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"It's good for you. Later, if you confront danger again, you can protect yourselves." Ye Feng explained in a low voice.


The rules of the Spiritual Road were cruel. There was no mercy for anyone. Lacking ability to protect themselves, Jiang Shui and Feng Qing would be eliminated soon if they only depended on him.


"Okay!" Jiang Shui agreed firmly.


She was clear about her duty. Luoyun Sect was threatened by growing crisis. Only by entering Saint School, could she solve the danger facing the sect.


"My sister said same words to me…" Feng Qing pouted.


Her sister Feng Ya required her to fight by herself all the time, but Feng Ya was not resolute enough. Every time when she was going to suffer injuries, Feng Ya would help her.


"I won't help you unless you meet mortal danger. You can only rely on yourselves." Ye Feng warned them.


After these words, over 10 young men walked out of the forest of the other side. When they noticed Feng Qing's mark, they got excited at once.


"Kill her and rob her mark." A young man, whose face was full of scars, gave the order.


All of them were not recognized by the Spiritual Road. Only by looting the mark of people like Feng Qing, could they pass the test set up by the Spiritual Road and joined Saint School.


This was the only hope for them to enter Saint School!


"Five-Color Fan!" Jiang Shui'e eyes were filled up with unswerving determination. Without any hesitance, she summoned the Five-Color Fan and the five-color huge wind appeared, rushing to these young men.


"Fuck off! You're not our goal." The leading young man (the one whose face was full of scars) roared, and a red spear popped up in his hands. He launched a raid to Feng Qing directly.


"You, fuck off!" Jiang Shui snorted coldly. With the gleaming Five-Color Fan, she released many horrible attacks to the leading young man.


At this moment, other young men also joined the battle and carried out violent assaults to Jiang Shui.


Behind Jiang Shui was panic Feng Qing; in fact, she was not ready for the fight, so she didn't launch a raid.


"Haha! We find out another person having the mark!" Another team emerged in a sudden. When they saw Feng Qing's mark, they became mad-brained immediately.


Quickly, they moved together and surrounded Feng Qing.


"You…Don't get close to me!" Feng Qing trembled and tears rolled in her eyes. She was too scared to generate any thought of resistance.


"Feng Qing!" Jiang Shui got into anxiety when she observed Feng Qing being besieged by those people.


She used the fan to make a young man fly out and ran to Feng Qing.


Suddenly, the leading young man seized the chance and raised the spear, stabbing Jiang Shui. As the blood sprayed, her arm was hurt heavily.


"Sister Shui!" Feng Qing's big eyes became red. At this moment, she overcame her terror. With the brilliant light shimmering on her body, she gave off mighty energy, even stronger than Jiang Shui.


"Do you want to save her? Haha! Take care of yourself first!" People who surrounded Feng Qing let out loud laughs. They put their magic skills into practice, which were rushing to Jiang Shui like the billowy waves.


"You…Fuck off!" Feng Qing exclaimed. As her palm sparkled, a thunder burst out and straight broke a man into two parts.

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