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Chapter  21  Compensation


Elder Chen's face was full of fury. He never thought that he had almost wrongly killed an innocent man!


His eyes were cold and stared straight at Xiao Qing and said: "Evildoers! How dare you to lie again?!"


"I dare not!"


Xiao Qing shivered with cold sweat broke out on his face.


"Humph, are there anything you you dare not to do?"


Elder Chen was angry, he was really pissed off by Xiao Qing.Meanwhile, he also secretly hated himself that he did not know the truth, but he decided that Ye Feng was guilty.


"Elder Chen, as an elders of the Ministry of Justice,you must treat everyone fairly and could not wrong a good person."


White -hair old man ,Elder Luo said lightly.


"Well,it's time for me to leave."


Elder Luo gave a salute to Jiang Shui, and after a flash of light, he disappeared.


However, before he was leaving, he looked at Ye Feng with a smile.


"Humph, Elder Chen, you've wasted me a jade tally. You need to make compensation."


Jiang Shui smiled and looked at Elder Chen .




Jiang Shui was a clever and mischievous person. This time he got caught on the handle by her,he must need to pay a big price for it.With a wry smiled,Elder Chen thought.

"And, you not only need to compensate me, but also to compensate Ye Feng. If it wasn't me showed up suddenly, now Ye Feng must had been killed by you."


Jiang Shui's mouth was slightly tilted and her eyes were fluttering, she looked at Elder Chen with a bad smile.


"Yeah, I almost died. Elder Chen, you have to make good compensation for me."


Ye Feng also came with a light smile.




Elder Chen stared at Xiao Qing coldly as if he even wanted to eat him!


"It's all blame you!"


He yelled and was very angry at Xiao Qing, he had just nearly destroyed his entire life.


Xiao Qing was too scared of the atmosphere to even breathe. The cold sweat broke out on his back and his body couldn't stop shivering.


"Evildoers, for your own selfish desires, you forcibly stigmatized others and betrayed the rules.Now get out of here and face the wall and ponder about your misdeed for a month!"


Elder Chen's face turned livid with rage, and he directly ordered the disciple to take Xiao Qing away.


"And all of you,made false testimony, spoke lies, betrayed the rules....all of you are not allowed to participate the evaluation of the outer disciples this time!"


Elder Chen shouted and did not forget that the disciples outside also violated the rules,so he punished them.


In a flash, all the disciples' faces changed.


they would have to wait for another year If they could not take part in the evaluation of the outer disciplesthis time !


It was all Ye Feng's fault!


Many disciples gritted their teeth and angered Ye Feng.


"Well, Elder Chen, the punishment was completed. Now let's talk about the compensation for us."


Jiang Shui said with a smile, she never forgot to ask for compensation for this incident.


"Me too."


Ye Feng also looked at Elder Chen with a smile on his face.


"You guys... it's true that I did wrong this time.All right, what kind of compensation do you want?"


"Not so much. I heard that last time you got a gift called Qi Bao Spiritual Core because of your merits. Then send it to me as compensation."


Jiang Shui looked like harmless, but she really demanded an exorbitant price.




Elder Chen's face changed greatly, and he directly refused.


Qi Bao Spiritual Core, this was a 3rd grade Spiritual Core!Around the whole world, there were only a few.


This was because he had made a great deal of success for Sect after he escaped from death.


He was never willing to use it. And now it was noticed by Jiang Shui.


" Elder Chen, my jade tally was given to me by Grandpa Luo to save my life. In total,I only have three pieces. And then i used one of them because you , such a precious jade tally, shouldn't you use Qi Bao Spiritual Core to compensate me?"


Jiang Shui looked angry.


Hesitated for a long time. Finally,Elder Chen gnashed his teeth and said in pain: "Okay, this time I nearly killed the good guy. I will send Qi Bao Spiritual Core to you as compensation!"


He moved his mind while the colorful rays of light burst in his hands, then a sleek, smooth Spiritual Core appeared in his hands.


Jiang Shui eyes lit up, she directly rushed up and grabbed the Qi Bao Spiritual Core.


"This just rightness..."


Jiang Shui smiled lovely with two small tiger teeth shining in her mouth.


Elder Chen Chang sighed, the Qi Bao Spiritual Core that he was not willing to use was just sent out like this, which really made him feel bad.


"Elder Chen, and mine?"


Ye Feng smiled at Chen Elder and looked forward to compensation from Elder Chen .


"You...what else would you like ! I just have one Qi Bao Spiritual Core!"


Elder Chen was angry and said.


"I was almost killed by you. If you don't give me some compensation, it make no sense."


Ye Feng said innocently.


"Yeah, Elder Chen you must compensate Ye Feng."


Jiang Shui also urged him to make compensation to Ye Feng .


Elder Chen smiled and said: "I really only have one Qi Bao Spiritual Core."


"Then give me a high grade Magic Tool." Ye Feng said faintly.


"How dare you to ask for it!"


Elder Chen was almost pissed off to jump.


The high grade Magic Tool was too expensive, even if he was the Elder of the Ministry of Justice, but only had one.


"i can give it to you!"


Elder Chen directly rejected Ye Feng.


Jiang Shui also looked at Ye Feng in a weird.


"Ye Feng, you are a bit too much. The value of high grade Magic Tool is much more valuable than the value of Qi Bao Spiritual Core."


Jiang Shui eyes widened and whispered next to Ye Feng.


"Then it's okay of mid-grade Magic Tool." Ye Feng said lightly.


"No mid-grade Magic Tool!"


Elder Chen said fiercely.


"Elder Chen , it seems that you are not so sincere. You give Jiang Shui a Qi Bao Spiritual Core as the compensation,but for me, not even give a mid-grade Magic Tool."


Ye Feng said with dissatisfaction.


Elder Chen's face fill with painful, he did has several mid-grade Magic Tools,but it was also very precious, he really did not want to give it to Ye Feng.


Jiang Shui murmured on the side, and said: "Elder Chen, you don't give the high grade Magic Tool , but you have to take one of the mid-grade Magic Tools to Ye Feng."




Elder Chen, with a look of pain, said in the end distressedly, "Fine!"


After that, he waved his hand and a blue light sword appeared in his hand, and then he handed it to Ye Feng.


"This is mid-grade Magic Tool, Qingling Sword, for you."


Ye Feng smiled and took over the Qingling Sword with a look of excitement.

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