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Chapter  44  What Are You Doing (2)





Ye Feng glowed, the horrible fists hit continually and collided with the Wu JI stick, which shook the sky.


"you are not my opponent,  just give up!"


Wang He laughed and showed a confident light in his eyes.


In his hands, the u JI stick was horizontal, and revealed a black light. Then there were many beasts appeared one after another from the black light. They were huge and terrible with powerful power.


"Now if you give up and go with me, you can still be spared from the suffering.Or, hey, I can't guarantee that you will survive!"


Wang He sneered, the unique magical power of the Wu Ji stick was very powerful.By only relying on the strength of Ye Feng, he could not resist at all.


Ye Feng was dignified. From the fluctuations of these black beasts, these beasts were extremely powerful and very difficult to deal with.


But he did not back down and did not compromise with Wang He.


"People like you will not absolutely have a great achievement in future cultivation!"


Ye Feng's eyes were sharp as knife, and the anger in his heart had burned to the extreme.


"You are looking for death!"


Wang He sneered, he looked at Ye Feng as if he was looking a dead man.


With a wave of his hands, all the beast was screaming with a scary imposing.




The beasts were terrifying,as they roared ,all the big tripods in the nearby square were shaken.


Ye Feng moved, fierce and strong.


At this time, there was no way to retreat, although he knew he could not defeat him, he would never give up or he would die soon.



His long hair was messy with a bloody body, he was injured by the beast deeply.


"Waste is always a waste, and it's impossible to be changed in this life!"


Wang He disdainfully laughed.




Ye Feng flied out, he was shot by the big beast. A large mouthful of blood was sprayed from the mouth and he fell heavily down on the ground.


In the air, the beast roared with the whole body circulated in the dark light, which was very terrible.


Wang He came with a very calm face.


"Ye Feng, you violated the rules and now you should go to Ministry of Justice with me!"


He held the Wu JI stick at the neck of Ye Feng, controlling the life and death of Ye Feng.


Ye Feng's eyes got cold, even though his life was now extremely seriously threatened, he would not beg to people like Wang He.


"Stop dreaming! Do you think that i don't know what your intention is. You just want to take me some place else, and then force me to hand over my magical power!"


Ye Feng smiled and spoke out the real meaning of Wang He.


"Shut up!Until now you still don't admire your mistake, it seems that i need to give you some lessons!"


Wang He was furious and angry, and he moved the Wu JI stick,which towards the head of Ye Feng.


He smiled as if he had seen the scene of Ye Feng's head broke into the pieces.


"Stop it!"


At this moment, a violent anger voice sounded, and then an astonishing energy fluctuation appeared, which directly flied Wang He to the side.




Wang He's head hit the big tripod in the square, causing a huge sound.


He got a dizzy, and the blood in his mouth continued to spurt, the attack almost killed him!


"what are you doing!"


A very cold voice sounded, the white hair old man appeared, and his eyes looked at Wang He fiercely.


"Luo... Luo elder!"


Wang He was shocked and his voice was trembled.


"what are you doing!"


Under the Luo elder's cold eyesight,Wang He felt like he was in a ice cellar.

"I... I... am presiding over the assessment."




The loud slap voice sounded, and there was a slap printing on the face of Wang He.Luo elder's eyes were getting more chilling, and asked again: "What are you doing!"


Wang He's face was painful. He really didn't understand why Luo elder was so angry!

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