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Chapter 25: Agerasia Core

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Chapter  25  Agerasia Core

"There is nothing that I dare not! Then I will refine an Agerasia Core for Junior sister to maintain the skin."

Bai Jielooked up slightly, with a hint of arrogance on her face, she filled with self-confidence.


Jiang Shui blinked her big eyes and laughed.

Agerasia Core was a beauty-enhancing medicine that was not useful for cultivation, but it was of great benefit to the skin.

Although Agerasia Core could only beauty the people, it was still not always possible for anyone to refine. It needed at least one-star of the alchemists could make it.

Bai Jie chooses to refine the Agerasia Core. On the one hand, she wanted to please Jiang Shui. On the other hand, she also wanted to show her talent on Alchemy.

She was only fifteen years old, but she had became a one-star alchemist. Which was definitely an unique existence in the whole cloud.

Alchemists, was a very prominent occupation, they could refine all sorts of miraculous Medicinal Pills that could enhance human strength through unpredictable alchemy skill.

In particular, the number of alchemists was very scarce, which made their status more aloof.

To become an alchemist, you had to be born with naturally strong spiritual and physically, then you might become an alchemist.

There were thousands of disciples in Sect. However, there were no more than a hundred disciples with the talent of alchemy.So,how difficult it is to become an alchemist!

“Bai Jie has been a star alchemist in earlier, and now she faintly steps into the two-star Alchemist while we are still apprentices in the Alchemy. The gap between her and really impossible to across!”

A teenager said with emotion.

Like Bai Jie, they were also disciples of the Alchemy Elders. Both the spiritual and the physique met the requirements of alchemy. However, due to their poor comprehension ,they were still apprentices of the Alchemy. For them,there was still a long way to be a one-star alchemist.

Alchemist grades were divided into alchemist apprentices and the star alchemists from 1 to 9.

Ye Feng looked calmly.

Although he knew she was showing off her alchemy talent, he didn't worry about it at all.

Because he had the strongest system!

The experience value in the strongest system could assist other people's immortal methods and skills. So he believed that Bai Jie’s Alchemy could also be absolutely copied!

"Xiaoqing, give me the angelica dahurica , ice water, and snow lotus."

Bai Jie looked indifferent, and indicated the girl in blue cloth to take out these three herbs.

"Got it."

Xiaoqing did not hesitate to take these three herbs from the Storage Treasures.

The three herbs were all ready before they arrived. They intended to refine Agerasia Core

and gave it to Jiang Sui at before.

"Good core needs good cauldron!"

With eyes shining, Bai Jie took out Red Fire Cauldron from her own Storage Treasure.

The cauldron was full of dark red with half a meter high, and was also engraved with exquisite pattern pics,looked very ancient and extraordinary.

“This is Red Fire Cauldron,when I was promoted to become a one-star alchemist, my master personally bestowed it to me, which is far more effective than other cauldron.”

Bai Jie said softly with pride.

In Luoyun Sect,having the own cauldron indicated that your alchemy talent was very high, and also was the object of cultivation.

"I really want one!"

Xiaoqing said with envy.

She also had good alchemy talent, but compared with Senior Sister Bai, there was still a great difference. Even if she was promoted to one-star alchemist, she also understood that she would not be bestowed a cauldron by Master like her.

"Is it enough to show off? Get start quickly!."

Ye Feng said impatiently.

He did not care about how strong the Red Fire Cauldron was and how strong her alchemy talent was. In his eyes, Bai Jie could not compare with him at all!

He possessed the strongest system and Shennong Tripod. Compared to Red Fire Cauldron, it was ten thousands times stronger.

"You will never have your own cauldron!"

Bai Jie said coldly.

The reason that she had showed so many things was that she wanted Ye Feng to understand the difference between them.

However, Ye Feng was totally indifferent, and he didn't even give a shit to her!

Which really pissed her off, and increased the hatred against Ye Feng.

"No wonder Miss looked down to you. You are really an ugly blasphemy."

Bai Jie sneered and said to the Ye Feng secretly by her power.

This voice could only be heard by her and Ye Feng.

"It's fine either for Phoenix or Fairy. Sooner or later, I will trample her underfoot!"

Ye Feng eyes turned cold, and also answered her back by using divine power.

Bai Jie smiled. This time she spoke out loudly: "Junior Sister, the Agerasia Core can  make your skin more coloured and dazzling like crystal."

"I am getting more and more expecting about the Agerasia Core. Let's get started."

Jiang Shui blinked his eyes and looked forward.


Bai Jie laughed, with the light of her body flew and bright white arm stuck out, she took over three herbs from Xiaoqing's hands , and put them into the Red Fire Cauldron in turn .

"Perhaps you have never seen an Alchemist did Alchemy before.Today it’s your good chance."

Bai Jie laughed lightly and glanced at Ye Feng with a very despised looking.

Then she took back her gaze and calmed down,began to refine Agerasia Core attentively.

Her whitish body was brighten.There was many clear stream of power flew from her white palm, then she put all these clear stream into the Red Fire Cauldron.

With a bang, a mass of flames burned intensely.

Bai Jie's face became more dignified. The most important step in Alchemy was the manipulation of the flame.

If you could not control the flames well, you would not be able to refine any Medicinal Pills. Even the herbs would also be destroyed.

Her eyes were focused,and her powerful sense of Spiritual came out, so that she could carefully control the fire.

Around, the temperature was risen up.All the people felt a wave of heat and their face can not help but sweat flew out.

Ye Feng quietly looked at Bai Jie’s Alchemy.

In his heart, he was dismissive to Bai Jie.

Just Alchemy.

How difficult it would be!

The strongest system!

His moved his mind and summoned the strongest system and found out that he still had 3400 of experience values.So he did not hesitate to use the copying ability.


"Congratulations on learning the Alchemy and how to refine Agerasia Core. This  consumed 3,000 experience values. The current experience of the host is 400."

With a loud bang, Ye Feng's body was shaken a bit. There were some things in his mind,which were the method and skills of refining Agerasia Core.

"What a waste! I will not learn it if i knew early!"

With a wry smile, Ye Feng did not think that it would actually consume him so much experience values to learn how to refine Agerasia Core!

In particular, the effectiveness of Agerasia Core was very simple and could only be used for beauty. For him, it was really useless.

Now he almost had no experience values at all!

Damn it! He needed more experience!

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