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Chapter  23  Be Envious


"Junior Sister, you are 'duplicity'."


The white cloth woman smiled at Jiang Shui, and then walked over.


The boys and girls behind her also followed.




The girl in blue cloth smelled and said.


Others also smelled the scent, and then all them turned to look at Ye Feng.


"It's you!"


The white cloth girl's face was slightly shocked. She knew Ye Feng and the relationship was deeply also.


"So?You must didn't think that you could meet me here."


Ye Feng said coldly with a chill light flashed in the depths of his eyes.


"You know each other?"


Jiang Shui blinked her eyes and asked curiously.


"More than just knowing, and we also understand each other very well."


The girl in white cloth smiled lightly, recovering her surprising expression and becoming calm and comfortable again soon.


"Junior Sister Bai, do you really know him?"


The blue cloth girl asked with a surprised look.


In her impression, Senior Sister Bai was pure and noble and she never contacted with a male, but now she said that she knew Ye Feng very well,which made her very surprised so that she  carefully looked up and down Ye Feng.


Just a very ordinary boy with kind of cute,but there were too many handsome men and beautiful women in the Sect.


"Now,I'm very interested in the story between you two."


The white cloth girl were very curious about Jiang Shui and Ye Feng.


Jiang Shui was the noble daughter of the Sect Leader, and Ye Feng, she knew him very well, he was the most discredited and waste disciple of Luoyun Sect.


It was very unbelievable for her that the two people with very different statuses would actually go together.


"He is my good friend. This time, i specially asked him to cook for me."


Jiang Shui said with a smile.


good friend?


There was a flash of surprise in the white cloth girl's beautiful eyes.


Listening to Jiang Shui's tone, she seemed to have a very unusual relationship with Ye Feng.


"Junior Sister, you are still young. And i would like to persuade you with one sentence----you may know a person's face but not his mind."


The white cloth girl's eyes looked at Ye Feng and then said to Jiang Shui.


Which meant very clearly that Ye Feng was a villain, and you needed to guard against him.


"I know it.Senior Sister, you're annoying. I am not stupid. The one who can lie to me was not born yet."


Jiang Shui pouted and replied, she did not understand the real meaning and thought it was just a sister's concern.


Ye Feng stood up slowly and said with a smile: "The barbecue is ready. Come on."


Jiang Shui's eyes lighted up and said: "Let's talk later,Senior Sisters,come and eat barbecue, Ye Feng is a real barbecue maker."


After she finished to talk, she couldn't wait to run over.Regardless the image,she teared down a large piece of barbecue and ate.


The white cloth girl shook her head, and walked toward the barbecue.


Blue cloth girl and others also quickly walked over, they had been attracted by the smell of barbecue for a long time, and all wanted to eat a barbecue early!


"You'd better not hurt her."


The white cloth girl quietly walked to Ye Feng, and then said in a low voice.


"Relax, I have never forget the sword attack that your master gave to me."


Ye Feng looked cold and whispered.


This girl in white cloth was not someone else,but the maid of Lin Xi'er who had attacked behind him when he found Spiritual Medicine!


"Whether you admit it or not, Miss and you are already not in the same world!"


As mentioned her young Miss, the white cloth girl looked very proud.


"You must remember that without me, she is nothing!"


Ye Feng said coldly.


If it weren't for him to discover the Spiritual Medicine, Lin Xi'er would't have such the achievement today. She would just like him, was a very ordinary disciple.


"Facts speak louder than words. What kind of existence is master now? She likes a phoenix, and you? You can't even compare with a flaw."


On the white face of white cloth girl,there was a disdainful look.


"Don't you forgot the moment that your Miss and you begged for me?"


Ye Feng sneered with a raging anger in the eyes.


At that time, Lin Xi'er and her maid had just entered the Luoyun Sect. Some chores even could not be completed on their own, so he often helped them.


"What are you talking about? Seems so interesting."


While eating the roasted meat,Jiang Shui asked him vaguely.


She saw that Ye Feng did not eat barbecue at all and just spoke with Senior Sister Bai, which made her very curious.


"It's natural for good friends to talk a lot after long time no see."


Senior Sister Bai laughed lightly.


"Yes, we are really 'good friends'."


Ye Feng laughed also.


"Then stop whispering on the side . Let's eat won't be good when it get cold."


Jiang Shui did not think much and urged them to eat barbecue quickly.


Senior Sister Bai shook her head and said: "Recently,i am practicing a immortal skill and could not eat meat."


Actually,It's not that she could not eat meat, but she didn't want to eat the barbecue made by Ye Feng.


"What a pity. My good friend,you have no luck for your mouth."


Ye Feng generously smiled and tore off the next big piece of barbecue, then glutted himself with delicacies.


He was very clear that the reason she did not eat barbecue was not for she couldn't eat it but because of it was made by him.


"What a pity ! It's so delicious..."


Blue cloth girl said with regret.


This barbecue was definitely the best she had ever eaten, so she felt very pity for her.




"So pity……"


The people who came along with Senior Sister Bai all felt sorry for her. Such a delicious barbecue,she could not to eat.


Senior Sister Bai smiled and shook her head to respond. There was an unobservable frivolity in the depths of her eyes.


How delicious could this barbecue be?


She would absolutely not eat it at all.


"It's up to her. We don't need to care about her. Let's keep eating!"


Ye Feng laughed out loudly.


All the air fill with the scent of barbecue ,and Senior Sister Bai was attracted by the barbecue smell deeply,which made her really want to eat a barbecue.


But she refrained,she would not eat anything that Ye Feng did.


Because Ye Feng was her master's enemy!


"Hey,look at you guys, it's just a barbecue! How delicious it would be? Just like that you haven't eaten anything for a few years."


Senior Sister Bai said coldly, and snubbed them who came along with her.


"It's really delicious! It's the best thing I've ever eaten in my life!"


Blue cloth girl answered in good faith.


"Senior Sister Bai, don't you say this.Ye Feng's barbecue is really great, but unfortunately you can't eat it or you'll definitely be addicted."


Jiang Shu were very strange, she did not understand why Senior Sister Bai was so angry.


"She is just envious us.We don't need to care"


Ye Feng said with smiley, and bite off a large mouthful of meat and ate it deliciously.

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