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Chapter  20  The Truth





Elder Chen was furious. He did not expect that Jiang Shui would have maintained Ye Feng in such a way as to obstruct him from implementing the rules.


Outside the hall, all the disciples were talking about it.


"How could Ye Feng know the daughter of Sect Leader?"


"And I think relationship between them must be very unusual..."


Some disciples have changed their minds to Ye Feng. Even some of them have shaken their hearts and wanted to tell the truth.


Senior Brother Wu looked at Ye Feng,and his eyes showed a strange glory.


Jiang Shui was the most loved daughter of Sect Leader. Her position was extremely respectful. Even the elders' chief disciples were incomparable to her.


He really could not figure out that why she would maintain Ye Feng so much!


Meanwhile,Xiao Qing's face was in a ghastly expression, because he was a little scared in his heart.


He knew the truth! Xiao Yun was going to kill Ye Feng, but he lost it because he was not as skilled as others.


Everything had been going very smoothly. His master had already decided to punish Ye Feng by Thunder penalty.


But he had never thought that the Junior Sister,Jiang Shui actually appeared, and the relationship between her with Ye Feng was very unusual.


Instantly his heart filled with infinite fear.


"For your position, you must make no exception!"


Xiao Qing gnashed his teeth and said.


It was his younger brother who was killed, he really couldn't let go of Ye Feng. Even if the Junior Sister was here and maintained for him, he would also try to kill Ye Feng.


"Relax, I am an elder of the Ministry of Justice and i will absolutely deal with justice and not let go of a villain!"


The eldest Master, Elder Chen said.


Jiang Shui kept a long face. She looked at Elder Chen and said coldly: "Elder Chen, he is my savior, and no one can touch him today!"


"Ridiculous, Jiang Shui, you are so ridiculous!"


Elder Chen's face turned livid with rage and even his eyebrows stood on the end.


"There is a Magic Tool of tracing back the time in the Sect. If you use that,It will be clearly that whether i have guilty or not."


Ye Feng looked calm and stood up.


"Easy for you to say. The Magic Tool of tracing back the time is one of the most important treasure in the Sect. We will not use such a treasure just for a factotum disciple like you."


Elder Chen was furious. There were so many of disciples had proved that Xiao Yun was attacked by Ye Feng first. By now, Ye Feng was still quizzing, which really made him furious.


"It seems that i should call my Grandpa Luo to come."


Jiang Shui took out a jade tally from her cloth and gently pinched it. The jade tally instantly cracked and burst into a ray of light, then flied toward the distance.


Elder Chen's face changed greatly,Grandpa Luo was a very high lord elder in Sect whose status was incomparable.




A light suddenly shined, and a white-haired old man came out from this light.


"What happened? Jiang Shui."


The white-haired old man looked at Jiang Shui and asked eagerly.


"Grandpa Luo, you finally came, there is someone bullied me!"


Jiang Shui acted cute while she ran to the white-haired old man, and she grabbed the old man's arm very naturally .


The white-haired old man looked around and then relaxed.


This was the Ministry of Justice of the Luoyun Sect. It was sure that Jiang Shui would have no accidents there.


He looked at Jiang Shui with a kind face and said, "My little girl, who dared to bully you."




Jiang Shui pouted her mouth, and fingered at Elder Chen.


"Oh?What happened?"


The white-haired old man looked at Elder Chen and asked with a smile.


"Luo...Lord Elder, someone had betrayed the rules and I was going to punish him. However,Jiang Shui keep stopping me..."


The Elder Chen said with a smile.


"I see, It is you who are really wrong this time. Jiang Shui, how can you stop Elder Chen ?"


The white-haired old man frowned slightly, and pretended to be angry.


"Grandpa Luo, he is a good man, and it's Elder Chen who wants to kill my savior."


Jiang Shui said with dissatisfaction.


"Is that the man who saved you last time in the mountains?"


The old white-haired man came in with interest and asked.


"Yes, Grandpa Luo, he is a good man. He will never betrayed the rules. He must be framed!"


"Who is that?" asked the old white-haired man.


"Your highness,Lord Elder."


Ye Feng stood up and said hello to the white-haired old man.


The white-haired man looked up and down Ye Feng, and then said: "Not bad."


"Elder Luo, this is not the truth. This man really betrayed the rule.He killed an outer disciple with his own hands in front of many people, !"


Elder Chen said with hatred.


"It was he who wanted to kill me. As a result, he lost and killed by me."


Ye Feng said calmly.


Everything he said was true, so he was full of confidence.


"Elder Chen, are you misunderstood by someone? I don't think he is kind of guy like this."


The white-haired old man took a deep look at Elder Chen .


"Elder Luo, Ye Feng is a liar, do not believe him!"


Xiao Qing said anxiously.


"This is not a place where you can speak!"


White-haired old man looked at Xiao Qing lightly.


There was cold sweat broke out on Xiao Qing's face and he dare not to speak again.


"The evidence is certain. The disciples outside the gate can testify that Ye Feng first attacked Xiao Yun, and then cruelly killed him."


Elder Chen said.


"Do You have a detailed and in-depth understanding?"


The white-haired old man asked.


"This ... ... there are so many people can testify, it should not be fake."


"Fool! If this is a fake, then you will kill a good disciple!"


The white-haired old man was cold.


"I can prove that Ye Feng will never be such a person."


Jiang Shui stood out resolutely.


"Elder Chen, you are Elder in the Ministry of Justice. Everything should judged by the truth, not the words."


The white-haired old man said lightly.


"There is a Magic Tool of tracing the time in the Sect. You can use it to find out the truth!"


Ye Feng said.


"Don't need that. Let me reproduce the scene at that time."


The old white-haired man was indifferent and waved his hand.Then a bright light glow appeared over the body of Ye Feng.


Above the top of Ye Feng's head, a faint scene appeared.


It was the scene that Ye Feng just met Xiao Yun!


Ye Feng was alert, the old man with white hair was really scared. Just by his own strength, he could reshape the scene.


At the same time, there was a slight worry in his heart.


If the white-haired old man knews that he has the strongest system, what could he do? !


The scene passed across the scene and reproduced one by one.All the people could see it very clearly.


"Damn it! I Almost killed a good people!"


Elder Chen was furious.


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