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Jiang Chongtian arrived in the palace; he didn't look good for his face was pale. He was like a common old man, having no spirit of an unrivaled cultivator.


"Grandmaster, are you okay?" Ye Feng stepped towards Jiang Chongtian with worries. Jiang Chongtian looked very bad, like he would die at any moment.


"I'm fine. I can live on for a period of time." Jiang Chongtian coughed heavily and spat blood, extremely heartbreaking.


"Martial Uncle!" Tears emerged in Jiang Tairan's eyes and sorrow filled up his heart.




"Grandmaster, take care of yourself well." Other disciples including Jiang Shui cried; they really worried about Jiang Chongtian.


"Don't cry, you are hopes of Luoyun Sect." Jiang Chongtian stared at disciples here with satisfaction.


"You're good. After I send Ye Feng and Jiang Shui to the Spiritual Road, I'm gonna deliver you guys to another training site. You'll grow better." Jiang Chongtian opened his mouth. In fact, he had already planned to select a batch of talented disciples and send them to a training site, at which they can obtain abundant experience and better development.


Xiao Teng, Yurou, Qu Linyin and Ling Ran, all owned a good talent in cultivation, so they were chosen to enter into the training site.


"I'll be stronger than you when we meet again!" Xiao Teng gazed at Ye Feng, inflexible will emerging in his eyes. He had experienced the pain that most people couldn't stand - taking his body as base and integrating the Exotic Fire into his body. He surpassed many people in perseverance.


"I really expect that day!" Ye Feng let out a laugh.


Jiang Chongtian turned round and peered at Xiao Teng, "You're very good! You can bear extreme pain and succeed in integrating the Exotic Fire. You'll make great achievements in the future."


Jiang Chongtian stopped for a while and continued, "The training site you will go is utterly uncommon. Although it can't be on a par with the Spiritual Road, it doesn't lag behind the Spiritual Road too much. Passing the test of that training site, you'll acquire much."


"Okay!" Xiao Teng and other disciples looked confident. All were not usual people, enjoying excellent talent and perseverance in cultivation.


"Let's go. Preparations will be done soon…" Jiang Chongtian took the lead in leaving the palace.


Ye Feng and other people followed Jiang Chongtian to reach a capacious square.


At the center of the square popped up a three-color altar, which was made up by plenty of pure spiritual stones. Furthermore, the altar was full of matrix lines, seeming remarkably extraordinary.


"Spiritual Road is different from anything. I can't force to open it. Only by borrowing the strength from the altar, can the Spiritual Road be opened."


Jiang Chongtian became serious, he looking at Ye Feng and Jiang Shui, "You must move fast. Otherwise, you can't enter the Spiritual Road again if missing this chance."


Ye Feng and Jiang Shui nodded; they were clear about the importance of this incident. Those spiritual stones came from various powers in the northern area. If only in terms of Luoyun Sect, it would be impossible to collect lots of spiritual stones like now.


"Prepare." Jiang Chongtian said and two beams of lights shot out of his eyes. His weakness vanished immediately and again recovered the energy of an unrivaled cultivator.


He crossed his hands and stood on the three-color altar. A kind of mighty energy burst out of his body. With the vacant space shaking fiercely, the symbols on the altar flicked at once.


The ancient symbols gave people a dignified feeling.

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