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"Brother, thank you very much!" Feng Qing ran to Ye Feng with excitement.


Ye Feng let out a gentle smile; he couldn't hold back his good opinion of Feng Qing because she was so lovely.


"Brother, could you please help me find my sister?" Feng Qing peered at Ye Feng with a poor expression. Indeed, she didn't dare to walk on the Spiritual Road alone, for she worried that she would confront bad guys like the bareheaded young man and his partners.


Feng Qing's appearance actually triggered Ye Feng's mercy and made him not bear to refuse her, so he agreed, "Okay, I will help you."


"Brother, thanks!" Feng Qing released a big smile at once. She seemed very happy; her smile was even more beautiful than a blooming flower, extremely cute.


"Wait a moment." Ye Feng strode towards these dead young men and picked up their magic tools.


It was impossible for him to forget these magic tools; because in his eyes, all they were precious experience value.


In fact, no magic tool here attracted him. Therefore, he exchanged all for experience value so as to recover the Shennong Tripod.


"Haha! Brother, you really love magic tools…" Feng Qing let out a laugh, because she didn't predict that Ye Feng seemed graceful but loved vulgarian.


"Little girl, you don't understand."


"Heh heh, my sister has many magic tools. They are far stronger than these. When I meet my sister again, I call her to give you several magic tools." Feng Qing smiled sweetly.


"Your sister?" Ye Feng's interest was ignited. He felt Feng Qing's sister was not a common woman.


"My sister is King Ya! She is unrivaled on the Spiritual Road!" Feng Qing said in a proud face.


"Can your sister defeat Lin Xi?"


Feng Qing got depressed immediately and opened her mouth, "She…My sister can't triumph over her. She is powerful King Phoenix!"


Ye Fend let out a sigh. Lin Xi was extremely mighty, so her fame spread over the whole Spiritual Road.


"Who is King Yu?" Asked Ye Feng.


Feng Qing turned to be angry at once when hearing the name, "He is a bad guy! He wants to rob my sister's mark all the time. What a terrible jerk!"


"How many people on the Spiritual Road can be on a par with King Yu and your sister?"


"So many…" Feng Qing looked back carefully and continued, "They are King Huo, King Shi, King Ling…"


Ye Feng understood instantly. These formidable talented people organized their own powers in order to loot others' marks.


"Brother, you're strong, but why you have no mark?"


"I will obtain it soon…" Ye Feng replied in a calm voice and released a kind of intense confidence.


"Go. I take you to find another sister first." Ye Feng added with a smile. Then, he led Feng Qing to return to the cave and waited for Jiang Shui.


In a dense forest, an extremely elegant woman moved fast. Behind her were several mighty cultivators.


"Feng Qing must be fine. If someone hurts her, I will make him regretful to live in the world no matter who he is!"


The elegant woman was utterly beautiful; she was Feng Ya, code-named King Ya!


"Relax! Few people on the Spiritual Road dare to hurt Feng Qing!" A strong young man comforted Feng Ya.

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