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"Why did you say that? We're strangers and we don't know what the Spiritual Ice Flower is!" Jiang Shui pouted for the young man's words.


"Stop quibbling! Go! Capture them!" The young man's eyes shot out cruel lights.


Spiritual Ice Flower was a kind of precious medicinal herbs. In order to obtain it, they had prepared for a long time. Today the flower would bloom, so they couldn't bear any accident.


"I ever heard that only the most outstanding cultivator of an area can enter the Spiritual Road. But now, I change my thought! It's mere a rumor!" Jiang Shui snorted with her face full of rage.


"Do you come from the outside world? Fine, I have no reason to let you alive." The young man launched a raid to Jiang Shui in a sudden.


Immediately, other young men and women also moved. It seemed that they were sensitive about people coming from the outside world; when they heard of Jiang Shui's words, their expressions changed at once.


"You!" Jiang Shui fell into fury. As her body shone with brilliant light, she hit with the young man by her hands, the young man then flying out.


"Indeed, outside people should not be overlooked…"        The young man's eyes sparkled. In fact, he didn't suffer heavy injuries. The previous attack was just for knowing Jiang Shui's strength.


"But you're only two people. It's useless no matter how strong you are!" The young man let out a cold smile and waved his hand. His partners then moved and carried out fierce assaults to Ye Feng and Jiang Shui.


"Jiang Shui, I'll not take part in this battle. You fight against them by yourself. Be familiar with your strength." Ye Feng laughed.


"Okay! I really want to inspect my strength." Jiang Shui didn't fear at all; she just rushed to these young men and women with her body gleaming.


"What a coward! A man lets a woman combat!" Young men and women burst out laugh and their faces were filled up with contempt.


Confronting such a condition, generally, man would protect woman and receive the battle by himself. But now the condition was on the contrary, which made these young people despise Ye Feng.


"If he combats with you, you will have no any chance to win." Jiang Shui smiled coolly. Although she and Ye Feng shared a same cultivation level, she was clear that Ye Feng was much stronger than her.


"Ridiculous! Are you talking about the rubbish? Hiding behind a woman?" These young men and women let out disdainful laughs. In their opinions, Ye Feng selected to stay behind Jiang Shui because he lagged behind her in cultivation strength.


"Stop!" Jiang Shui got into rage and extended her white hands. Waves popped up and two young men were directly washed away to the other side.


"Just so so." A young man sneered; he was the first man who had attacked Jiang Shui. It seemed that he was the head of these young people, because they obeyed his orders.


"Use magic tools! Solve them as soon as possible. Don't delay picking the Spiritual Ice Flower."




When the young man ended his words, his partners instantly fished out their magic tools. Immediately, this place was imbued with colorful lights.


Seriousness appeared on Jiang Shui's lovely face. These people were formidable and she didn't dare to ignore them, so she also took out her magic tool, which was a low-grade treasure tool - Five-Color Fan. Her father handed the tool to her before she entered the Spiritual Road.

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