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"I got it." Ye Feng immediately understood the rules of the Spiritual Road.


The test of the Spiritual Road was for joining Saint School. Only by upgrading the personal mark to the highest level, could the requirement for being enrolled be met.


This was extremely cruel! But through the test, the most talented young cultivators could be picked up.


"Em…It's not easy to join Saint School…" Ye Feng let out a sigh.


Only the most outstanding young cultivator of an area could acquire the Spiritual Road mark. However, not all of them could be enrolled by Saint School. This showed that Saint School really boasted amazing power.


"Have you heard Lin Xi?" Asked Ye Feng. Now that he was on the Spiritual Road, he had to battle with Lin Xi in the end. Therefore, he wanted to know more about her.


"Lin Xi!" The leading young man breathed in a gasp and his eyes were filled up with horror at once.


"She…She is very horrible! Nobody here dares to provoke her!" The leading young man trembled, displaying his fear.


"When she got into the Spiritual Road, she directly snatched seven people's marks. We call her 'Phoenix King'. She is one of the strongest cultivators here."


Ye Feng darkened his eyes, for he didn't imagine that Lin Xi would be mighty like that. Even seven excellent cultivators had been defeated by her and lost marks. What the shocking news!


Nevertheless, no matter how formidable Lin Xi was, he would not be afraid and he must return the sneak attack to her!


"Where is Spiritual Ice Flower?" Ye Feng inquired in a low voice.


According to these people uncommon attitudes toward the flower, it must be a treasure.


The leading young man changed his expression. He had prayed inwardly that Ye Feng would ignore the Spiritual Ice Flower just now. But from current condition, Ye Feng remembered the Spiritual Ice Flower all the time.


"There…" The leading young man sighed heavily. This really confirmed the notable saying "go for wool and come home shorn". They had not only failed to obtain marks, but also lost the Spiritual Ice Flower.


"Don't play tricks! Lead the way." Ye Feng warned these young people in an indifferent voice.


They then stood up and showed the way with unwilling emotion.


"Hum! It's difficult to get the Spiritual Ice Flower. There is a snake monster!" The leading young man laughed grimly in his heart.


"Fine! We entered into the Spiritual Road just now, but we're going to get something soon. This is a good sign!" Jiang Shui let out a smile.


Ye Feng also got pleased, not for the Spiritual Ice Flower, but for knowing the rules of the Spiritual Road. Based on the information, they could further give play to their strength.


Soon, a glittering and translucent flower, such as a crystal flower, appeared before all people. It gave off seven-color lights, extremely beautiful and amzing.


"What a stunning flower!" Jiang Shui was fascinated by the Spiritual Ice Flower at first sight. She sped up and straight strode towards the flower.


"Haha! How reckless she is! The snake monster must kill her!" The leading young man laughed inwardly and an obscure smile emerged on his face.


"Women always like lovely things." Ye Feng smiled. Suddenly, he changed his expression and roared, "Jiang Shui! Back up now!"


In fact, Ye Feng had noticed the faint smile on the leading young man's face; he immediately had a bad feeling.


Around the Spiritual Ice Flower must be a dangerous creature.

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