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"I will kill all you guys!" Ye Feng darkened his face and threw out cold glimpse to those young people. He gave off excessive homicidal intent, terrifying like Death.


In fact, he got a little scared after the event. If he failed to notice the leading young man's strange performance, then Jiang Shui might be swallowed by the snake monster. This reminded him that he shouldn't be indecisive in the future. He must remove out the source of the trouble, completely eradicating subsequent hidden danger.


"Run!" The leading young man roared and ran fast without any hesitance.


Without the diversion of the snake monster, they couldn't defeat Ye Feng! Other young people also fled away with flurry at once.


"It's impossible to run away!" Ye Feng let out a cold smile. As his hands sparkled, the Yuxu Skill was exerted to the utmost. Lightings popped up and directly split these young people into two parts.


"No!" These young people shouted and got frightened. However, nothing changed; they lost their lives.


"Please don't kill me! I can help you kill others here! Please!" The leading young man became extremely terrified and couldn't help trembling. He tried to beg for his life.


"You have lost my trust." Ye Feng maintained indifferent expression and picked up a spiritual sword. He kicked the sword to cut through the leading young man's head, depriving the man of life.


"We can't allow such people to live on." Jiang Shui also got angry. She had almost been killed just now, so she realized how sinister these people were.


"This can be regarded as a lesson. Kind to enemy is cruel to us." Ye Feng nodded and sighed with emotion.


There were atrocious rules on the Spiritual Road. Everybody could be their enemy; if they showed mercy, they might lose their lives due to kindness.


"Em, don't talk about them. Let's pick up the Spiritual Ice Flower!" Jiang Shui replied with smile.


"Go yourself. I want to clean up the battlefield." Ye Feng also laughed. The magic tools of these young people were precious experience value for him! By killing the snake monster and these young people, he obtained more than 6,000 experience value.


"This longbow looks good. I can retain it." Ye Feng only kept the leading young man's longbow; regarding other magic tools, he exchanged all for experience value in order to repair the Shennong Tripod.


"Ye Feng! Come here!" Suddenly, Jiang Shui let out a roar.


Ye Feng turned round and looked at her. Jiang Shui had gotten the Spiritual Ice Flower, which withered. A slight flower sign appeared then and slowly blended into her body.


Jiang Shui put on a strange expression, "It seems I'm gonna upgrade my cultivation level soon."


"So fast…" Ye Feng didn't know what he should talk to her. Jiang Shui enhanced her cultivation level so quickly! They had entered into the Spiritual Road just now, but she was about to promote her cultivation realm at once!


Ye Feng raised his head and looked at the sky.


It was going late gradually. The sunset lengthened their shadows.


"Don't worry. We should find a safe place, and then you can begin promoting your cultivation level." Ye Feng warned Jiang Shui seriously.


They had only a little knowledge of the Spiritual Road. Therefore, it was so dangerous to let Jiang Shui upgrade her cultivation level here.


"Okay." Jiang Shui nodded and agreed Ye Feng's suggestion.


While Ye Feng and Jiang Shui were walking into the forest, the sky became dark completely. The white moon hung in the starry sky.


"Right here!" Ye Feng opened his mouth. Before their eyes was a secluded cave.

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