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"Open!" Jiang Chongtian roared. As the vacant space contorted, he extended his hands with horrible power to tear up a wide hole.


"Get into the Spiritual Road now!" Jiang Chongtian exclaimed. The entrance of the Spiritual Road had been opened and Ye Feng and Jiang Shui must get in fast, because the hole could only maintain several seconds.




Without any hesitance, Ye Feng and Jiang Shui jumped into the hole and entered the Spiritual Road.


Bang! When Ye Feng and Jiang Shui disappeared in the hole, the three-color altar burst apart at once. Jiang Chongtian dropped down to the ground heavily and spat out lots of blood.


"Martial Uncle!" Jiang Tairan and other people immediately came to Jiang Chongtian and held him up.


"I'm fine. I hope they will be good on the Spiritual Road…" Jiang Chongtian shook his head, his face losing color. With the weak energy, he seemed in a bad condition.


The Spiritual Road was so extraordinary that even though he boasted high cultivation level and obtained the supports of the three-color altar, he still needed to pay a large price for opening it.


"Someone forcibly opened the entrance of the Spiritual Road and sent people here." On the Spiritual Road, many mighty people turned up and peered at the hole, which had closed just now. All put on a complex expression.


"I never thought of that…Ye Feng entered the Spiritual Road." Before a clear creek emerged a stunning girl. Her eyes shot out two beams of cold lights and her face was filled up with chilliness.


Just now, she had received a message from her maid, Bai Jie. Jiang Chongtian returned to the world, forcibly opened the entrance of the Spiritual Road and sent Ye Feng and Jiang Shui here.


"It's good. I will kill you here." The stunning girl released a slight smile, giving off intense homicidal intent. She was Phoenix Lin Xi!


"Is there the Spiritual Road?" Jiang Shui looked around with excitement. She had already heard of the fame of the Spiritual Road. Only the most outstanding cultivation genius of an area could acquire the Spiritual Road Mark and entered it.


"We need to find someone to tell us the information of the Spiritual Road…" Said Ye Feng. The outside world didn't know the Spiritual Road well; even Jiang Chongtian had little knowledge of the Spiritual Road. Therefore, they needed to know the detailed information of the Spiritual Road first.


"But we're in a forest now. Where can we find people?" Jiang Shui replied with a helpless expression. Around them were towering trees, exuding pristine feeling. Few people would stay here.


"Not necessary." Ye Feng laughed, because he felt at a short distance, a group of people were running to them. All featured powerful energy.


"Eh? Third brother, it seems to be someone over there." As a silvery sound echoed, more than 10 young boys and girls appeared.


Young boys were handsome while girls were beautiful, releasing an air of difference, extremely uncommon.


"Who are you? Why you come here?" A young man stood out and cast a vigilant glance on Ye Feng and Jiang Shui.


"We have entered the forest by accident and stayed here for several day for we can't find the exit. Could you please tell us how to get out?" Ye Feng asked with calmness.


"By accident? Hum! Liar! You want to scramble for the Spiritual Ice Flower with us, right?" The young man threw out a hostile glimpse to Ye Feng and Jiang Shui.

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