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Chapter  32  Revenge (2)



After eating the barbecue, Ye Feng did not stay for long and bid farewell to Jiang Shui, then left down the hill.


"i need to find a place to refine the Qi Bao Spiritual Core first."


Ye Feng did not hurry to return to his residence, but walked toward the back of the mountain.


Where He lived in had so many people. He feared that some people would disturb him when he refined the Qi Bao Spiritual Core, so he wanted to go to a quiet area in the back of the mountain to refine it.


The trees were tall and straight, and the spiritual animals were full of spirits to fly over them.which made a scene of wonderland


"So comfortable..."


As soon as  entering the mountains, Ye Feng felt relaxed and happy and comfortable.


At this moment, his face suddenly changed , and then he said coldly: "Come out."


"How did you notice us?"


Wirh a horror sound came out, two teenagers slowly walked out.


"It's you?"


Ye Feng was very surprised. He was no one else ,but the leader of the factotum disciples, Lin Lindong.


"You are following me?"


"We have been waiting for you for a long time. We wanted to fight with you there at beginning. As a result, you came to the back of the mountain ,which saved us a lot of trouble."


The young man next to Lin Dong's said indifferent with a cold face.


"You want to kill me?"


Ye Feng's eyes were cold and he felt a strong sense of killing from the two men,they apparently wanted to kill him.


"Speak!What's wrong with my cousin? Why haven't my cousin returned yet?"


Lin Dong looked at Ye Feng wickedly.


"Lin Zhi? I killed him."


Ye Feng said with a calm voice.


This two men wanted to kill him here. He would never let these two people go.


"What?! Ye Feng, you deserve to die!"


Lin Dong shouted with a look of grief.


In his heart, he had already guessed that his cousin might have an accident, so he invited Senior Brother Zhou to come with him.


Although he was already thought about that, but after he heard his cousin was killed by Ye Feng, he was still a bit difficult to accept.


His cousin was a outer disciple, but he died in the hands of Ye Feng!


As we all knew that Ye Feng was only a disciple in the realm of 1st Layer QI condensation !


"Senior Brother Zhou, please help me to revenge for my cousin!"


Lin Dong gnashed and said.


"The purpose of i am here is to resolve him."


Senior Brother Zhou's face was indifferent.


"It is really ridiculous that you still want to live in the Luoyun Sect after offending Senior Brother Wang ."


There were two cold and sharp sight shot from Senior Brother Zhou's eyes,he looked at Ye Feng and said.


" Senior Brother Wang? Is that Wang He?"


Ye Feng opened his mouth and asked carelessly.He had never seen Wang He,why did he always looked for his trouble.


"Senior Brother Wang 's name is not something that you can call !!"


Senior Brother Zhou said coldly.Then his body shrouded in bright light, with a daunting imposing.


"There will be sooner or later. I will find Wang He to ask him!"


Ye Feng's eyes gazed.


"Just for you? There is no way. You are going to die here."


Senior Brother Zhou disdained Ye Feng . He knew Ye Feng very well. He was just a disciple of 1st Layer QI condensation realm. he could have killed him just by his gently stomped.




Ye Feng kept a calm face and said without any fear.


He sensed that Senior Brother Zhou was very strong and also was a bit stronger than Xiao Yun and Xiao Qing.


But even so, he still did not put these two people in his eyes!

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