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Chapter  27  Perfect Spiritual Core (1)



"Ye Feng, don't be impulsive."


Jiang Shui totally cauterized her eyebrows, she was not optimistic about Ye Feng and thought that Ye Feng talked big just for the face.


"It's okay, i will refine Agerasia Core for you as a gift."


Ye Feng smiled lightly, but he did not think it was a difficult matter to refine a Agerasia Core.


"Don't waste time, and show your Alchemy, let me see how good you are!"


Bai Jie sneered, she couldn't stand Ye Feng's self-confidence any more, and wanted to end the farce quickly.


Without any hesitate ,Ye Feng walked to the front of the girl in blue cloth slowly and said, "It seems that you have got a lot of medicines and herbs on you. Then would you please give me the honeysuckle, grouper flower and blue vine?"


As soon as he finished his talk, the girl looked at Ye Feng with a stunned look.


"What? You don't have these three herbs?"


Ye Feng frowned and asked.


"Sure, i have,and also have a lot!"


After a while, the young girl in blue cloth answered Ye Fengdao with a weird look.


These three kinds of medicinal herbs were so common that they could get a lot.


Could ... ... could this really refine the top grade Agerasia Core?


With the question risen in the heart, Xiaoqing knews very clear about the herbs needed for Agerasia Cores refining. They were the three herbs that have just been used by Bai Jie.


However,the three herbs what Ye Feng had required not only contained less spiritual essence, but even the medicinal properties of the three herbs were mutually exclusive, and they could not be put together for Alchemy.


"Great, then give me that."


Ye Feng sighed with relief, in the Alchemy method of Agerasia Core which was improved by the strongest system, these three herbs were necessary that could not be replaced with other herbs.


Xiaoqing took the three medicines with skepticism, and finally she could not help but said, "Are you sure you are not kidding?"


This was no wonder she doubted and asked.


Everyone who knew a little bit about herbs knowledge of Alchemy would know that the three herbs of Ye Feng required could not be combined together to do Alchemy.


"Give him. I'm going to see what he is gonna to do..."


Bai Jie said with a sarcastic face.


"New tricks, and i'm sure it's better than yours."


Ye Feng calmly took the herbs from Xiaoqing and slowly came to the front of the Square Cauldron.


This Square Cauldron was in the low grade, and was only suitable for practicing to the beginners.Actually, It was almost impossible to use it to refine some good quality Medicinal Pills.


"You don't have to use this Square Cauldron. Let me ask them to see if there is anyone better."


Jiang Shui putted wrinkles in her brows, Cauldron's quality would directly determine the quality of the Medicinal Pills.So with this Square Cauldron, Ye Feng would be impossible to refine the top grade Agerasia Core!


"No, it's good."


Ye Feng looked indifferent.


When his words were just finished, Bai Jie and others immediately laughed out loudly.


"Junior Sister also considered to you.You can use my Red Fire Cauldron, in case that you blame the Cauldron when you can not refine the Agerasia Core."


Bai Jie sneered, and directly burned any bridges to prevent Ye Feng from shirking on Cauldron.


"In my opinion, this Square Cauldron is a hundred times more powerful than yours."


Ye Feng was not polite at all.




Bai Jie was mad,and just wanted to come forward and killed Ye Feng!


" I said the truth." Ye Feng said without any care.


"Cut the crap,and get start!"


Bai Jie shouted with cold eyes, her was totally in fire, and it was very likely that she would definitely to end Ye Feng's life in anytime!

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