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Chapter 30  Vision (2)


With a calm face,Ye Feng gently waved his hand and grabbed the Core in his hands.


"What quality is this Core?"


Ye Feng smiled and took out his hand ,he placed the Core in front of Bai Jie and asked in aloud.


Bai Jie gritted her teeth and did not say anything.


Did not have to look carefully,she was sure that the quality of this Core was absolutely higher than top grade, it was a perfect quality!


"Don't tell me that as a disciple of the Alchemist Elder, you can not recognize the quality of this Core.What a shame!."


Bai Jie tried to put on a calm face with the cool sweat broke out on her face.


"You don't know it? Then I will ask someone else."


Ye Feng took back his hand and went to the front of a group of boys and girls. "You are also the disciples of Alchemists Elders. What quality is the Core in my hands? And compared to the top grade Agerasia Core that refined by your Senior Sister,how is this one?"


He smiled and looked at the boys and girls quietly.


This group of young boys and girls also looked wired.All of them only kept silence faced the questions.


However, in their hearts, they all cursed Ye Feng!


Did this still need to ask? !


The quality of this Core was obviously the perfect quality. Even one hundred of the top grade Agerasia Core that had refined by the Senior Sister was no better than this one!


"Fancy that you can also do Alchemy. Hey, it's mine now."


Jiang Shui walked to Ye Feng, and grabbed the Core in the hands of the immortality.


"It looks beautiful, I can't bear to eat it..."


The Core was like a crystal clear, the whole body was radiant with the white veins appearing. Everyone would know it was not a ordinary Core at first glance.


"If you can't bear to eat it,then give it back to me!"


Ye Feng turned his eyes against Jiang Shui. He did not think that this time he had refined the the perfect Core.So now let him give it to Jiang Shui. He still felt a little distressed.


"Nope! This is Agerasia Core that used to care for the skin. What do you use for as a man?"


Jiang Shui eyes brighten and hidden the perfect Core carefully.


"The Agerasia Core is useless me, but the Qi Bao Spiritual Core on you is useful to me..."


Ye Fengxiao smiled and casted eyes at Qi Bao Spiritual Core .


Qi Bao Spiritual Core, the 3rd grade Spiritual Core!


Even the perfect Core he had refined was far less valuable than it.


The Agerasia Core was only an 2nd grade Spiritual Core, and its efficacy was very simple. It could only nourish and protect skin, and would not add any power and cultivation.


But the Qi Bao Spiritual Core was different, it was the natural 3rd grade Spiritual Core, and the effect was still very powerful,it not only could enhance physical fitness, but also could greatly increase the divine power, which was very rare in the world.


With Ye Feng's current cultivation realm, after had the Qi Bao Spiritual Core, it was definitely possible to raise at least two levels!


"Qi Bao Spiritual Core! Junior Sister ,you must not give it to the people like him, it is simply too wasteful!"


Bai Jie's face changed greatly, Qi Bao Spiritual Core was really too valuable, even as a disciple of Alchemists Elder, she had never taken a 3rd grade Spiritual Core.


"Wasteful?You are too serious. Ye Feng had saved my life before. For me, even if he wants a 4th grade Spiritual Core, I will give it to him without any hesitate!"


Jiang Shui said coldly.


"He...had saved the your life?"


Bai Jie's face was pale and her mind was shocked by that.

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