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"Haha, she was brave just now. But she is timid now. Brother Hu launched just an attack but frightened her at once!" Other young men burst out loud laugh.


"Em…" Ye Feng got amazed for he didn't predict that Feng Qing was even not on a par with Jiang Shui in fights.


Although Jiang Shui lacked combat experience, she had indeed undergone some battles. However, the young girl, Feng Qing, seemed like having no fighting experience at all.


"Come with us." The bareheaded young man sneered and directly put the black iron bar on Feng Qing's neck.


"No!" Feng Qing refused and insisted on her thought though she was trembling.


"You have no choice!" The bareheaded young man roared. As the black iron bar sparkled, he intended to use it to hit Feng Qing. After she went faint, they could take her away.


"Ah…" Feng Qing screamed with her long eyelashes quivering, extremely pitiful.


The bareheaded young man let out a cold smile and retained an indifferent expression. He didn't show mercy, just waving the bar to Feng Qing.


Chuu! There came a blue light arrow, which fast flew to the bareheaded young man's head straight.




The bareheaded young man responded immediately and used the black iron bar to smash the blue light arrow directly.


"Who? Get out!" The bareheaded young man snorted coolly and threw out a fierce glance to the direction at which Ye Feng stayed.


"Do you feel shame? You're bullying a girl." Ye Feng jumped down from the tree, his clothes dancing in wind, showing a different air.


"Who are you? We're King Yu's subordinates!" The bareheaded young man exclaimed.


"King Yu? I haven't heard the name." Surprise appeared on Ye Feng's eyes. It was unexpected that there were powers on the Spiritual Road.


Obviously, these young people were supported by King Yu and King Yu should have a strong power. Otherwise, they would not speak out his name at first.


"You'd better leave here right now. Don't provoke troubles for yourself." The bareheaded young man warned Ye Feng in an aloof voice.


"Of course I can get away, but I'm gonna take the girl away." Ye Feng replied with a calm expression.


"Who do you think you are?" As the bareheaded young man whooped, he waved the gleaming black iron bar to Ye Feng head-on.


The bar moved with potent energy, which resulted in a roaring in the vacant space and strong breeze, utterly breathtaking.




Ye Feng extended his arms and hit with the bar directly, causing a loud sound of metal.


"Is he a human?" Around the bareheaded young man, his partners got astonished.


They were clear about the bareheaded young man's strength - he was a cultivator of 1st Layer Ruwei Realm. The black iron bar was also a top-grade spiritual tool; it was able to destroy gold and stone.


However, Ye Feng had parried the ferocious assault just with his hands! And he didn't suffer any injury!


"Attack him together! We need to kill him first!" The bareheaded young man released homicidal intent and launched raids to Ye Feng with the bar.


Beside him, other young men also moved and operated their magic skills, carrying out an offensive to Ye Feng.


"Brother…Be careful!" Feng Qing shouted and then covered her eyes due to fear.

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