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"No. Grandmaster said there are several people in the Spiritual Road on a par with me in physique." Jiang Shui threw out a glimpse to Ye Feng and hesitated to continue, "Lin Xi is one of them."


"Lin Xi!" Ye Feng narrowed his eyes and gave off intense homicidal intent at once. But soon he calmed himself down and asked with surprise, "Grandmaster also knows her?"


Jiang Chongtian had told him many times that the hope of Luoyun Sect was located in him and Jiang Shui, but Jiang Chongtian had never mentioned Lin Xi.


"Yes." Jiang Shui nodded and added, "Lin Xi's cultivation talent is so amazing that even though Grandmaster kept a rest for healing his wounds, he also paid attention to Lin Xi for long time."


"How did Grandmaster appraise her?"


"Grandmaster said Lin Xi boasts world's strongest cultivation talent and physique. If she doesn't suffer an accident, she will be one of the most formidable cultivators."


Jiang Shui stopped for a while and continued, "Although Grandmaster speaks highly of her talent and physique, he doesn't think she is the hope of Luoyun Sect. He has already recognized Lin Xi will not stay in our small sect."


"She really obtains a high appraisement from Grandmaster…" Ye Feng murmured. Actually, he didn't expect Lin Xi to be strong like that.


But he was not afraid at all. In terms of the Strongest System, even if Lin Xi featured the strongest cultivation talent and physique, he would not hold back!


"I believe it's not so long, we will face Phoenix Lin Xi." Ye Feng sneered.


Suddenly, two gentle and fair-sounding voices came behind Ye Feng.


"Ye Feng…"




Ye Feng turned round and saw Yurou and Qu Linyin.


"Why are you here?" Ye Feng asked with smile. He had few friends in Luoyun Sect, but the two girls got along with him well.


"Asshole, how dare you say that? You're going to the Spiritual Road, but you don't say bye to us initiatively. So we come here!"


"You're my maid now. One-month time limit hasn't ended yet." Ye Feng laughed.


"Asshole…" Qu Linyin curled her lip.


Ye Feng peered at Yurou, who was in high spirit. It seemed that she had recovered.


"Ye Feng, there are so many talented people in the Spiritual Road. Please be careful!" Yurou reminded Ye Feng in a gentle voice. Her eyes became moist for she disliked parting with him.


"Haha, don't worry! If they provoke me, I will beat them up!"


Ye Feng smiled at Yurou. And then, he became stern, "But I really worry about you! You're too kind-hearted! It's easy to be bullied."


"I promise you I will look after myself well." Yurou forced herself to laugh. She didn't want Ye Feng to worry about her before leaving.


"Okay. Take care of yourself well."


At this moment, two people came in the palace. They were Xiao Teng and Ling Ran.


"Ye Feng, best wishes to you! We can have a battle in the future. At that time, I may win." Xiao Teng looked at Ye Feng, his eyes sparkling.


"Okay!" Ye Feng got excited. Today, all his best friends in Luoyun Sect came here to say goodbye to him! He must pass the test of the Spiritual Road and join Saint School, protecting Luoyun Sect!

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