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Chapter  24  Tit-For-Tat


Senior Sister Bai was so angry, how could she be envious!


But the barbecue did look golden and oily, and delicious.


"Junior Sister, after you finished, I will teach you Alchemy for a while.Then, I still have something else to do."


Senior Sister Bai was really unbearable and the smell of barbecue was so fragrant that she really wanted to eat.


But she definitely would not eat Ye Feng's barbecue, so she forcibly restrained herself and urged Jiang Shui to eat faster.So that she could teach her the Alchemy earlier and quickly left here.


She was almost drove to crazy in her heart.It was tortured for her to stay here!


"Senior Sister Bai, Are we not saying that today is free, so we came here to teach her the Alchemy?"


The blue cloth girl asked with a puzzled look.


Senior Sister Bai's face immediately turned red and looked a little embarrassed.


"It seems that someone want to eat barbecue, but she can't eat it,so she don't want to stay here anymore."


Ye Feng smiled.


"Aha!Well, let's put the meat alone, and let Senior Sister Bai not be tortured here."


Jiang Shui looked seriously and put down the barbecue. Then she walked up to her and smiled and said, "Senior Sister Bai is best! Thanks for that you haven't forgotten promise to me."


She had always wanted to learn Alchemy, but her father did not allow her to study. He said that  learning the Alchemy would spend her energy and was not good for her.


In fact, she also knew that her father cared for her.


She was born with too much Yin(Yin & Yang (阴阳 yīnyáng) - the duality present in all aspects of the universe. For instance: Yin is Female / Soft / Death / Dark / the Moon, while Yang is Male / Hard / Life / Light / the Sun - the comparisons are endless. Yin & Yang describe how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they mutually give rise to each other.) Qi so that her spiritual energy of life was more fragile than ordinary people. Although her father constantly used panacea to nourish her body, it was still less than ordinary.


However, she was very persistent with Alchemy. But the Elder of Alchemy was under the command of her father and refused to teach her Alchemy.Thus,she secretly found Senior Sister Bai and asked her to teach.


Senior Sister Bai was the chief disciple of the Elder of Alchemy. As well she had made great achievements in the Alchemy. She believes that with the help of her,she must could learn Alchemy!


"You ah... I really don't understand why you didn't ask for my Master, but instead of asking me to teach you Alchemy."


Senior Sister Bai chuckled. Jiang Shui was the best-loved young daughter of Sect Leader. If she wanted to learn Alchemy,she could go straight to ask her Master.


And of course her Master would not refuse her!


However, although she did not know why she came to ask her, she would not refuse the her. To tie up a good relationship with the daughter of the Secr Leader. It would definitely a good chance!


"Ummmmm...because I like you. Elder of Alchemy has been so serious. I don't want him to teach me Alchemy!"


Jiang Shui said in naughty.


"Stop eating, hurry to teach Junior sister Alchemy!"


Senior Sister Bai said and let the one of them who came with her to teach the Alchemy for the Jiang Shui.


They moved to an open place. The young girl in blue cloth slammed a Square Cauldron from the Storage Treasures and placed it on the ground.


"This is the best Cauldron for a novice alchemist. It's Senior Sister Bai who specifically tell us to bring it."


A youth came out and he took out a lot of spiritual medicine from the Storage Treasures and put it on the ground as well.


"This is the medicinal material that Senior Sister Bai asked us to prepare. It can be enough to support you to learn alchemy."


Jiang Shui smiled , Senior Sister Bai had prepared all the details, and everything was ready for her.


"Thank you so much, Senior Sister Bai. After I learned the alchemy, I would like to thank  Senior Sister Bai!"


Bai Jie smiled and whispered: "These just are small things. You don't have to worry about it."


"Then let's start!"


Jiang Shui looked excited and urged Senior Sister Bai to teach her alchemy quickly.


"Junior Sister, there is no problem in teaching you alchemy, but the problem is that there is outsiders here..."


Senior Sister Bai looked at Ye Feng unkindly. The meaning was very clear. Ye Feng was an outsider and she did not want him to stay here and learn Alchemy.


"It doesn't matter. Ye Feng is my friend."


Jiang Shui understood the meaning of Senior Sister Bai and showed that even if Ye Feng learned alchemy, it would be fine.


"As far as I know, he is just a factotum disciple. Even the outer disciple he isn't, how can we let him learn Alchemy?"


Senior Sister Bai looked in disdain and directly pointed out the identity of Ye Feng.


"He is a factotum disciple?"


Blue cloth girl and others all surprised a lot.


They were all inner disciples.So their identity status was obviously far more than Ye Feng. Just now,they thought that Ye Feng was at least an inner disciple who hidden his light. However,Ye Feng was only a factotum disciple.


Momentary,the eyes they looked at Ye Feng had changed and became extremely frivolous.


It should be known that in the past, they would not be in contact with factotum disciples at all. In their eyes,they could not even be regarded as disciples of Luoyun Sect, but the bottom-line workers.


"Factotum disciples are not qualified to learn alchemy at all."


A youth frowned and said in a cold voice.


"Alchemy? How could you think that I want to learn it? Oh, you guys are really over estimated yourself too much. Even if I want to learn, just with your cultivation of alchemy, there really not  helpful for me to learn it."


Ye Feng smiled with satire.


"Ye Feng, who the hell do you think you are? Is it because that you have spent three years as a waste,so that your mentality has been distorted?"


Senior Sister Bai sneered, and did not save face to Ye Feng at all.


"Three years and still a factotum disciple?"


"I know who he is. He is the famous waste of cultivating for three years but still in the realm of 1st Layer QI condensation!"


All the boys and girls laughed loudly.


"Shut up!"


Jiang Shui became angry with her eyes turned cold.


Ye Feng was her savior, and these people dared to be so arrogant to insult Ye Feng, which made her heart to rise up with great dissatisfaction.


"If you keep speaking like this, then get out of here!"


Jiang Shui coldly criticized .


Be repulsed by Jiang Shui, those young boys and girls' face fill with cold sweat while backing up a cold surge.


They really did not expect that the daughter of the Leader would maintain a factotum l disciple!


"Jiang Shui,you should have to find some high-level ones if you want to learn Alchemy. To find such people to teach you Alchemy, I don't think you can learn anything from them."


What Ye Feng said was diametrically "tit-for-tat" to Senior Sister Bai.


"I am the chief disciple of the Alchemy Elder, and how is the level of alchemy i am, i think it's not you can judge!"


Senior Sister Bai said coldly.


Jiang Shui looked weirdly at them.


The two of them previously said that they were good friends, but judging from the current situation, they were definitely not good friends!


"Oh,really? Take your position to pressure me? Do you dare to refine the Medicinal Pills here and show your level of alchemy?"


Ye Feng said disdainfully.

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