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"No! Ye Feng…" Jiang Shui got anxious for she didn't want to leave him alone.


"We have no choice. Just do as I said. Otherwise, all we'll die here!" Ye Feng lowered his voice.


"Go!" With a roaring, brilliant splendor curled around Ye Feng. He launched the Tiger Fist to Ning Kun.


"No! I want to stay here and help you…" Feng Qing's eyes were full of tears. Ning Kun was formidable and cruel. Ye Feng would lose his life if he persisted in stopping him!


Jiang Shui also wanted to cry, but she forced herself to hold back tears and grab Feng Qing to run away.


"We can't let him die in vain! We must be alive and revenge him later! By the way, I don't believe Ye Feng will be killed by Ning Kun." Jiang Shui put on a firm expression, because she knew if they stayed here, they would hinder Ye Feng!


"Brother Ye!" Feng Qing cried out, extremely sad.


She couldn't bear these blows! Ye Feng stood before them to parry strong Ning Kun; her sister fell into King Yu's trap, life and death unknown.


"I must be stronger!" Sorrow disappeared from Feng Qing's face gradually. Soon, unswerving determination emerged on her face.


"All right!"


Jiang Shui and Feng Qing moved quickly for over 10 kilometers. Although they couldn't see Ye Feng and Ning Kun already, they didn't dare to stop!




As splendor blew up, many deep holes appeared on the ground. Ye Feng's clothes were broken and hair was messy, looking in a difficult position.


"Fuck off!" Ning Kun exclaimed for releasing his fury.


He couldn't predict that he would be ceased by Ye Feng, allowing Feng Qing to flee away from him.


"Now they are far away." Ye Feng murmured. His face became pale and then he spat out blood.


Ning Kun was much stronger than him, so he couldn't continue to hinder Ning Kun any more.


"Go to hell!" Rage nearly came out of Ning Kun's eyes. Nobody could escape from him before, but now, Ye Feng destroyed the record! Feng Qing got away successfully!




Ning Kun carried out an attack in fury and his body sparkled. Then he rushed to Ye Feng with potent energy fluctuation.


This attack was very terrifying due to its whopping energy. If Ye Feng was hit, he might die immediately.


"They should be safe now! It's time to leave here!" Ye Feng ran away decisively when he saw the assault released by Ning Kun.


He sped up to avoid this raid and drew the longbow to shoot out an arrow to Ning Kun.




Ning Kun waved his hands and the blue light arrow moving towards him was smashed. According to this chance, Ye Feng got away from Ning Kun for more than 100 meters.


"You're impossible to flee away! I must kill you!" Ning Kun said in a cold voice and then chased after Ye Feng.


He was General Killing! Before today, no one succeeded in running away from his hands. But today, Feng Qing was successful, so he didn't allow the same incident to happen again!

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