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Chapter  3  Mighty


the whole audience was in an uproar.


All the factotum disciples were stunned and unbelievable.


"Ye Feng... interrupted Wang Ming's hand just with a punch!"


"When did this such a waste become so strong?


"it's really hard to believe that, is Ye Feng still the waste of all people?!"


Ye Feng is a well-known waste since he has practiced for three years but still stayed in realm of first condensation.


Wang Ming, however, has the cultivation base of the realm of the double condensation!


The gap between them is simply too big. Different realm,different level. Wang Ming can definitely overwhelm Ye Feng, but now his hand was interrupted by Ye Feng's punch,which was really shocking!


"Ye Feng, you are purely asking for a death!"


Lin Dong's eyes are full of uncontrollable anger.


His cousin is a outer disciple of the Luo yun Sect. And he has the cultivation base of the realm of the double condensation. What's more,he will become an outer disciple after he passed the assessment.


In the eyes of factotum disciples, he has absolute dignity, and no one dared to challenge his majesty before!


But now, Ye Feng, who has always hold the name of waste, dared to challenge his majesty, this really drive him crazy!


"I thought you were miserable cuz you are a waste in cultivation. When senior brother Wang asked me to 'take care' of you, I only planned to insult you."


"But you didn't appreciate it, dare to challenge my majesty and hurt me. I must make you to be a real waste today!"


Lin Dong sneered.


"Who is senior brother Wang?"


Ye Feng frowned, in his memory, he did not know anything about senior brother Wang.


"You don't need to know!"


Lin Dong looked at Ye Feng's eyes as if he was watching a dead man!


"Even if you don't say it now. You'll say it later."


There is a light in Ye Feng's eyes, faced Lin Dong, a man who is in the peaks of the realm of double condensation. He had no fear.


On the contrary, he kind of looking forward to a fight with Lin Dong.


His physique is now an early Eucharist. He wants to test the power of it by fighting with Lin Dong!


"go to the hell!" Lin Dong was furious.


Ye Feng looked at him with too much disdain in his eyes, as if he were watching an ant, which  strongly attacked Lin Dong's self-respect!


Bang, he moved as fierce as a downhill Tiger.


"The Dragon Style!"


Lin Dong shouted, the power of the body is running quickly, resembling a tiger, and the power between the two fists is amazing!


"he do deserve to be called brother Dong, look at the imposing of the Dragon Style. I am sure that he has practiced to the fifth level."


A factotum disciple said with an envious face.


Dragon Style is the lowest level of fist position, but it is also a terrible fist position for these factotum disciples. It's so powerful!


Even if Dragon Style is the lowest level of fist position, not everyone could learn it. Only the people who made contribute to Luoyun Sect can learn it.


Of all the factotum disciples ,only Lin Dong learned.


Because Lin Dong manages for the disciple.


Ye Feng lifted his eyebrows, he can feel the power contained in Lin Dong's fists, it is terrible and frightening.


But he was not afraid at all. He owns the Eucharist. So he believed that he can definitely fight with Lin Dong.


Just as he was about to attack, the sound of the system suddenly rang in his mind.


"found the lowest level of fist position Dragon Style. Do you want to learn it or not?"


Ye Feng felt ecstasy,sure enough it's the most powerful system, even can learn other people's skills!




Without any hesitate, Ye Feng choose to learn.




"Congratulations on learning the lowest level of fist position Dragon Style. This experience consumes 20 points of experience value and the host's current remaining experience value is zero."




Ye Feng's face turned black, so that explains that learning skills of others need to consume experience value.


He would have left 20 points of experience value, but now it's gone!


Lin Dong's Dragon Style attack has arrived and Ye Feng gazed,the released the Dragon Style he just learned Instantly!




With the deafening sound of tigers rang out, the Dragon Style displayed by Ye Feng were more powerful than Lin Dong.


Lin Dong's Dragon Style was like a downhill tiger, while Ye Feng's Dragon Style was like the heaven tiger's coming. !




Two fists collided, Ye Feng directly punched Lin Dong and flew out of his mouth.




Lin Dong fell to the ground, the entire arm was destroyed by Ye Feng, and his breath was very weak.


"Now i think you could tell me who is senior brother Wang?"


Ye Feng smiled coldly. He has the strongest system. Any enemy that wants to shoot him must endure his redouble anger!


"How could you play Dragon Style?!" Lin Dong's voice was hoarse, and there was a spill of blood in his mouth.


He recognized the boxing method Ye Feng had just displayed was Dragon Style.


And it is more fierce and more overbearing than the Dragon Style he cultivated!

"What's the problem I asked?"


Ye Feng sneered and kicked out, distroyed Lin Dong's other arm.




Lin Dong screams and his face turned pale.


"It is... Wang He..."


Lin Dong broke out in a cold sweat,gnashed his teeth and said.


"Wang He!"


Ye Feng gazed, he determined that he did not know him.


"Who is it?"


Ye Feng asked, he wanted to know why Wang He let Lin Dong "take care"of him.


"Senior one of the master of the top ten outer disciples...!"


Ye Feng lifted his eyebrows, the top ten outer disciples? It is definitely aloof exist. Why would he make things hard for me?


He was puzzled, and couldn't figure it out. They have no connection and no contact before.


"Why did he do that?"


Ye Feng sneered, no matter why Wang He do that, Wang He will certainly bear his anger!


"I don't know... I didn't even see him. It was someone else sent by him to told me."

Lin Dong's body trembled cuz the pain.


"well, eat first."


Ye Feng kept calm,and did not ask anything more, then went straight to the dining hall.


If it was before, he had no way to deal with Wang He.


But now it is different. He has the strongest system. He will surely stand in the top of the world in the future. Wang He has no threat in his eyes!


Around Ye Feng, all the factotum disciples looked at Ye Feng with awe. They even opened out for him.


Ye Feng is no longer the waste who insulted by anyone. It is the strong person who can use his fist to destroy Lin Dong's arm!


After eating, Ye Feng's spirit was bright, and the whole body was very comfortable.

He entered the mountains again and wanted to add the experience value.


Because the experience value is really important.


Not only it can improve cultivation method level, but can also learn other people's skill.


And he thought about that if cutting the tree could add the experience value, then killing the beast could definitely add the experience value!


"After one month, waiting for the assessment of the outer door is opened, I will come back again!"


With the shining eyes , Ye Feng said firmly.

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