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Ye Feng's heart beat sped up. The young man in black gave him a special feeling; the man must be very formidable.


"He is one of the three generals under King Yu! He is General Killing - Ning Kun!"


"He is extremely cruel and doesn't care others' lives. We'd better leave here now."


All cultivators withdrew when they saw Ning Kun. He was utterly strong and ferocious. If they still stayed here, they might be involved in the dispute between Ning Kun and Ye Feng and lose their lives.


Soon, here were only four people.


Jiang Shui and Feng Qing came to Ye Feng and gazed at Ning Kun in a serious face.


"Who is he?" Jiang Shui frowned.


When Ning Kun turned up, cultivators around her ran away at once due to fear. Therefore, he must be an uncommon man.


"My sister has warned me not to provoke Ning Kun." Feng Qing replied in a low voice.


"He is excessively malevolent and boasts high-level cultivation strength. He killed many talented cultivators who have marks. Nobody can flee away from him as long as the one becomes his target."


"Are you sure?" Jiang Shui screamed and got a little flustered.


"Yes. My sister told me he has reached 6th Layer Ruwei Realm." Feng Qing also fell into panic. In terms of his high cultivation level, Ning Kun could easily defeat them.


"Stay calm. We can't frighten ourselves!" Ye Feng reminded Jiang Shui and Feng Qing.


Jiang Shui and Feng Qing were terrified inwardly. If they fought against Ning Kun with such a passive attitude, they must lose to him!


"You're the first one who heard my name to keep composure!" Ning Kun said in a cold sound.


"Will Lin Xi be scared after hearing your name?" Ye Feng laughed grimly.


"You!" Ning Kun froze his face.


Although he was vigorous and conceited, he really respected King Phoenix Lin Xi. He had no resistant thought before her.


He had ever witnessed Lin Xi battling with others in a long distance. From then on, he remembered her image firmly.


How horrible that fight was!


Three kings on the Spiritual Road had attacked Lin Xi together. However, all had been killed by her with mere one potent assault.


"I got it. Lin Xi won't be scared by hearing your name, but you will." Ye Feng jeered.


In the meantime, he sighed in his heart. Lin Xi had risen indeed. Even Ning Kun, code-named General Killing, was fearful of her.


"You won't get benefits from your words. You will die faster if you infuriate me." Ning Kun released homicidal intent. His eyes were full of chillness, easy to make people tremble with fear.


"Ning Kun…You know my sister loves me very much. If you attack us, my sister won't forgive you!" Feng Qing gritted her teeth.


"Your sister? I think she will disappear from the Spiritual Road soon." Ning Kun let out a cold smile.


"What? What happened to my sister?" Feng Qing hugely changed her expression.


"Feng Ya is too stupid! She actively jumped into the trap set up by King Yu. She may be going to die now."


"You!" Feng Qing got anxious immediately. She was clear that Feng Ya had fallen into the trap because of her.


"After solving you, I'll go back and see Feng Ya being killed." Ning Kun let out a loud laugh.


"You leave here now! I'll stop him!" Ye Feng said with a dignified expression.


Ning Kun was so strong that they three were impossible to triumph over him. If no one ceased his steps, they even had no chance to run away.

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