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"How powerful her strength is!" Astonishment struck people around Feng Qing. They never predicted that about 10-year-old Feng Qing would boast such horrible strength.


"Feng Qing should have an uncommon background…" Ye Feng murmured. The thunder released by Feng Qing gave off dreadful energy fluctuation. It must be a formidable high-grade magic skill.


No magic skill of Luoyun Sect could compete with her skill! It was no doubt that the power behind Feng Qing was much powerful than Luoyun Sect!


"No matter how strong she is, she is just a little girl. We can kill her as long as we launch raids together!" Homicidal light was shot out of those people's eyes. With the sparkling magic tools, they carried out assaults to Feng Qing simultaneously.


In the other side, Jiang Shui was in a bad condition. Her right arm was covered by blood, her face was pale and her energy fell into a decline. The only thing she did was to parry the leading young man and his partners' attacks passively.


"Jiang Shui! Calm down! Don't be panic! You have no problem to defeat them with your strength!" Ye Feng whooped and a trace of pain flashed in his eyes.


But he didn't lend a hand, because he was clear that his help would hurt Jiang Shui in the future. It was impossible for him to protect Jiang Shui all the time. It was best for Jiang Shui that she became mighty and was capable of protecting herself.


"Okay!" Jiang Shui replied in a loud voice and her eyes became brighter than before. At this moment, all her fears vanished; the only view left was to kill all people before her!




With the sharp Five-Color Fan and her flexible movements, Jiang Shui directly cut a young man's head.


The head dropped down and blood sprayed Jiang Shui, completely incarnadining her clothes.


But she didn't frown; she just continued her assaults to other people.


No mercy could be found on her face, because she knew if she didn't behave like that, then she would be killed by them.




In the other side, Feng Qing was bathed in light, such as a fairy. Unswerving will replaced the childishness on her face.


She was stimulated by Jiang Shui's injuries for saving her. She swore inwardly that she must improve her strength because she didn't want people loving her to be hurt for helping her.




Thanks to her extremely strong magic skill, the terrifying thunder split her enemies into two parts.


At this time, another two teams came here. When they noticed the mark of Jiang Shui, they got excited immediately.


"Kill her and rob her mark!"


The two teams burst out roaring and straight launched attacks to Feng Qing.


"You…Stop…" Ye Feng warned in an indifferent voice; he appeared before the two teams and ceased their steps.


He was clear that the fighting capability of Jiang Shui and Feng Qing reached their limits. If the two teams joined the battle, Jiang Shui and Feng Qing would be overcome soon.


"Fuck off! Do you want to stop us by just yourself? Are you playing with fire?" The two teams let out laughs.


In their opinions, Ye Feng was also a common cultivator like them because he didn't have mark. Therefore, they didn't pay much attention to him.

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