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Ye Feng picked up the Gold Sheep and moved quickly as wind. Soon, he appeared before Jiang Shui and Feng Qing.


"Lamb!" Light shimmered in Jiang Shui's eyes, and the trace of translucent saliva emerged at her mouth corner.


"Is it really tasty?" Feng Qing peered at Jiang Shui in confusion.


"You'll know its taste soon." Jiang Shui replied with a smile.


Ye Feng skinned the Gold Sheep and washed the lamb clearly. He then lighted a fire and put the lamb on a grate for barbecue.


Quickly, the tempting smell of roasted lamb spread over the forest. Jiang Shui felt more saliva in her mouth.


"Wait for a moment! It has not been done yet." Ye Feng laughed and warded off Jiang Shui's hand to the lamb.


In an area of the forest, beside the bareheaded young man appeared a youth, who released potent energy.


He wore black clothes and froze his eyes; around his waist hung a dagger. He seemed to be strong and vengeful.


"Wang Hu sent us a message, saying they found Feng Qing. But they are dead here now…" The youth in black stopped for a short while and continued in a cold voice, "I'm sure Feng Qing is unable to kill them. There is someone saving her and taking her away."


"The one must stay in the surrounding place." As a beam of splendor lighted up, the youth disappeared. It seemed that he had never come here.


At the moment of him leaving here, a red mark gleamed on his forehead. This was an outstanding talented cultivator!


As smoke curled up and barbecue flavor pervaded in the area, the roasted Gold Sheep was completed. Ye Feng, Jiang Shui and Feng Qing, all grabbed the big meat and chewed it with a pleased expression.


"Wow! It's awesome! I can't believe the roasted lamb will be delicious like this!" Feng Qing ate fast. She didn't care her mouth was covered by oil; she just kept putting the meat into her mouth.


"Slowly. There is enough meat for you." Ye Feng smiled, tore the meat from lamb leg and handed it to Feng Qing.


In a sudden, Ye Feng frowned, because he felt someone getting close to them.


"They may be attracted by the smell of roasted lamb." Ye Feng darkened his face. On the Spiritual Road, almost everyone was each other's enemy. Once their location was exposed, they might be besieged by others.


"So many people are coming here!" Jiang Shui also blackened her face. She stood up and looked around constantly.


"Sister Shui…" Feng Qing hid herself behind Jiang Shui at once, because she was really terrified.


"Alas! You have entered the Ruwei Realm but you are too timid…" Ye Feng didn't know what he should say to Feng Qing. In terms of only cultivation level, Feng Qing was higher than him. However, she really lacked courage.


"The enemy this time is yours. I won't lend a hand." Said Ye Feng.


Jiang Shui and Feng Qing were all in the Ruwei Realm. If their actual combat capability was improved, they would be unrivaled in the future!


"Ah? No! Brother Ye!" Feng Qing replied with a wry smile.

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