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As the colorful splendor blew up, the area Ye Feng stayed was covered by various attacks, forming a terrifying scene.


"How dare he to put his finger in our pie? He should blame himself for his death." The bareheaded young man sneered, because he thought it was impossible for Ye Feng to survive from these violent assaults.


"Yeah. He overestimates himself!" Other young men around the bareheaded young man let out disdainful laugh.


"Feng Qing, look at him! You'd better follow me obediently. Otherwise, I'm sure you will have a same destiny like him." The bareheaded young man cast a cold glance on Feng Qing and warned her in a malicious voice.


"You're too bad! How can you kill brother?" Tears rolled in Feng Qing's eyes. She got extremely sorrowful because Ye Feng had been murdered by them in order to save her.


"You should blame his foolishness!" The bareheaded young man smiled scornfully. They had never met someone who dared to attack King Yu's subordinates on the Spiritual Road before.


"Heh, you're stupid!" Suddenly, there came Ye Feng's indifferent sound.


"You!" The bareheaded young man hugely changed his expression, for he didn't imagine that Ye Feng could survive!


"Brother! You're still alive!" Feng Qing shouted with excitement.


"They are unable to kill me." Ye Feng looked a little amused.


"Arrogant! We failed to kill you just now, but we are gonna deprive of your life now." The bareheaded young man waved his black iron bar again and directly rushed to Ye Feng.


In the meantime, his partners also launched their magic skills to attack Ye Feng.


"You're incapable of killing me." Ye Feng shook his head and didn't care these young men at all.


Suddenly, he moved and stretched his fists to a young man, causing the man to fly out straight.


The bareheaded young man's black iron bar came and pounded at Ye Feng's head with a horrific roaring.


As Ye Feng's eyes sparkled, the power of his initial Saint Physique broke out. He punched the black iron bar head-on, resulting in the bar trembling violently and nearly dropping down from the bareheaded young man.


"How mighty his physical strength is!" The bareheaded young man fell into shock. When Ye Feng had hit with his bar, his arms had become numb. If he didn't use his magic strength to suppress Ye Feng's physical strength, the black iron bar would fall down.


At this moment, he understood why Ye Feng could survive from previous attacks!


"It's my turn." An aloof smile appeared on Ye Feng's face. He jumped up, like a roc, and punched at the bareheaded young man's chest. Immediately, the man flew out and spat out blood, suffering serious injuries.


"Stop him!" The bareheaded young man roared, his face full of panic.


Instantly, other young men moved and held their magic tools to attack Ye Feng.


Ye Feng was not afraid at all; his long hair swayed in wind. Suddenly, the Qingling Sword popped up, like a long rainbow; after it rotated for a round, these young men all lost their lives.


"Don't kill me! I'm King Yu's subordinate! If you kill me, King Yu will revenge against you!" The bareheaded young man shouted.


"If I let you go, will your King Yu let me go?" Ye Feng let out a scornful laugh and waved the shimmering Qingling Sword to end the man's life.

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