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Chapter  18   Conviction



"Justice naturally inhabits a man's heart."


Ye Feng looked calm and waited quietly in the hall of Ministry of Justice .


Xiao Qing was with a blue face. He knew the truth. Xiao Yun wanted to kill Ye Feng but finally he was killed by Ye Feng.


But he absolutely would not come out of this truth.


He wanted him to die!


Pay for the death of his brother!


At the same time, he sneered in his heart.


The factotum disciples on the outside all determined to say that was Ye Feng who attacked first, and the Elder of the Ministry of Justice was also his master and also very cared for him in the daily.


He believes that even if Ye Feng came out with the truth, no one wouldl believe him. His Master would convict Ye Feng and kill Ye Feng.


Ye Feng stood aside calmly and closed his eyes to have a rest.


Suddenly, his eyes opened with the light flashed in both eyes.


The Elders of the Ministry of Justice came out from the inner door.


"Master, finally, here you are! Please help me!"


Once Xiao Qing saw the Elder,He was very agitated, and knelt under the Elder and looked very sad.


"I have already knew what happened."


The Elder looked at Xiao Qing with care.


Then the expression on his face began to get colder and colder. He stared at Ye Feng sharply and shouted, "Kneel!"


There was a strong threaten imposing came from his body. Even the disciple who was looking outside could feel that and their body twitched unconsciously.


This was the imposing that can only be formed when you stayed in power for a long time. It has nothing related to cultivation.


In particular, he managed penalties all the year round. Invisibly, his imposing was stronger than others, which made people feel scary unconsciously.


Ye Feng looked dignified, he knew the threat of this imposing better than anyone else,because he was totally in the center of this imposing!


There was a cold sweat broke out on his cheeks, his body was bent unconsciously, and he was even forced to down the ground with oppression!


"I am innocent!"


Ye Feng yelled, his flexed body suddenly stood straight. His eyes were full of chastity and fearlessness.




"Shut up!"


Senior Brother Wu and Xiao Qing shouted together respectively.


" Killing the outer disciple openly,how dare you say that you are innocent?!"


The Elder shouted also.


"It was he who wanted to kill me at the beginning. I am not wrong!"


Ye Feng stood straight and his voice came across the hall.


"Excuses! If you didn't use some dishonest practices, how could a facutom disciple like you  kill an outer disciple!"


The Elder's face turned livid with rage, He always hated evil as his enemy, expecially hated the disciples in the door to kill each other.


"Master, please make revenge for my brother! There are many disciples can testify to the truth. It was he sneaked on my brother that caused my brother to be killed by him!"


Xiao Qing said with painfull.


"Master, the first rule in the Sect is to prohibit the disciples from killing each other. But Ye Feng killed an outer disciple in front of so many disciples.If we don't punish him. The majesty of the rules will disappeared!"


Senior Brother Wu said righteously.


"Anyone, bring Ye Feng to the Execution Squads to accept the thunder penalty to show the rules!"


The Elder waved his hand,then there were some disciples walked in from the door.


Thunder penalty!


After heard that, the faces of disciples outside changed greatly.


Thunder penalty was the most cruel punishment in the Sect. Only those disciples who have committed the greatest crimes would be punished to such punishment.


Moreover, in the Luoyun Sect, no one has been sentenced to Thunder penalty for hundreds of years.


"Thank you, Master!"


Xiao Qing looked excited, Ye Feng was punished by Thunder penalty,it made him feel more satisfied.


This was better than killing Ye Feng by a knife!


"Elder,You are right.For disciples who betrayed the rules like him, he should be in such a penalty!"


Senior Brother Wu said with a smile, he looked at Ye Feng with pride in his eyes.


Ye Feng had been so rude to him and didn't respect him at all. Therefore, he was full of hatred for Ye Feng.


Ye Feng was now convicted by Elder. He was also very happy.


"All i have done is for the rules!"


The Elder sneered. He would never let anyone like Ye Feng go.


"Only by one side of the story, you would conclude that I am guilty.What a careless Elder in Ministry of Justice you are!"


Ye Feng's eyes were cold.It was never occured to him that the Elder would have been so rash to determine that he was guilty without any deep understanding .


He was not wrong, and he would never accept that!


"Stop quibbling. Anyone, hurry up to pull him to the Execution Squads to accept the Thunder penalty!"


Elder yelled with a very bad looking.


"The evidence is conclusive. How dare you to quibble. Is it really no rules in the Luoyun Sect?!!"


One of the disciple in the Ministry of Justice walked forward and took away Ye Feng directly.


Ye Feng sneered again and again.


There was a Magic Tool in the Sect that can be used to trace back the time. As long as they used it, the truth would come out in the wash.


But the Elder firmly established him as guilty. They simply did not pursue the fact, and just  directly penalized him!


"I will never accept such a penalty!"


Ye Feng shouted as his body emitted a shiny sheen.


If he went to the Execution Squads with them, he wouldl certainly die there.


"It's not up to you!you must accept the penalty!"


The Elder looked cold and indifferent.


Two Disciples sneered and approached Ye Feng.


Ye Feng eyes got cold, he was ready to use all power to escape here if they dare to shoot him!


Even if he would exposed that he had Shennong Tripod and Divine Roc, he would not die Here.

The disciples were getting closer and closer, and their hands were already open to catch Ye Feng!


In Ye Feng's eyes,there was anger spurted.With Divine Roc was about to unfold, and Shennong Ding also go ready to sacrifice in the first time.


On the verge of breaking out a fight, the war might begin at any time.


At this moment, a shout of sound came from outside.


"What are you doing!"


A seemingly fairy girl came in.


She was tall and beautiful with a delicate lingering sensation on her face. Her skin was white as ivory.


"He is my saviour, Elder Chen, what are you doing!"


The girl blushed and looked very unhappy.


"Jiang Shui, why do you come here?"


The Elder's face changed.The girl was not anyone else but the daughter of the Sect leader, Jiang Shui!


Jiang Shui has been unruly since she was a child,which made him a headache always.


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