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Zhao Kuan opened his wings, dazzling silver light bursting out. Immediately, he gave off intensely terrifying energy.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


With the roaring echoing in the vacant space, Zhao Kuan rushed to Ye Feng, fast like a beam of light.


Ye Feng again drew the longbow and released a blue light arrow to Zhao Kuan.




Zhao Kuan swept all before him; when the arrow hit him, it smashed into pieces directly.


"Your arrow is too weak to kill me!" Zhao Kuan jeered and strengthened his energy. He launched an attack to Ye Feng, horrific like the falling stone.


"How about this one?" Ye Feng sneered and quickly operated the Divine Roc. Then, an arrow, bringing extremely bloodcurdling energy, popped up on the longbow.


This arrow was created by the Divine Roc, enjoying unimaginable strong energy!




As the arrow was shot out, even the sky quivered. The divine image of roc turned up and flew to Zhao Kuan with overwhelming energy.


"Impossible!" Zhao Kuan exclaimed, his eyes full of shock.


This arrow was so formidable that he couldn't hold back his fear.


Without any hesitance, he turned round at once and wanted to avoid the arrow.


However, the arrow was fast like lightning. He was unable to give the slip to the assault and the arrow straight penetrated into his body.




Zhao Kuan spat out lots of blood when a horrible big hole appeared on his chest. Then, he fell down from the sky and the dust was raised.


"I can't accept the result!" Zhao Kuan opened his eyes very wide and died.


His mark then blended in Ye Feng's forehead.


"Is this mark?" Ye Feng whispered. When the mark entered his forehead, a strange feeling struck him; he couldn't describe that feeling.


"Why is he so strong? He killed Zhao Kuan just via an arrow!" People around Ye Feng gazed at him in astonishment.


Ye Feng had showed his potent fighting strength just now, which made them lose all rebellious thoughts due to amazement.


"I'm also mighty!" Feng Qing's face was filled up with excitement. She overcame her horror and gave full play to her strength, killing many enemies.


Jiang Shui performed better. With the sparkling Five-Color Fan, she seemed like Marcia; nobody could parry her raids.


"They really make great progress…" Ye Feng sighed with emotion and was satisfied with Jiang Shui and Feng Qing's performance.


Here was the Spiritual Road! No mercy should be allowed; otherwise, they would lose their lives here.


Suddenly, a strange feeling hit Ye Feng, like him becoming the target of a murderous serpent.


Without any hesitance, he moved instantly.




At this moment, the place Ye Feng had stood on just now exploded in a sudden. The enormous energy fluctuation spread and a deep hole emerged!


Ye Feng darkened his face. If he moved a little slowly just now, he would die.


"You killed Wang Hu, right?" A young man in black walked out of a corner and gave a cold glance to Ye Feng.

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