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"Kill him! Nobody can loot the mark except us!" The two teams showed intensely homicidal intent to Ye Feng.


Although they had not been recognized by the Spiritual Road, they were not common cultivators; otherwise, they would not be allowed to enter the Spiritual Road and compete with those real talented cultivators.




A young man, whose hair was silver, put on a serious expression. As the sliver light gleamed around his body, two light wings appeared behind his back.


This must be an utterly formidable magic skill! Owing to the light wings, the young man owned thrilling speed!


With the speed faster than people's imagination, he got very close to Ye Feng directly.


"Go to hell!" The young man froze his eyes. His wings sparkled with silver light and straight cut to Ye Feng like a sharp long knife.


"It's Zhao Kuan!" Other people around the young man and Ye Feng got surprised, because the young man was not ordinary.


As wings shimmered, Zhao Kuan cast a cold glance on Ye Feng, like staring at a dead man. No one could survive from his attacks!


"You're so naive!" Ye Feng sneered. With the tiger roaring, he parried the wings with his fist.




The splendor scattered and several feathers dropped down from the wings.


Zhao Kuan retreated for several meters so as to keep a distance from Ye Feng. Then, he threw out a dignified glance to Ye Feng.


His speed was fast as lightning, which was his unique skill to kill opponents.


However, he didn't think that Ye Feng would respond so quickly! Ye Feng was not only clear about his speed, but also could break his assaults.


"Who is the youth? He can survive from Zhao Kuan's raid and beat Zhao Kuan back!"


"Zhao Kuan was well-known with this attack! He had ever killed a cultivator and robbed his mark via the attack!"


All people here got slack-jawed and gazed at Ye Feng; they even couldn't believe this result!


After all, Zhao Kuan was not a usual cultivator; he had ever deprived a man having the mark of life!


"You're strong indeed. But if you continue to stop my steps to loot the mark, I'll kill you!"


Zhao Kuan cooled down his eyes and a slight mark popped up on his forehead; this mark was his spoil!


He was excessively arrogant. The cultivators who had been recognized by the Spiritual Road were prey for him.


"Have a try." Ye Feng kept his composure and put his hands behind; he didn't care about these people at all.


"Pay for the conceit with your life!" Zhao Kuan gave an aloof glimpse to Ye Feng and turned round to his partners, "I'm gonna deal with him and you loot the mark."


"Okay!" People behind him generated their energy, moved towards another direction and prepared for launching raids to Feng Qing.


"I said you'd better stop." Ye Feng warned coldly.


He bent his body and a longbow appeared in his hand. With a sonorous sound, the blue light arrow was shot out to people rushing to Feng Qing, causing an explosion in which many people lost their lives.


The longbow was much stronger in Ye Feng's hands than in his original owner.


"Fuck you!" Zhao Kuan gritted his teeth, his face full of fury.


As a mighty cultivator who had ever killed a talented person enjoying the mark, he couldn't stand that Ye Feng had murdered his partners before him! Damn the guy!

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