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Chapter  43  What Are You Doing (1)


"Ye Feng, you really should die!"


Wang He felt the burning pain on his face. Although Ye Feng hit him out, he was strong enough and did not suffer any harm.


Even so, he still felt that he was going crazy!


He was the top ten master in the outer disciples. But now he was shot by Ye Feng in front of so many people, which made him losing face.


Ye Feng's face was calm while his clothe was fluttering in the wind, and his temperament was very superior.


His special constitution was the supreme first-class Saint Physique. Wang He dared to fight with him in close quarters which was really looking for death.


However, his heart was a little uneasy.


Just disturbed by Wang He, he finally had to use the Divine Roc in front of many people .


If this was known by the elders of Luoyun Sect, what would happen?


An ordinary man who was innocent was guilty by his wealth, which made sense.


He had a lot of thoughts in his mind about how to solve this problem.


"You dare to attack the outer disciple. Ye Feng,you are really too arrogant. I must beat you  today and send to the Ministry of Justice!"


Wang He's face was horrible, and there were two fierce lights were shot from his eyes. He would not easily let go of Ye Feng!


With a bang, an iron rod appeared in his hand,which flashed brightly and looked extremely extraordinary.


Ye Feng eyes gazed , Wang He was very strong, and now with the Magic Tool, it was even harder to deal with him.


If he did not try his best, he was might defeated by Wang He.


But he really didn't want to expose too much, and he could only use the Divine Roc at most, and in this case, it was difficult for him to defeat Wang He.


"It is you who are defying the rules of the Sect!"


Ye Feng made a big step forward, his stood straightly , and his eyes were full of enthusiasm. He said: "You have interfered with my assessment many times. Now you are so shameless to talk about the rules with me here. "


He was not afraid, even if he knew that Wang He was invincible, he had never stepped back!


"Cut that crap, when did I interfere with your assessment!"


Wang He's eyes were cold and the iron stick in his hands were waving.


This stick's power was terrible, like a mountain pressed over which was so heavy to  breathless.


"It seems that Wang He is so angry that he even use the Wu JI stick!"


A disciple screamed.


"Wu JI stick...? What's that?"


A disciple was puzzled. He had never heard that before.So he did not know how terrible it was.


This was also a question in the hearts of other disciples. They had not heard of it also, and they did not understand why the disciple was so astonished.


"It's normal that You haven't heard the Wu JI stick. I also knew it by chance. This is a Top grade Magic Tool made by a Refining elder in Sect!"


The horrified disciple just came out slowly.


Top grade Magic Tool!


As soon as these four words came out, the faces of all the disciples changed.


Even Yurou on the side, her eyes became weird.


"Top grade Magic Tool...! The Magic Tool which has reached the Top grade will be able to condense its own unique magical powers so that it is extremely rare!"


A disciple exclaimed: "What's the unique magical power of Wang He's Wu JI stick."

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