesh skin of the rhinoceros beast is as thick as iron, it can not stand the beat of the Dragon Style also!




The rhinoceros beast squatted, the hit was too painful, and the bones of its body were almost interrupted by Ye Feng!


Before Ye Feng, It hasn't seen such a brave man like him. It was even more ferocious than savage beast!




Ye Feng's eyes shined, and hit the head of the rhinoceros beast in a punch, which directly ended its life.


"What the heck..."


The rhinoceros beast was too weak. He hadn't played a few times yet and the sever beast was hung up.


In fact, it is not that the rhinoceros beast is too weak, but Ye Feng is too strong!


Super Eucharist constitution, and upgraded Dragon Style,it's no wonder that rhinoceros beast was killed by Ye Feng so quickly!




"Congratulations on the host killing the rhinoceros beast and gaining experience values of fifty."


The sound of the system appears in Ye Feng's mind.


"The experience value of this rhinoceros beast is so high. It seems that the stronger the beast is, the more experience values it would gives."


At before, the savage beasts Ye Feng had killed had only a maximum of twenty experiences.


But after killing this rhinoceros beast, he directly got 50 experience values.


" the meat of the rhinoceros beast is more delicious than the food in the canteen of Luoyun Sect,i should waste it!."


Ye Feng's eyes kindled, and directly barbecued the rhinoceros.


After finished the eating, he lay on a huge bluestone and basked in the sun.


With the strongest system, his entire life will undergo earth-shaking changes.


The warm sun shines on Ye Feng, Ye Feng half squinted and felt very pleasant.


He hadn't been so relaxed like this for a long time.



Since his Dantian was punctured by Lin Xi's sword, he lived in depression every day and his mental state was very bad.


"It will not take me a long time before I will return that sword to you."


Ye Feng laughed and smiled brilliantly.


Suddenly, his blood got freeze and broke out in a cold sweat on his back.


Almost in an instant, he suddenly leaped away from the bluestone!



In the moment when Ye Feng left, the huge bluestone exploded and the gravel rolled down.


That was close!


Ye Feng was scared. If it wasn't a sense of crisis suddenly raised in his heart , then he would exploded just like the huge bluestone!


Who did that? !


Ye Feng's eyes got cold,such attack was clearly showed that the man want he dead!



"Unexpectedly that you are a cautious person, so that you missed my attack."


A young man dressed in a green shirt came out behind a towering tree.


He is tall and handsome with outstanding temperament,seems very extraordinary.


Ye Feng gazed, he knew who the man is when he recognized the youth's clothes.


He is the outer disciples of the Luoyun Sect!


That blue clothes is the symbol of the outer disciple !


"what's your name?"




Ye Feng asked after he sized him up carefully. He was sure that he did not know the youth at all.


"My name? You just discarded my cousin. Now you ask me who am I?"


The young man looks proudly with a disdainful smile.


"You are Lin Dong's cousin?"


Ye Feng's face fell and sensed a dangerous atmosphere in this young man.


"A famous waste actually defeated my cousin. Fact is always stranger than fiction....."


The young people looked up and down Ye Feng with interest viciously, and then said : "My cousin is not talented, but since he is my cousin and a person of the Lin family. You broke his two arms, then today, it's equal to use your life to compensate it..."


The young people's words were very casual, as if he could kill the Ye Feng just like a ant.


"Here is still the land of the Louyun Sect.Don't you afraid of punishment if you kill me?"


Ye Feng asked coldly.


The first stipulation of the law of Luoyun Sect is to prohibit disciples from killing each other.


A hint of laughter appeared on the young man's face,he said: "Would you like to protect yourself with the rules of the Sect? Look, there are so many savage beasts here. And it would not be so strange that a factotum disciple as weak as you die under the attack of a beast. It's normal,isn't it?And nobody will know that I have been here."


When he dared to come here to kill Ye Feng, he was ready to go.


"Good.That eases my mind,cuz I'm also trying to kill you."


Ye Feng said with a calm face.


"Haha... you really have no idea of death or danger. Do you know who I am? My name is Lin Zhi , a outer disciple with the realm of quadruple triple condensation!"


Lin Zhi laughed loudly, as if he had heard the funniest things in the world.


"I don't care who you are, i just know that if you dare to kill me, I will let you never come back!"


Ye Feng sneer, and there was no fear showed on his face.


He is not that waste like before but the one who has the strongest system!


Moreover, he has just raised the dragon style to the high level, the power has increased several times already.So in the face of Lin Zhi,maybe he could has a fight with him!

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