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Chapter  31  Revenge (1)



"This is what you said, give me the Qi Bao Spiritual Core!"


Ye Feng smiled at Jiang Shui.


"You saved my life and gave me a perfect Agerasia Core, it's equal to give you the Qi Bao Spiritual Core !"


Jiang Shui generously took out Qi Bao Spiritual Core and handed it to Ye Feng.


Qi Bao Spiritual Core was shining with bright seven color, and its incense was fragrant, looked very extraordinary.


Ye Feng took over the Qi Bao Spiritual Core and smiled.


"What kind of the disciple of the Alchemy Elder you are?Really a shame!."


Ye Feng was very happy. He not only learned the Alchemy but also got a 3rd grade Spiritual Core.The harvest was huge.


Bai Jie's face went purple with rage face and she gnashed her teeth quietly.


What she cares most was not that 3rd grade Spiritual Core, but rather cared about the relationship between Ye Feng and Jiang Shui!


Ye Feng actually saved Jiang Shui's life!


Was this waste gonna raising up?


Would Miss have accidents in the future? !


She shook her head and felt her thoughts was funny.


What could Ye Feng do even he saved Jiang Shui's life?


The Miss was very talented and was known as the phoenix of Luoyun Sect. Even if Ye Feng raised up by the relationship of Jiang Shui, he was absolutely not an opponent of Miss.


"Junior Sister, I have to say goodbye now."


Bai Jie said unhappily.She really lost face here today, so she didn't want to stop here anymore.


"Well, since you have something to deal with, then go ahead."


Jiang Shui smiled.


Bai Jie gritted her teeth and stared at Ye Feng for a while and then left.


Just when she had left, Ye Feng's voice suddenly sounded.


"Tell your Miss, I won't forget that sword. It won't take long before I will give that sword back to her!"


Her footsteps were stopped for a second and her body also had a shake by angry. But she suppressed it, and she left without looking back.


"Junior Sister, we need to leave now as well, and we will come to see you again."


The group of young boys and girls also spoke. They also felt shame and did not stay here again.


"They are all gone, Ye Feng, tell me, do you have any story with Bai Jie? Why are you keep targeting her?"


Jiang Shui dazzled her eyes and looked curiously at Ye Feng.


"I have no hatred with her, but I have hatred with her Miss!"


Ye Feng eyes cold road.


"Her Miss...?"


Jiang Shui looked confused and then she suddenly thought of something. She shouted, "The  phoenix in Luoyun Sect,Feng Lingxi?!"


"In my eyes, she is not a phoenix..."


Ye Feng said in cold voice.


Jiang Shui frowned her eyebrows and said: "If she is anyone else, I can still help you, but Fenglin Xi, I'm afraid that i can not help you..."


"It doesn't matter. I never thought to ask for your help. The story that started it between us, it should also ended just for ourselves!"


Ye Feng's eyes was half Squinted, and said in a firm tone.


"If there is anything that i can help you, you can come to ask me!"


Jiang Shui said solemnly.


Feng Linxi,she was the pride of Luoyun Sect, and was also her father's most valued disciples!


Even if her father loved her very much, she couldn't do anything to Lin Xixi.




Ye Feng smiled, and then said: "No more mentioned these annoying things, let's continue to eat barbecue, it has got cold."


"Fine.It all because of them to make me don't have a good mood to eat"


Jiang Shui complained.

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