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Chapter  16  No One Could Threat Me



"Ah... I can't believe it!"


Xiao Yun shouted, his face was extremely grim like a carved mask without the imposing like before.


He collided with Ye Feng's punch by fists, but he was repulsed by him,which was really hard to accept for him!


As we all knew, he was a outer disciple of 5th Layer QI condensation realm!


And Ye Feng,however, he was a waste of 1st Layer QI condensation realm!


"It's just brute force! Without divine power, you are always the underdog!"


Xiao Yun was yelling, the surface of his body emerged brilliant. The square wooden seal in his hands lighted and flew toward Ye Feng!


The square wooden seal circulated in blue and changed in the wind, just within a few moments, it became as large as a single house,which was totally awed.


"Besides the brute force, there is nothing else that Ye Feng has!"


"Senior brother Xiao Yun has used a Magic Tool. He will surely be defeated!"


Around, factotum disciples looked at Ye Feng sarcastically and talked.


From the bottom of their hearts, they looked down on Ye Feng deeply. In particular, Ye Feng also punched them all to the ground just now. Thus,they itched to kill Ye Feng!


With the clothes was fluttering by wind, Ye Feng looked at the square wooden seal that toward him calmly.


Due to the more people, the more talk.He did not use Magic Tools,Shennong tripod, nor did he use immortal skill, Divine Roc. Once they knew anything about that, it would bring him endless and big trouble,which might even ruin his life!


An innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth. Of course he knew this.


The square wooden seal was very fast, only in a flash, it had pressed against the top of Ye Feng's head with blocking the sky.Its shadows shrouded Ye Feng.


"Humpn, it's too late to apologize now!"


Xiao Yun looked at Ye Feng relentlessly and said coldly.


"He is so vicious that he want to kill me!"


Ye Feng sneered. Xiao Yun was only in his teens, yet his heart was so vicious already. He had done nothing bad to Xiao Yun, but only there was some dispute between them. And just for that, Xiao Yun wanted to kill him!


"Since you ignored the rules of Sect and wanted to kill me. Then if i kill you now, even though the brother in Ministry of Justice came later, there would be nothing that i should worried about!"


Ye Feng looked at Xiao Yun indifferently.


Xiao Yun wanted to kill him. He rebelled and killed Xiao Yun. This was self-defense. He did not betray the rules, so there was no reason that the brother in Ministry of Justice could judge him.


"Humph, you're just a waste. Even if I kill you now, the brother in Ministry of Justice will not blame to me!"


Xiao Yun shouted coldly.




Under the square wooden seal pressed, there was no fear on Ye Feng's face, his imposing has changed in vain, with the Dragon Style played and the roar of the Tigers howl, he punched to the square wooden seal!


Dragon Style was a very basic boxing method, so he did not have any fears to use it immediately!




The square wooden seal was shivering, Ye Feng stood straightly, with the faint white tiger appearance showed up,the muscles of his arm uplifted, and then he punched it away!


With a bang, the square wooden seal fell on the ground and made a big deep hole on the ground!


" he still a human? He is more like a humanoid beast!"


"How could Ye Feng's physical body become so perverted!"



All the disciples were stunned and looked at Ye Feng in disbelief.


With his clothes fluttering and a faint light curtain covering, Ye Feng looked incredibly flamboyant!


He did not want to expose his cultivation realm, so the power of Dragon Style he just used came from his one-star Saint Physique.




Xiao Yun's eyes opened widely and looked shocked.


Overturned the lower Magic Tool,square wooden seals just by the physique power!No one  would dare to believe it!


"I must kill you today!"


Xiao Yun looked dignified.


He was very sophisticated and considered the questions comprehensively.


Ye Feng's physical strength was so terrible now. After he entered the process of cultivation, maybe no one could against with him.


Therefore, he wanted to kill him. Definitely,he ccouldn't let him raise up, otherwise he would always under the foot of Ye Feng!


Being stepped on by Ye Feng, this was something he absolutely couldn't tolerate!


"Down to the hell!"


Xiao Yun shouted, his body lit a light curtain that wrapped his whole body and then turned into a armor.


His eyes gazed,the divine power in the body worked again, and then a glistening pike appeared!


With the shining pike in hand, Xiao Yun's imposing was incomparable and attacked on Ye Feng ferociously.


"When man brings them upon himself, there is no hope of escape!"


Ye Feng sneered, he took a step, and then the fierce Dragon Style exerted , punched to Xiao Yun!




Sparks splattered and metal vibrato rang.


Ye Feng's fists covered by light,with the faint white tiger-shaped appearance, he bent the pike in the hands of Xiao Yun just by one punch!


At the same time, he kicked on Xiao Yun's face with the power of the horrific Saint Physique pervaded.




Xiao Yun spited and cough up blood in the mouth. He suddenly fell to the ground and his face kicked by Ye Feng was somewhat distorted.


He was furious and he struggled to stand up from the ground.


A disused waste he looked down dared to kick on his face. It was a great shame for him!


"Ye Feng, you've f-u-c-king pissed me off! Waiting for me, I will definitely kill you !"


Xiao Yun looked madly and said in a chilly voice.


He waved his hand, and the divine power was running again. The square wooden seal that fell on the ground shined once again, and then it got out of the deep hole and pressed toward Ye Feng!


Ye Feng's body lighted, the entire person was like a god.Between his eyes opened and closed, there was a blazing divine light.


He bent over his bow, and powered his physique strength.


As soon as the square wooden seal arrived over his head, he did not hesitate to punch it for a few meters away!


" I will kill you before you killed me!"


Ye Feng's eyes gazed and with the amazing speed,he got in front of Xiao Yun quickly as if a flash.


His slenderly thigh moved and kicked on Xiaoyun's face again!


Xiao Yun's face was extremely distorted, and the pain was too strong that he felt like his head was almost exploded by Ye Feng.


With a puff, he did not hold back, then a large mouthful of blood spouted from his mouth, and the ground turned red.He was seriously wounded.


With a calm face, Ye Feng stepped toward Xiao Yun.


" can't kill me. I'm a outer disciple. If you kill me, you can't escape!"


Xiao Yun looked shocked. He sensed the intention of killing from Ye Feng which totally scared him.


He had no doubt that Ye Feng would kill him, because Ye Feng's murderous intentions was almost turned to something reality!


"I have promised myself. From now on, I will never accept any threat from others!"


Ye Feng's eyes were cold and his body was filled with horrible power. He kicked his foot directly into Xiao Yun's chest and ended his life directly.

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