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Chapter  42  Incredible



There was a ruthless smile on Wang He's face.


He was the top ten disciple of the outer disciple with the cultivation of 9th Layer QI condensation realm. With him pressured on the side, Ye Feng was impossible to pass the assessment.


"Oh, you dare to provoke me. After the assessment is finished, I will definitely find a chance to kill you!"


Wang He sneered in his heart.


With a bang, the tripod suddenly landed and almost fell to the ground.


Ye Feng's eyebrows were winkled, and it was never occured him that Wang He was so shameless to obstruct him in passing the assessment.


"Whatever you have done, you will only be disappointed finely!"


Ye Feng gazed his eyes,his body's divine power was running quickly, he revealed the Divine Roc at the first time,then a incredible power was outbursted and lifted the tripod into the sky.

"How could this be!"


Wang He was unbelievable. He had already raised his divine power to the limit, and Ye Feng could still actually raise tripod into the sky again under such pressure!


"I don't believe, you are just a waste!"


Wang He yelled, and his eyes were full of anger. The divine power of his body was surging, and fluctuated, then it suddenly moved toward the tripod.




The horror of the turbulent waved,all the surrounding disciples were trembled and backed up several steps.


"What happened?!"


They were puzzled and had no idea.The only thing they knew was that they were backed by an energy.


The tripod still stayed firmly in the air, and Wang He's divine power did not work!


"What kind of the power is!"


Wang He was terrified. He just used his power to exert pressure on tripod. As a result, before it got close to the tripod, it was directly broke by a mysterious force!


There was cold sweat on his face.This power was too horrible, as if there was an ancient beast in front of him!


Ye Feng's face was calm, he had used the Divine Roc, and Wang He would no longer be able to interfere with him.


"No, i must not let him pass the assessment!"


Wang He gritted his teeth, and lighted the palm of his hand with an amazing energy wave rippling out, like a leopard,all his body was flashed, and he suddenly shoot into the big tripod.


Ye Feng's eyes are getting colder and colder, Wang He actually lost his disguise and directly used the magical power to shoot him!




Lightning thundered, a leopard roared, the whole body of Wang He was surging with blue light, and his imposing was very scary!


"This is... Thunder Leopard!"


A disciple was shocked,he was convinced by the imposing of the Thunder Leopard , and his body could not stop shaking.


"Wang He, what are you doing!"


Yurou shouted, she really could't stand it, Wang He secretly attacked Ye Feng, and now he actually shoot Ye Feng in the public and ignored the rules of Sect!


Her face was full of anger, and stepped toward Wang He with a sultry incense.


"Yurou, stay away, this is none of your business!"


Wang He's eyes were fierce, and he waved his hand,then a light curtain appeared,which  instantly stopped her.


"You...! The elder let you preside over the assessment here, and you will conduct the assessment like this?!"


The face of Yurou was serious, and her tone was cold.


Without any answer, Wang He's whole body was shining, he urged the leopard which was converted by lightning to hit the tripod of Ye Feng.


"Want to hit down my tripod? No way!"

Ye Feng sneered, Immortal Sutra in his body was running, with a pure power appeared, and the power of Divine Roc was enhanced,

A roc as huge as mountain appeared, and tern the leopard into pieces by a single claw!


Roc screamed with its body obscured the sky, an amazing fierce imposing revealed, which directly shock the surrounding disciples to the ground.


"what... what is this!"


All the disciples looked at the roc with horror. They didn't know it at all, and they were really shocked by the fierce power of Kun Peng.


"It seems to be an ancient beast in the legend!"


Yurou's eyebrows were frowned, she looked at the appearance of roc while her face was as if she was thinking about something.


In a valley not far from the assessment site, a old man was playing with some flowers and leisurely.


Suddenly, his face changed and he felt a terrible fierce power.


With a bang, he did not hesitate to fly directly out of the valley and flew in the direction of the assessment site.




Ye Feng's eyes brightened and he took back the Divine Roc.


The time had gone and he passed the assessment.


"Ye Feng, How dare you to practice heresy!"


Wang He's face was  ferocious. He publicly shot Ye Feng,but finely Ye Feng still passed the assessment, which made him lose face!




Ye Feng humphed, he stared at Wang He with a look of disdain: "Stupid. This is the immortal skill that a predecessor of the immortal level taught to me!"


"The predecessor of the immortal level? Ye Feng, stop lying!"


Wang He sneered, he did not buy it at all.


But at the same time, his heart had already alarmed to Ye Feng. The strength was so horrible that it was not comparable to the general method.


"No matter what, you passed the assessment by using heresy, which seriously violated the rules of the Sect. I will take you to the Ministry of Justice!"


Wang He's face showed a cruel smile.


Actually,the reason why He was going to take Ye Feng to the Ministry of Justice was that he wanted to get the magical power of Ye Feng.


After he controlled Ye Feng, he would bring Ye Feng to a hidden place and forced him to hand the immortal skill,then killed Ye Feng.


At that time, even if the people in the Ministry of Justice found him, he was not afraid at all.


He would tell them the truth was that Ye Feng suddenly attacked him,and then he killed Ye Feng just for self-defense!


With a bang, he moved, and the radiance of the whole body illuminated like a sun, which pressed toward Ye Feng!


This was the strength of the top ten in outer disciples!


With the cultivation of 9th Layer QI condensation realm, Wang He could definitely regard superciliously everyone here.


"If you are out to condemn someone,you can always trump up a charge!"


In the face of Wang Hu's ferocious attack, Ye Feng did not fear at all. He strode forward and slammed his fists and punched to Wang He.




After Ye Feng broke through the 7th Layer QI condensation realm, the strength had increased several times. The Dragon Style also became even more horrible. Every punch could trembled the sky with a thunder imposing!


With a bang, Wang He was smashed and fell from the air to the ground,and flied the dust of the ground!


"The top ten masters in outer disciples, was actually hit to the ground by Ye Feng?!"


Around, all the disciples were stunned and unbelievable.


"He is definitely not a general factotum disciple!"


Yurou was dignified,and she look at Ye Feng with complex expression.

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