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Chapter  19  Saviour


"He is my saviour."


Jiang Shui kept a straight face. She went to the factotum service and looked for Ye Feng. As a result, she had heard that Ye Feng was taken away by the person of the Ministry of Justice, so she rushed over here.


"Saviour?! Jiang Shui, stop messing around. I would like to satisfy you for anything. But this time it is different. He had made a big mistake and must be punished.


The face of Elder Chen in the Ministry of Justice was solemn as a mask.


Jiang Shui used to be naughty, but he didn't mind too much about it. After all, Jiang Shui was the most loved daughter of the Sect leader.


Moreover, he also liked Jiang Shui.


But this time was not as usual. It was a very serious matter about the rules and disciplines of Luoyun Sect!


"He saved my life!And of course he is my saviour."


Jiang Shui pouted in a look of unhappy.


"Shut up! This man has killed an outer disciple in front of so many disciples. He ignored the rules,which couldn't be forgiven. He must be punished in a thunder penalty!"


The Elder Chen's face turned livid with rage. He did not believe what Jiang Shuishui said at all.


How could a factotum disciple be the savior of the daughter of Sect leader? !


Jiang Shui's face has changed greatly. Thunder penalty was the most cruel punishment in Luoyun Sect. Only the one was of the most heinous guilt will be punished by the thunder penalty!


"What happened?Ye Feng?"


Jiang Shui turned to look at Ye Feng and asked with concern.


She had contact with Ye Feng and she really could not believe that Ye Feng was the kind of random killer.


As soon as Ye Feng saw the arrival of Jiang Shui, he felt assured immedietly.


He knew the identity of Jiang Shui, she was the daughter of Luoyun Sect that had won the favor of the leader.


There was her here, he believed that he would certainly be cleared.


"Someone wanted to kill me. As a result, he was not able to kill me but killed by me. Now they all said indiscriminately that i attacked and killed him initiatively."


Ye Feng explained to Jiang Shui briefly.




Jiang Shui was furious!


No mentioned that he had saved her life before, even if she did not knew him, she would not be able to let a good person be killed.


"Elder Chen, what is going on!"


Jiang Shui asked with a long face.


"You are just a little girl and didn't know the whole thing.It's not the thing that you could ask. By the way,I'm an elder in Ministry of Justice and have been law enforcement for many years,i would not wrong the good people."


After saying that, The Elder Chen looked at Ye Feng coldly: "You are too sinful to forgive, even if you are someone of the leader,i will not let you go today!"


"Junior Sister, you must not be enchanted by this person.There are so many disciples have seen that this guy had despicably attacked Xiao Qing and then brutally killed him. It is true!"


Xiao Qing said with grief.


Xiao Yun was his younger brother. He would never forgive him!


"Junior Sister, Ye Feng has seriously betrayed the rules. The evidence is conclusive, he must be punished with penalty."


Senior Brother Wu said righteously.


"Anyone, bring him to the Execution Squads!"


Elder Chen sneered and asked the disciple of the Ministry of Justice to take Ye Feng away.


Two disciple quickly shot their hands, and the four hands were like iron pliers and clung to Ye Feng's arms tightly.


"Hurry up!"


they said impatiently.


"I'm innocent!"


Ye Feng shouted as his eays emerged divine light.Then power of his Eucharist operated,he immediately got rid of them.


"Elder Chen, there is a Magic Tool of tracing back the time. If you use that,everything will be clearly."


Ye Feng said with chilly eyes.


"Shut up! Elder Chen knows that what to do,don't need you to teach him!"


Xiao Qing shouted with a flash of cruel in his eyes, his body risen a layer of light curtains and suddenly slammed to Ye Feng.


He knew the truth so that he was absolutely not let Elder Chen to use the Magic Tool. Otherwise, all the truth would be exposed.


So, he fiercely shot to Ye Feng to take the opportunity of ending his life here!


"Who the hell do you think you are? Fuck off!"


Ye Feng sneered and said to him rudely.


It was all about Xiao Yun that he "placed obstacles in the way", or Elder Chan would not  set his guilt like this.




Ye Feng bent over and bows and blasted Dragon Style fiercely to Xiao Qing!


With a thud, Xiao Qing was directly hit to fly out, and his mouth was spurted with blood.


He was too confidence that he did even not put Ye Feng in his eyes,so that he suffered a big loss!


"Dragon Style!"


The Elder Chen gazed at him, and he recognized what kind of boxing method Ye Feng had displayed just at a glance.


Dragon Style was the lowest level of boxing method inLuoyun Sect that everyone could learn it.


But he has never seen anyone who could play it into such a realm!


Even some elders with a very high realm of cultivation could not make it!


This moment, his view about Ye Feng has changed.


Maybe he was a buried genius?


"You are looking for death! I must kill you today!"


Xiao Qing looked crazy, he actually suffered a big loss in the hands of a factotum disciple in front of so many people?It was too embarrassing!


"You try again!"


Jiang Shui said coldly, she went to Ye Feng and stared at Xiao Qing.


She was very angry that Xiao Qing actually dare to shot Ye Feng in the face of her!


With a bang, Xiao Qing's attack stopped.


The girl in front of him was not someone else, but the most loved daughter of Sect leader!


"Junior Sister, this guy killed my younger brother and seriously betrayed the rules, he muse to be punished!"


Xiao Qing's face became pale with anger.


"What's the bullshit are you talking about? I believe Ye Feng, he is my savior, and no one could touch Ye Feng today!"


Although Jiang Shui was a little girl, however, she spoke with extremely tough attitude,which was just like the old saying said:Heroine is as breave as a hero.


"Elder Chen......!"


After Xiao Qing saw that Jiang Shui sticked up for Ye Feng, his face turned blue.


He looked to Elder Chen, and hoped that Elder Chen could say something for him.


"Perhaps you are genius, but you should never killed the outer disciple! Today you must be punished by the thunder penalty to show the rules!"


The Elder Chen stared at Ye Feng and said coldly.


"Jiang Shui, go away, don't stop me from implementing the rules!"


He always hate evil as his enemy. So even if Jiang Shui was the daughter of the Sect leader, he would not give up his principles.


"No, if you want to punish Ye Feng, then you punish me as well!"


Jiang Shui was adamant and stood in front of Ye Feng.

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