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Chapter  28  Perfect Spiritual Core (2)



Ye Feng did not hesitate. He walked to Square Cauldron, and opened lid, then he placed the three herbs one by one.


Except Jiang Shui, everyone laughed.


They did not expect that Ye Feng really wanted to use these three herbs to do Alchemy!


"That's so funny, as we all know that the medicinal properties of these three herbs are not compatible so that they simply cannot put together in Alchemy."


A youth laughed loudly.


Previously, he really believed that Ye Feng was able to refine Agerasia Core because of Ye Feng's self-confidence.


But now, Ye Feng actually used the three herbs to alchemy, which made him dismiss the previous view of Ye Feng, instead he thought that Ye Feng had previously been in a big talk and did not know any alchemy at all.


"What do you know? these are the real herbs needed to refine Agerasia Core!"


Ye Feng sneered, he retreated backwards.As his body lingered with brilliance,there was the pure power surged toward the Square Cauldron.




For a moment, the Square Cauldron was like be exploded with full-bodied flame, and the heat wave came again and again.


Flames jumped like a fierce wild beast.


"It's really a farce! Such a high temperatures will absolutely burned the herbs inside directly. How could you refine a Agerasia Core!"


Bai Jie laughed, what Ye Feng had done just show that he was even worse than a novice Alchemist.


This made her could not stop laughing.


Just now, she even also gave birth to the absurd idea that he could refine the top grade Agerasia Core!


"Although these herbs are worthless, it is still a pity to be wasted this way!"


A teenager said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.


"Even the control of temperature is not good enough for him, but he dare to say that it's easy to refine the top grade Agerasia Core. What a cheeky guy!"


Another young man also ironied Ye Feng unabashedly.


Jiang Shui's pretty face also showed concern. Although she did not learn Alchemy before, she also understood the importance of the fire for alchemy.


The fire that Ye Feng made was too strong and would destroy the medicinal properties of herbs in the Square Cauldron. It was almost impossible to refine the Agerasia Core.


However, even if Ye Feng failed, it was not a big deal at all.



Ye Feng was her life-saving benefactor. She had a good opinion of Ye Feng. Even if he failed this time, she absolutely would not allow Bai Jie and others to laugh at Ye Feng and hurt Ye Feng's self-esteem.


"Is there a burning smell?"


A young man opened his big nostrils and breathed hard.


He said exaggeratedly, apparently he was instigating Ye Feng.


Bai Jie and others were all amused by the his exaggeration and laughed loudly.


At this time, suddenly a rich and fresh smell of Core incense drifted out, and the smile on their face were suddenly frozen.


This was... this was not the burnt smell! !


This was obviously pure incense of Core which scattered out by pure Core!


"How can this be?!"


Bai Jie shouted and her beautiful eyes was full of incredible.


This incense of Core was too pure, even if the Medicinal Pills made by her master was not same pure like this.


"The perfect Core over the higher grades..."


A teenager said in trembled.

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