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Chapter  17    The Ministry of Justice




Dead silence!


All the factotum disciples were too scared to breathe.


That was Senior Brothe Xiaoyun!


A extraordinary outer disciple!


It was too horrible that he was kicked to death by Ye Feng.


They swallowed, and looked at Ye Feng in awe.


"Ye... Ye Brother, it was my fault before. I was blind as a bat. I didn't recognize that you are the true dragon(means powerful man).You are the bigger person, and let bygones be bygones!"


" you are my big brother since now, i will all listen to you!"


Some factotum disciples stood up and fawned on Ye Feng in case that Ye Feng would mention the past and find their trouble.


Ye Feng was too lazy to talk with them,they are just a group of two-faced people, they were not worth for him to talk with.


He went straight to the square wooden seal and collected it.


As soon as Xiao Yun dead,it was not as large as houses,but restored to their original size.


After he got up and was about to leave, he suddenly heard a loud yelling.


"Stop! How dare you to kill the outer disciple in Luoyun Sect openly. Do you think the rules of Luoyun Sect as tricks? Now, follow me to the Ministry of Justice!"


Ye Feng looked back and saw a young man dressed in white and stared at him with an angry look.


And next to this young man in white, there was a factotum disciple who was talking to him.


Ye Feng was clear immediatly, there must be someone tipped off.


Otherwise it was not possible that once Xiao Yungang dead,there was someone of the Ministry of Justice coming.


"Xiao Yun wanted to kill me,but he was less than me.Then he died in my hands. How could you say that was my fault?"


Without any fear, Ye Feng stood straightly, and his face looked calmly at the young man in white.


"The first rule of the law was to prohibit the disciple from killing each other. Now you have killed the disciple, how could you say that you are innocent?"


The youth was very angry and yelled at Ye Feng.


There was a flash of surprise showed in the Ye Feng's eyes.


He did not understand why the youth was so angry.


Even if he betrayed the rules and killed Xiao Yun, the youth should not be in such a angry like this.


"Senoir Brother Xiao Qing, you must do something for Xiao Yun!"


A factotum disciple cried and ran to him,he pointed at Ye Feng and said: "Ye Feng is really cruel, he forcibly killed Xiao Yun with brute force,which is really hateful!"


"It's true, we must punish this murderer!"


"Xiao Yun is such a good person, he is going to share the experience about the evaluation of outer disciples selflessly for us. However, Ye Feng had not only refuted Xiao Yun but ridiculed to Xiao Yun."


"Xiao Yun did not angry, and also gave him more detailed explanations.No one would thought that Ye Feng has no conscience at all. He sneaked Xiao Yun and even killed him cruelty! "


After Xiao Qing arrived, all the disciples stood upright with indignation, and swore black is white,slandering that Ye Feng sneaked and killed Xiao Yun.


Ye Feng sneered. Just now these disciples were fawning on him like a dog shaking their tails.


But now they were like a viper that couldn't wait to kill him.


"It is really a shame for the Luoyun Sect to have a disciple like you!"


After hearing what they said,Xiao Qing's face turned colder than colder. His eyes was full of killing intentions.


There was a flash of curiosity appeared in Ye Feng's eyes.


Why did Xiao Qing have such a big motive to kill him? !


"Betrayed the rules, it's a big mistake to be killed. Now you must go to the Ministry of Justice with me to have a conviction!"


Xiao Qing looked coldly and said.


He really wanted to kill Ye Feng now, but he could not. The rules forbided disciples to kill each other. Therefore, he could only bring Ye Feng back to the Ministry of Justice, and let the Elders convict Ye Feng, and then kill him!


"A clean hand wants no washing,i would like to go with you!"


Ye Feng said indifferently.


Although he did not want to go to the Ministry of Justice , there was no way to refuse. If he againsted with Xiao Qing, it would be against the entire Luoyun Sect!


At that time, even if he is reasonable, he will definitely die without burial.




Xiao Qing sneered and urged Ye Feng to walk toward the Ministry of Justice .


And those disciples who were behind them also followed up in the rear. They wanted to testify that it was Ye Feng shot first, not Xiao Yun's fault.


Soon, they came to the hillside and saw an exquisite building.


Here was the Ministry of Justice !


Where specially deal with the disciples who made mistakes in the Sect!


Ye Feng directly entered into the Ministry of Justice!


And just as Ye Feng had just entered in, Xiao Qing stepped in front of him,smiled and said, "Whatever it goes today, you will die here! Killing my brother, you will absolutely impossible to LIVE!"


Ye Feng resolutely answered.


At the same time, he also understood why Xiao Qing was looking for his trouble since just now.


Xiao Yun who had killed by him,was the younger brother of Xiao Qing!


"The elders always hated the disciples who killed each other like you.So he will certainly not hesitate to kill you!"


Xiao Qing said ruthlessly.


If it wasn't for the rules, he would have killed him just now.


"Xiao Qing, why do you come back so soon?"


In the Ministry of Justice , a young man appeared and saw Xiao Qing with a look of surprise.


At this time, Xiao Qing was supposed to be on duty outside.


"Senior Brother Wu, please help me!"


Xiao Qing shouted.


"Don't worry, what happened?"


The young man's face was worried. He had never seen Xiao Qing like this before.There was something must have happened!


"Senior brother... Ye Feng is so bodacious that he killed my younger brother openly, Xiao Yun!"


Xiao Qing gritted his teeth and looked at Ye Feng with a look of resentment.


"What?! !"


The Senior Brother Wu was shocked at the beginning and soon he became angry.


In Luoyun Sect,it was taboo to killed each other among the disciples. But Ye Feng actually killed an outer disciple!




Senior Brother Wu looked at Ye Feng with cold eyes and shouted.


"You are not qualified, only the Elders are eligible to convict me!"


Ye Feng looked straight at him without no fear on his face!


He did not do anything wrong. Xiao Yun wanted to kill him first, it was only self-defense.


"Fine, I'm going to ask the elders to come now!"


Senior Brother Wu sneered and walked toward the inner hall.


"The Elder is my master. He will not shield you and will revenge for my brother!"


Xiao Qing said with a cold voice.

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