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Chapter  22   Jealous


The Qingling Sword was slender and exquisite, and it exuded a glistening blue light throughout the body,which was extremely detached and extraordinary.


"Good sword."


Ye Feng said with emotion.


He did not intend to let Shennong Tripod swallow the Qingling Sword, instead he wanted to use it as weapon now.


After all, Shennong Tripod was a immortal Tool, it should not appear in front of everyone.


This Qingling Sword was very suitable and came from Elder Chen.Especially the power was very strong and suitable for him to use now.


"What A beautiful sword!."


Jiang Shui's eyes flashed brilliantly, obviously showed that she had a big interesting in it.


"I'm leaving!"


After Elder Chen saw Jiang Shui's expression ,he immediately ran away in case that Jiang Shui was going to pester him and asked him for another Qingling sword.


"Humph,he was really fast. I haven't spoken yet!"


Jiang Shui stamped her foot in anger.


"Yes, he's really paid a lot this time. Now tell me, why did you come to me?"


Ye Feng looked at Jiang Shui.


"Haha, I just caught a black cow,so i was looking for you to help me to roast beef."


Jiang Shui's eyes dazzled by desires, and her mouth even drooled out.


She missed the barbecue she had had last time with Ye Feng in the mountain. The taste had always been in her heart, so that she could not forget for a long time.


She had got the black bull such early, but Ye Feng had not returned before.That's why she went to the Factotum Service to find him for several times but never meet Ye Feng.


So this time when she heard that Ye Feng was back, she rushed over there immediately.


"No problem." Ye Feng smiled and promised.


He had spent a long time in Ministry of Justice so that he was also very hungry now.


"Then let's go."


Jiang Shui looked happy and led the way in front of Ye Feng.


The disciples outside the Ministry of Justice all opened the way for them.


After Jiang Shui and Ye Feng walked away, one of the disciple said in a whisper: "Ye Feng is really a lucky dog, even has the chance to make up to Leader's daughter!"


All the disciples had a look of envy.


The mountains were beautiful.Mist wreathed the hilltops.And there were Spiritual animals flying from time to time,which was really a wonderful scenery.


This was the first time Ye Feng entered the Luoyun Sect. In the past,he was not allowed to enter the Luoyun Sect as a factotum disciple,but only could move at the foot of the mountain.


He walked with Jiang Shui with talking and laughing on the road, which caused other disciples' sidelong glance.


"Who is that? How could he be so close to the Junior Sister? It seems that their relationship is extraordinary."


An outer disciple whispered not far away.


"It's Ye Feng! The waste!"


Another outer disciple exclaimed. He also spent time in the Factotum Service. At a glance, he recognized that the guy who was walking with Jiang Shui was the famous waste,Ye Feng!


"Ye Feng ... Ye Feng ... ...oh, I see, he is the waste who cultivate for three years but still in the realm of 1st Layer QI Condensation!"


The disciple who had just been questioned also remembered who he was.


The name of waste was still famous throughout the whole Sect. After all, Ye Feng was the only one who had cultivated for three years with 1st Layer QI condensation realm. In the entire history of the Sect, he was the first person!


All the disciples who had seen Ye Feng and Jiang Shui walk together stopped. They talked about them.


From now on, Ye Feng's name would destine to spread within the Sect again.


Been so close to the youngest daughter of the Sect Leader, Ye Feng was also the first person!


"Well, there are so many people are talking about you."


Jiang Shui smiled lightly beside Ye Feng. She heard the discussion of everyone and also learned the past about Ye Feng.


Her eyes widened and she looked very curiously at Ye Feng.


Ye Feng used to be a waste that had been cultivated for three years but still in the 1st Layer QI condensation realm,which really surprised her a lot.


She was in contact with Ye Feng in the depths of the mountain,and had seen that Ye Feng killed a group of wolves and also killed two outer disciples who were in the 5th Layer QI condensation realm for herself. His cultivation was too strong to imagine. He was not like the waste who was said in the population at all.


"Such the words,I had always heard. Do not need to mind."


Ye Feng said calmly.


"You're so nice. If i were you, I'll definitely tore their mouth."


Jiang Shui pretended to be fierce intentionally.


Ye Feng gently shook his head and said nothing.


He did think that for several times in his mind, but before he did not have the enough strength to do so.


While they were speaking, an exquisite palace appeared before them.


The palace was surrounded by small lakes and bamboo forests and looked very quiet and elegant.


"Haha, here we are!I'll ask someone to take the black bull here."


Jiang Shui said with a smile, and ordered a maid to bring the black cow.


Ye Feng looked for a bluestone to sit down.


It didn't take long for the two disciples to come up with a huge black cow.


"Hurry up!Ye Feng,my mouth is watering.It's all blame you for staying in the mountains for more than a month and haven't come back early."


Jiang Shui complained.


"Alright ,alright."


Ye Feng shook his head with smile and stepped forward to remove the black bull while he lignited the fire and then he put the burly Black bull on it.


Soon, the smell of barbecue filled up.


"Is that okay?"


With a watering mouth,Jiang Shui's small hand stretched to grab a piece of black bull to eat.


"Not yet."


Ye Feng knocked out Jiang Shui's small hand. Jiang Shui was really impatient.


"Awwww, it seems baked well!"


Jang Shui pouted her mouth lovely.


"Relax. It will be soon, don't worry. Haste makes waste."


Ye Feng said with a smile.


At this moment, some pedestrian walked in the distance.


"Junior Sister, what kind of good thing are you eating? There is a good thing without sharing with us. It really cost make me sad."


A white cloth woman chuckled.


The white woman was incomparable beautiful, her long black hair was silky smooth,and her skin was brighter than snow, her face was white and flawless,her eyes were crystal clear.


Behind her, there were four or five young boys and girls, each of whom were more superior in temperament than the ordinary.


"Yep! We always share the good thing with Junior Sister at the first time we had in the past. But Junior Sister don't even think about us when she has the good thing. It really made us sad."


Another girl dressed in blue cloth shook her head sadly and said.


The other boys and girls also looked at Jiang Shui with a smile.


"How could I forget Senior brothers and sisters? Come on,i will treat you with barbecue."


Jiang Shui said to them playfully.


Ye Feng also looked at them. When he saw the white cloth woman, his face changed suddenly and his eyes turned cold and chilly.


"It's her!"

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