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Chapter  29  Vision (1)


Everyone was stunned and looked at Ye Feng with a look of surprise.


It was never occurred them that Ye Feng actually could refine the Medicinal Pills.What's more he could refine a perfect Core!


The incense of Core was pure and sultry. Just for a smell,they felt like they almost became immortal, which made them happy and bright.


"Everything cannot be determined before the refining finished!"


Bai Jie kept a long face and looked very angry.


A factotum disciple had refine a perfect Core, no one would believe that !


She convinced that this was an 'accident' and Ye Feng was absolutely impossible to refine the perfect Core!


"Yes, we cannot determine the level of Medicinal Pills just by the incense!"


Someone spoke out loud and supported Bai Jie.


Ye Feng was a well-known disciple in Luoyun Sect. Such a people could refine the perfect Core of the Medicinal Pills,it was really a shame for them as the disciples of Alchemy elders .


"Facts speak louder than words."


Ye Feng said indifferently.


Through the strongest system, he had already found that the Core in the Square Cauldron has been formed and would be released soon.




At this moment,Square Cauldron suddenly shook violently, and then raised in the sky. The whole body lingered with the brilliance and shone brightly.


"Vision! It is a vision!"


One teenager shouted.The Cauldron intertwined with light, and raised in the sky. this was a vision they called. The Core that Ye Feng refined was absolutely incomparable!


The sound of deafening waves rang and everyone seemed like they have seen a stunning scene of a tsunami.


"The tsunami vision, which ... only appeared in the legend, actually appeared here!"


A teenager shouted in horror.


The scene of Ye Feng's alchemy was too scary. The tsunami shocked and the waves was like a thousand soldiers and horses were running together.


"It's all illusions!The core is still not finished, everything is fake!"


Bai Jie's face was pale and she still did not believe it.


"Senior Sister, don't deceive yourself anymore. Even I haven't learned Alchemy yet. But i have read a lot books of Alchemy.I am sure that the quality of this Core is absolutely extraordinary  according the vision of alchemy. ." !"


Jiang Shui smiled with two white tiger teeth shone, she was lovely.


"Senior Sister... Ye Feng may really have refined a perfect Core!"


Xiaoqing said.


"No! This is impossible!"


Bai Jie growled, she was almost mad.


She absolutely did not believe that Ye Feng had such ability!


Even if she, the Alchemy Elder's disciple could not make a perfect Core.


And now,Ye Feng actually did it!


He was just a waste!


This moment, her heart was full of taste.


She, who was known as the most talent alchemist, was even less than a waste !


"Look, it's finished!"


One of the teenagers exclaimed. In the center of glorious light, there was an ethereal, lustrous, white Core slowly flied out of Square Cauldron.


This Core was very perfect, there were starlight flashing around.If the you observed carefully, you would find that there was also a faint veins on the surface.

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