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As a gust of foul wind blew, a colorful serpent turned up. It was dozens meters long and wide as bucket; it opened huge mouth and showed two sharp buckteeth, biting towards Jiang Shui.


Jiang Shui drastically changed her expression for she had never met such a condition.


She went stiff on the spot and didn't exert her cultivation level of Peak 9th Layer Qi Condensation at all.


"Haha, go to hell!" The leading young man let a loud laugh. This snake monster was so strong that he had to gather his partners to pick up the Spiritual Ice Flower here.


"Damn! You'll pay a price soon." Ye Feng sneered and sped up. With the fast launch of Yuxu Skill, an extremely huge lightning popped up and cut to the snake monster.


The snake monster screamed; before it successfully bit Jiang Shui, the lightning struck its body and resulted in a horrific blood-color hole.


The snake monster peered at Ye Feng directly; it gave up Jiang Shui and merely wanted to swallow Ye Feng.


"Good! Come to me!" Ye Feng exclaimed and didn't fear at all.


Jiang Shui was so close to the snake monster; only by attracting the monster to come to his side, could Jiang Shui be safe.


The snake monster whooped again and its eyes shot out rage. It swung the thick, long tail, which seemed like an iron bar, to attack Ye Feng.


With the long hair swaying in wind, Ye Feng carried out the Tiger Fist and straight punched the tail.


The snake monster shouted in pain; it felt its tail hitting with an iron mountain, which made it show its teeth due to ache.


"Go! Kill him!" The leading young man released homicidal intent without any reservation.


This moment was the best timing to kill Ye Feng. If they succeeded, they could not only acquire the Spiritual Ice Flower, but also Ye Feng and Jiang Shui's marks. However, they didn't know Ye Feng and Jiang Shui had no marks, because the two people were sent to the Spiritual Road by a man, not selected by the Spiritual Road.


These young people moved. As their magic tools burst out brilliant lights, many mighty assaults rushed to Ye Feng.


The densely packed blue light arrows also appeared, like shooting stars, shooting to Ye Feng.


"Damn you guys!" Jiang Shui got into fury. At this moment, she forgot her scare and summoned the Five-Color Fan out. Phfft! The five-color giant winds emerged and embroiled all those raids to Ye Feng.


In the meantime, she walked flexibly and slapped several young men to the other side with the shimmering fan.




The snake monster also released its assault. By opening its mouth wide, a wisp of black fog came out. The surrounding plants, which touched the black fog, withered very quickly.


It was obvious that the black fog contained intense poison!


"Fire Cloud!" Ye Feng was not panic at all, remaining his composure. As an expansive fire sea turned up, the black fog was burnt up completely.


Ye Feng froze his face and fast launched the Divine Roc. Immediately, he seemed to be a huge roc and flew to the snake monster.


Without any hesitance, Ye Feng punched the snake monster and directly destroyed its head!


As blood and flesh scattered over the ground, the snake monster fell down heavily, raising a cloud of dust.

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