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Chapter  2  Demonstrate The Power


Ye Feng felt dizzy for a while, but then came the excitement of unbearable!


The strongest system!


With the strongest system, he will surely stand in the top of the world in the future. Moreover, he also could ask Lin Xi pay for that sword!


"Eucharist! Let me check my body first to see what kind of power it could give to me. I feel full of strength all over the body. "


Ye Feng's eyes glowed. He hold the axe in the hand and yell out loud,then hurried to the towering tree which need several people to hold it.


The towering tree crashed down and was cut off by only once!


"What a great power!"


Ye Feng stunned and felt kind of unreal.


The big tree is too big. In the past, he would have to cut it down for at least a few hours to cut it off.


"I feel my speed has improved too!"


Swoosh, he ran up and it seemed like he is a speedy Maxima, no one could see him but shadow.


Ye Feng breathed a sigh of relief and stopped.


He was very surprised by this fast speed. He had just made a round trip back in this vast forest in a few moments.


At this time, he opened the data light curtain panel and found that the experience value turned from zero to one.


"Surely because the tree I just cut, it gave me the added experience."


Ye Feng had a brainwave and thought of this possibility.


Then he was ecstatic.


"I have had such a strong power and speed in the primary eucharist. After upgrading the Eucharist, what would happen!"




He grabbed an axe, and cut the tree madly.


In his eyes, these trees are no longer big trees, but full of experience!


Experience value +1...


Experience value +1...


Experience value +1...


Experience value +1...


Soon, he cut off more than two hundred trees.


And also he obtained 220 points of experience value.


"No more experience..."


Ye Feng sat down against the big tree. When he cut 219 trees, the experience could not be added anymore.




"Congratulations on the host's acquisition of 220 experience value. The experience value can be used to enhance the cultivation level. If you want to improve the level of the low-grade Qi Condensation method ?"


Ye Feng looked happy, the role of this experience value is really useful, even can also improve the cultivation level!




Without any hesitate, Ye Feng choose the promotion.


This Qi Condensation method is the lowest method of cultivation practice in Luoyun Sect, so its effect of cultivation practice is simply poor.



"Congratulations to the host that raised the low-grade Qi Condensation method to the high-grade. This upgrade consumes a total of two hundred experience value. The host currently has twenty experience value remaining."


Ye Feng was overjoyed. He immediately launched the newly promoted high-grade Qi Condensation method to feel how different it was from the previous low-grade.




The pores of his body were all open, and the purest spiritual energy between heaven and earth rushed toward him.


This moment of cultivation, worthy of his one-year cultivation!


The effect is really amazing!



"Congratulations on the restoration of the host to the realm of double condensation."

After heard The voice came from the system, Ye Feng's face was irrepressibly excited!


For all the three years, his cultivation base has not improved a bit at all!Although his mind is different from others,sometimes he was also depressed.


"Lin Xi, wait for my revenge for that sword!"


Ye Feng's eyes got cold, Lin Xiu really wanted his life at the time, if he was not lucky enough, he is definitely dead there.


"now its the time to back to Luoyun Sect!"


Ye Feng was satisfied with the fact that a tree that needs several people to hold, now he could hold it easily,which seemed like a feather.




Ye Feng was very fast and did not use much time to returned more than two hundred trees to the Luoyun sect.


Meanwhile, the sun rides high in the sky,it's only four hours have passed until Lin Feng back.


In the pass, no one would believe it.


Two hundred trees are the workload for at least two months for Ye Feng before.

"food,food,im so hungry."


Ye Feng shouted,when he came back, it was just the time to eat lunch.


Stepped widely , Ye Feng quickly rushed to the dining hall.


He just opened the Eucharist and he has consumed a lot of energy just now. Now he just feel his stomach is empty and need to add some energy.


Soon, he arrived to the dining hall.


At the door of the dining hall, many factotum disciple have ended their chores and returned to the dining hall to eat.


"shit, who allowed you to eat?"


Just as Ye Feng lifted his leg into the dining hall, a curse rang out behind him.

Ye Feng looked back and saw Lin Dong with an ferocious face.


"I told you, no two hundred trees, no food today!"


Lin Dong's eyes showed anger.


This bullshit dared to ignore his words and wanted to eat without cutting two hundred trees.


Numerous factotum disciples turned to look at them.


In their eyes, there were just gloating, Lin Dong is the head of factotum disciples with a realm of double condensation, and there was just a half step into the realm of triple condensation for him.


None of them dare to instigate Lin Dong. Hearing that Lin Dong has a cousin who is already an  outer disciple, he has the strong background.


"Hey, Ye Feng, you don't want to listen to Dongge's words. Maybe what you want is smack?"


A factotum disciple walked out and looked very disdainful. Then he immediately slapped his hand on Ye Feng's face.


The factotum disciple named Wang Ming, who was extremely deceitful.As soon as he just entered the Luoyun sect, and he ride Lin Dong's coattails and became Lin Dong's attendant.


The cultivation base of Wang Ming was also very strong,he entered the Luoyun sect just for half a year, and he has already cultivated the realm of double condensate. it believes that he will not take long time to become an outer disciple.


All the factotum disciples laughed out loudly. They all looked down on Ye Feng and were happy to see Ye Feng being insulted by Wang Ming.




A strong scream sounded.


However, it is not came from YeFeng.But Wang Ming!


Wang Ming screams and his face is full of pain.


The bones on his hand were all broken, and his pain was piercing and his sweat was cold.


"You shouldn't come out without a strong power!"


Ye Feng sneered and looked at Wang Ming coldly.


Now he has the strongest system. He does not need to be afraid of Lin Dong and others!


Wang Ming was shocked by Ye Feng's eye sight,which let him felt like fell into an ice cellar and was extremely cold.


Just now, he slaps his hand to Ye Feng, but his palm was hit by Ye Feng's fist. The bones of the entire palm were fracture.


Ye Feng's power made him scared, as if he facing a humanoid animal instead of a human!


"If you don't want to die, then fuck off."


Ye Feng looked indifferent, and his eyes were very calmly.


"Just a bullshit,how dare you think that you could raise up?!"


Behind Wang Ming, Lin Dong's eyes full with anger, and the peak power of realm of the double condensate released,showed that he was going to attack Ye Feng!

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